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New Releases - February 2023

Here's a snapshot of what I think is published for the first time in February 2023 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). January and future months can be found on the Future Releases page. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.

Please note that, unless specifically mentioned, when a book has differing print and ebook release date, I use the print release date. Translators' names are included where known.

Via the Future Releases page you can now filter the books published in 2023 (in the UK) by All, Anthology, First Novel, Historical and Translated.

• Abbott, Rachel - No More Lies #11 DI Tom Douglas
• Ace, Cathy - The Case of the Cursed Cottage #7 A Wise Enquiries Agency Mystery
• Alsterdal, Tove - You Will Never Be Found tr. Alice Menzies #2 Detective Eira Sjödin
• Amphlett, Rachel - The Dying Season #12 Detective Kay Hunter
• Baker, Tina - Make Me Clean
• Beaton, M C (with R W Green) - Death of a Traitor #36 PC Hamish Macbeth, Lochdubh, Scotland
• Brannigan, Ellie - Murder at an Irish Castle #1 Rayne McGrath
• Bruce, Camilla - The Witch in the Well
• Burnside, Heather - Blackmail #2 Manchester Thrillers
• Butler, D S - Find Her Alive #7 DS Karen Hart, Lincolnshire
• Campos, Simone - Nothing Can Hurt You Now tr. Rahul Bery
• Candlish, Louise - The Only Suspect
• Chester, Fliss - Death by a Cornish Cove #2 Cressida Fawcett, 1920s
• Clarke, Sarah - My Perfect Friend
• Comley, M A - To Control Them #8 DI Sam Cobbs
• Craig, James - Sink or Swim #17 Inspector John Carlyle
• Croft, Kathryn - The Suspect
• Crombie, Deborah - A Killing of Innocents #19 Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, Scotland Yard
• Cross, A J - Reflections of Deviance #4 Will Traynor, Criminologist
• Dalgliesh, J M - Dead To Me #13 Tom Janssen, Norfolk
• Daws, N R - A Perfect Time to Murder #3 Lizzie Hayes, Pilot & DI Jonathan Kember, 1940
• Durrant, Helen H - The Wrong Woman #3 Detectives Lennox & Wilde
• Ellis, Bella - A Gift of Poison #4 The Brontë Mysteries
• Engberg, Katrine - The Sanctuary (apa The Island) tr. Tara Chace #4 Jeppe Korner and Anette Werner,Police, Copenhagen
• Fairfax, John - Fatal Proof #4 William Benson and Tess de Vere, Lawyers
• Flint, Emma - Other Women
• Gatland, Jack - The Boardroom
• Gatward, D J - The Dark Hours (ebook only) #13 DCI Harry Grimm
• Gerlis, Alex - Agent in the Shadows #3 The Wolf Pack Spies
• Gibney, Patricia - Three Widows #12 Detective Lottie Parker
• Goodhind, J G - Marriage Is Murder #11 Honey Driver, Hotelier, Bath
• Gray, Alex - Questions for a Dead Man #20 DCI Lorimer & psychologist Solomon Brightman, Glasgow
• Hamer, Kate - The Lost Girls #2 Carmel
• Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Before I Sleep #24 Bill Slider, Shepherd's Bush CID
• Hendy, Hannah - A Terrible Village Poisoning #3 The Dinner Lady Detectives
• Hindle, Tom - The Murder Game
• Hunter, Evie - A Date To Die For (as E V Hunter) #1 Hopgood Hall Murder Mysteries
• Keane, Jessie - Never Go Back
• Kirk, JD - One For the Ages (ebook only) #16 DCI Logan
• Koch, Emily - What July Knew
• Koning, Christina - The Blind Detective (also pub. as Line of Sight by A C Koning in 2014) #1 The Blind Detective, 1920s
• Lincoln, John - Grey in the Dark #2 Gethin Grey
• Lloyd, Chris - Paris Requiem #2 Detective Eddie Giral, Paris, 1940
• MacBride, Stuart - The Dead of Winter
• Markin, Wes - The Lonely Lake Killings #2 DCI Emma Gardner, Yorkshire
• Mason, Simon - The Broken Afternoon #2 DI Ray Wilkins, Oxford
• McCleave, Simon - The Llandudno Pier Killings #14 DI Ruth Hunter
• McDermott, Alan - Empires Will Fall (ebook only) #5 Eva Driscoll
• McLean, Rachel - The Blue Pool Murders #7 DCI Lesley Clarke, Dorset
• Mount, Toni - The Colour of Bone #11 Sebastian Foxley Medieval Murder Mystery
• Murphy, Margaret - The Scarecrow Killer #2 DC Cassie Rowan, Liverpool
• Parker, Steve - Slaughtered As They Slept #9 Detective Ray Paterson
• Rayne, Sarah - Chalice of Darkness #1 Theater of Thieves, London 1908
• Scarrow, Simon - Dead of Night #2 Criminal Inspector Horst Schenke
• Seeck, Max - The Last Grudge tr. tbc #3 Jessica Niemi
• Sheehan, Bilinda P - Lake of Tears (ebook only) #7 Harriet Quinn
• Shindler, Will - The Blood Line #4 DI Alex Finn & DC Mattie Paulsen, London
• Shrager, Rosemary - The Proof in the Pudding #2 Prudence Bulstrode, Retired Chef
• Smith, Alexander McCall - The Private Life of Spies - Short Stories
• Smith, Anna - If I Should Die #2 Billie Carlson, Glasgow
• Speechley, Ruby - Gone
• Stacey, L H - The Weekend
• Stockham, Alison - The Cuckoo Sister
• Takamura, Kaoru - Lady Joker, Volume 2 tr. Allison Markin Powell & Marie Iida
• Templeton, Aline - Blind Eye #5 DI Kelso Strang
• Waller, Anita - Fatal Secrets #1 Forrester Family
• White, S R - Red Dirt Road
• Yarwood-Lovett, Sarah - A Mischief of Rats #3 Nell Ward

