Friday, August 17, 2007

Inspector Lynley tv series axed

I never did get into watching this series but several million people did and they may be surprised that the show is to be cancelled, with the final series being reduced from 4 to 2 episodes.

From Digital Spy:
Actor Nathaniel Parker, who plays Lynley, told the Daily Mail: "My initial reaction was: 'But why?' The ratings were always so good...You try to be resigned about these things, but I was a little bewildered … I wish they'd given us the chance to do a sign-off to tie up all the loose ends. Instead, it's just been abandoned."


Uriah Robinson said...

A ridiculous decision, the wonderful chemistry between Lynley and Havers made this one of the TVs best detective partnerships.
The social commentary and very accurate portrayal of the British class system probably annoyed the BBC management.

Anonymous said...

I never watched it either, but it is clear from reading the Dorothy L list a couple of years ago, as well as the plot summaries in the daily paper, that the TV version had deviated almost completely from the books, from the reviews and what others are writing.
I have been a huge fan of these books but was extremely disappointed by the last, dreadful, outing. (What Came Before he Shot her). Maybe the TV producer read it and could see that the whole thing was going to run into the sand? (This isn't very logical, though, if they really have deviated totally from the books, as they can just ignore them.)

Maybe they will bring back Lord Peter Wimsey instead -- The Lynley series is pretty much a "hommage" to Wimsey and Harriet Vane.

Uriah Robinson said...

Maxine,last week the plot summary deviated from the episode that was actually shown on TV, yet alone the books.
I will admit however that my critical faculties with regard to this series are strongly influenced by the fact that I think Sharon Small, who plays Barbara Havers, is gorgeous.
It is good to have you back, Maxine.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I watched these shows.
We were appalled to hear of their cancellation. These were first-class
productions in every way. Parker and Small had wonderful chemistry, the scripts were intelligent and filming
extremely interesting. I'm very surprised that the decision makers at the BBC would make such a huge error in judgement.

Anonymous said...

I love this series and was greatly disappointed when Series 4 was not on NETFLIX list (they said that the production was down). It left the last episode in "a cliff hanger". Now I have to go out and buy the whole #series which I will gladly do as I think the British out beat the U S in crime mysteries. I live in the U S and have to buy other DVD crime mysteries such as Lynda LaPlante's Trial and Tribulations thru Amazon UK. Why would you axe such a highly intense series after all the good reviews and waves it has gotten. B.J. Arizona, U S

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they cancel a good rating TV show. They must have rocks in their heads or the actors just had enough of doing the show.

Anonymous said...

What are you nuts? This is a great show; what ever posessed someone to make this absurb decision? Does BBC realize many Americans watch this show? I am so disappointed with BBC and the lack of good decision making skills.

JustKidding said...

The cancellation of such an excellently written, acted & filmed Television Mysteries Series, possibly one of Britain's best ever, is a clear indication that the BBC is headed in a sad and misguided direction. Perhaps, more independent Production Companies such as Grenada Television will have summon "Vision" in "Television" & pick up this series, even for the odd two parter to satisfy "Lynley's" fans, numbered in the tens of millions, all over the world. Lynley & Havers will be eternally missed.

Louise said...

Twelve years later, I am sad to see the series i have streamed end as well. So sad . I watched for the story but I also watched to observe the relationship between Havers and Lynley. Bring it back!

Unknown said...

Loved this series bring it back

trisha said...

I’m so late in the reviews... this show could go on like Midsomers Murders or Silent Witness. The production is great. The actors are older now. But still look great. I think they should bring them regardless....

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE this show and can not believe that it was cancelled. It is one of the best shows of this genre, I am absolutely astonished and to be honest PISSED that I will not have this series to look forward to in the evening after work.

The person that made this decision must be an IDIOT and should be fired.

I want more of this show and I want It NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what if it did not follow the books - since when did any movie or show follow the book.

I agree with the above statement - this show should go on like Midsomers Murders.

The characters were real and engaging.

Bring it BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz Griffith Peterson said...

I love it too. Please bring it back, someone.

Liz Griffith Peterson

Robert (Bob) Smith said...

I love this series. I watched the thing in 2 weeks, then I came to this abrupt end. Who does this?

Robert Smith