Sunday, September 27, 2015

Website Updates: September 2015

I've updated the main files on the Euro Crime website today. Euro Crime includes both British and other European crime fiction writers (that have been published in English); non-British/European born crime writers who are strongly associated with British/European crime fiction (eg. Donna Leon), and crime writers in translation from outside of Europe.

Just a couple of reminders regarding the New Releases page:

1. The main by month/by author pages refer to when a book is published (in English) anywhere in the world however the 'by category ie historical, translated etc' is specific to the UK eg Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy series which was published in the US in the 2000s (and on) is only recently published in the UK and so some of her books appear in the 2015 Historical list.

2. When a book is released "early" in ebook I am taking the publication date as to be when the print edition comes out (this is the rule we use for determining Petrona Award eligibility).

As always, if you spot something wrong or missing, please do let me know.

Here's a summary of the usual updates:

The Author Websites page now lists 1036 sites.

In Bibliographies there are now bibliographies for 2244 authors (11286 titles of which 2968 are reviewed).

I've added new bibliographies for: Yi A, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ahmet Altan, David Barry, Annis Bell, Matt Bendoris, Giulia Beyman, Stella Cameron, Andrea Carter, Rosie Claverton, Sinead Crowley, Nadia Dalbuono, Anja de Jager, Charles den Tex, Jonathan Freedland, Christopher Galt, Hitoshi Goto, Kristien Hemmerechts, Jason Hewitt, Max Hunter, Risto Isomaki, Jari Jarvela, David Lagercrantz, Kate London, Gilly Macmillan, Jorge Magano, James Marrison, Andrej Nikolaidis, Mahokaru Numata, Katja Piel, Mike Powelz, James Raven, Manuel Rivas, I D Roberts, Kazuki Sakuraba, U A Siebert, Patrick Smith, Viveca Sten, Michel Tarou, C L Taylor, Dick Trost and A J Wright.

I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Cathy Ace, Jane Adams, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Bernhard Aichner, Alaux & Balen, Hania Allen, Lin Anderson, Yukito Ayatsuji, Jean-Luc Bannalec, Emily Barr, Belinda Bauer, M C Beaton, Simon Beckett, A K Benedict, Tony Black, Alex Blackmore, Hilary Bonner, Xavier-Marie Bonnot, Rhys Bowen, Simon Brett, William Brodrick, Frances Brody, Adam Brookes, Donato Carrisi, Chris Carter, Maureen Carter, Karen Charlton, Sam Christer, Martina Cole, Roberto Costantini, James Craig, Judith Cutler, Torkil Damhaug, P C Doherty, Eva Dolan, Ruth Dugdall, Matthew Dunn, Marjorie Eccles, Martin Edwards, Christopher Fowler, Dick Francis, Nicci French, Robert Galbraith, Dolores Gordon-Smith, J M Gregson, Kate Griffin, Elly Griffiths, Mari Hannah, Sophie Hannah, Cora Harrison, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, Tony/Anthony Hays, Veronica Heley, Keigo Higashino, Suzette A Hill, Matt Hilton, Hjorth-Rosenfeldt, Antonia Hodgson, Jonathan Holt, Anne Holt, Alex Howard, Linda Huber, Graham Hurley, D E Ireland, Graham Ison, Doug Johnstone, Meurig Jones, Will Jordan, Jessie Keane, Jim Kelly, Laurie R King, Bill Kitson, Ali Knight, Alanna Knight, Roberta Kray, Lynda La Plante, Camilla Lackberg, Stephen Leather, Leena Lehtolainen, Pierre Lemaitre, Anya Lipska, Catherine Lloyd, M L Longworth, Stuart MacBride, Malcolm Mackay, Adrian Magson, G M Malliet, Scott Mariani, Edward Marston, Faith Martin, Priscilla Masters, John McAllister, A J McCreanor, Nigel McCrery, Val McDermid, Shirley McKay, Sophie McKenzie, Adrian McKinty, Andy McNab, Louise Millar, Bernard Minier, Dreda Say Mitchell, Steve Mosby, Barbara Nadel, Hakan Nesser, Nele Neuhaus, Chris Nickson, Nick Oldham, Seth Patrick, Anne Perry, Leif GW Persson, Louise Phillips, Claudia Pineiro, Oliver Potzsch, Jutta Profijt, Mayer & Reed, Linda Regan, Ruth Rendell, Phil Rickman, Michael Ridpath, Mark Roberts, Craig Robertson, Michael Robotham, Craig Russell, Leigh Russell, A D Scott, Sara Sheridan, Jeffrey Siger, Roger Silverwood, Alexander McCall Smith, Sally Spencer, Lyndon Stacey, Michael Stanley, Mel/Melvin R Starr, Linda Stratmann, James Thompson, June Thomson, David Thorne, Rebecca Tope, Helene Tursten, L C Tyler, Luca Veste, Voss & Edwards, Ashley Weaver, Tim Weaver, Jeri Westerson, Susan Wilkins, Kerry Wilkinson, Andrew Williams, Laura Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson and Tom Wood.

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