Thursday, January 12, 2023

New Releases - January 2023

Here's a snapshot of what I think is published for the first time in January 2023 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). January and future months can be found on the Future Releases page. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.

Please note that, unless specifically mentioned, when a book has differing print and ebook release date, I use the print release date. Translators' names are included where known.

• Abdullah, Kia - Those People Next Door
• Adolfsson, Maria - Cruel Tides (paperback) #3 Doggerland tr. Agnes Broomé
• Austin, Stephanie - Death Comes to Dartmoor #6 Juno Browne
• Barnes, Kerry - Nemesis (ebook only)
• Baylis, Edie - Mirrors Never Lie (ebook only) #1 Scarred
• Baylis, Edie - Payback #4 Allegiance
• Blackhurst, Jenny - The Hiking Trip
• Blake, Sam - The Mystery of Four
• Bruce, Camilla - All The Blood We Share
• Bryndza, Robert - Devil's Way #4 Kate Marshall
• Buckler, James - The Simple Truth
• Callaghan, Jo - In The Blink of An Eye
• Carson, John - Famous Last Words (ebook only) #16 DCI Harry McNeil
• Clements, Rory - The English Führer #7 Thomas Wilde, 1930s
• Comley, M A - Deadly Passion (ebook only) #18 DI Sarah Ramsey
• Conroy, Vivian - Last Seen in Santorini #2 Miss Ashford
• Cotterill, Colin - The Motion Picture Teller
• De Giovanni, Maurizio - Winter Swallows #10 Commissario Ricciardi, Naples, 1930s tr. Antony Shugaar
• Dixon, Helena - Murder at the Charity Ball #11 Miss Underhay
• East, Philippa - I'll Never Tell
• Fraser, Anthea - Tendrils of the Past
• Gatland, Jack - Target Locked (ebook only) #2 Tom Marlowe
• Gilman, David - Resurrection #3 Dan Raglan
• Goodwin, Sarah - The Resort
• Griffin, Martin - The Second Stranger
• Griffiths, Elly - The Last Remains #15 Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist and DCI Harry Nelson
• Hallett, Janice - The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels
• Hattersley, Matthew - White Heat (ebook only) #1 Annihilation Pest Control
• Hayes, Samantha - The Engagement
• Howells, Debbie - The House Sitter
• Ivar, Katja - Trouble #3 Hella Mauzer
• Keogh, Valerie - The Trophy Wife
• Leather, Stephen - Still Standing #3 Matt Standing
• Lindsay, Douglas - Painted In Blood (ebook only) #2 DI Buchan
• Louth, Nick - The Body in the Shadows #11 DCI Craig Gillard
• McCleave, Simon - In Too Deep #2 DCI Laura Hart, Anglesey
• McNab, Andy - Shadow State #1 Nathan Pike
• Masters, Priscilla - Undue Influence #1 Florence Shaw
• Mauvignier, Laurent - The Birthday Party tr. Daniel Levin Becker
• Maxwell, Alyssa - A Fashionable Fatality #8 Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery
• Maxwell, R S - Through a Darkening Glass
• May, Peter - A Winter Grave
• Murphy, Kitty - Death in Heels #1 Dublin Drag
• Murphy, Martina - The Branded #2 DS Lucy Golden
• Perks, Heidi - The Other Guest
• Renand, Antoine - Empathy tr. Frank Wynne
• Rogers, Gemma - The Neighbour
• Rowland, Laura Joh - River of Fallen Angels #7 Miss Sarah Bain, Victorian Era
• Russell, Leigh - Final Term #19 DI Geraldine Steel
• Seymour, Gerald - In at the Kill #3 Jonas Merrick
• Slater, K L - The Narrator
• Spencer, Sally - The Final Beat of the Drum #15 DCI Monika Paniatowski, Whitebridge
• Steed, Cailean - Home
• Thorogood, Robert - Death Comes to Marlow #2 The Marlow Murder Club
• Tope, Rebecca - The Askham Accusation #12 Persimmon Brown, Florist, Lake District
• Trow, M J - Breaking the Circle #2 Margaret Murray, Archaeologist, London 1900
• Tudor, C J - The Drift
• Weatherley, Anna-Lou - The Lie in Our Marriage
• Webb, Kate - Stay Buried #1 Detective Inspector Matt Lockyer, Wiltshire
• Westerson, Jeri - Courting Dragons #1 King's Fool
• Wilkins, Susan - See Me Fall (ebook only) #4 Detective Jo Boden
• Woods, Karen - The Deal

Friday, January 06, 2023

New Releases - December 2022

Here's a snapshot of what I think is published for the first time in December 2022 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date).

If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.

Please note that, unless specifically mentioned, when a book has differing print and ebook release date, I use the print release date. Translators' names are included where known. 

Ace, Cathy - The Case of the Absent Heirs #6 A Wise Enquiries Agency Mystery
Atkinson, Heather - Wicked Girls
Bailey, Elizabeth - The Vengeance Trail #9 Lady Fan
Baker, J A - Local Girl Missing
Base, Ron & Emery, Prudence - Death at the Savoy #1 Priscilla Tempest, London, 1960s
Baskerville, B- Finders Keepers #6 DCI Erica Cooper
Bonda, Katarzyna - Conspiracy of Blood #2 Sasza Zaluska tr. Filip Sporczyk
Cameron, Iain - Pictures of Lily (ebook only) #11 DI Angus Henderson
Cartwright, Jack - Dance With Death #8 Wild Fens Murder Mystery
Cookman, Lesley - Murder by Mistake # 23 Libby Sarjeant, middle aged actress/investigator, Kent
Croft, Adam - Moment of Truth #5 Rutland crime series
Davies, Emma - Death at Beresford Hall #4 Francesca Eve, Shropshire
Fullerton, John - Emperor
Gatland, Jack - Murder By Mistletoe #13 DI Declan Walsh
Godden, Gillian - Queen of Diamonds #3 Diamond
Harte, Stephanie - Rolling the Dice #2 East End Crime Family
Higashino, Keigo - A Death in Tokyo #9 Detective Kaga tr. Giles Murray
Hollow, Mike - The Camden Murder #7 Blitz Detective
Jordan, Adele - A Spy at Hampton Court # 3 Kit Scarlett, Tudor Era
Karolina, Anna - The Missing Man #2 Emma Tapper tr. Lisa Reinhardt
Kirk, JD - Eastgate #4 Robert Hoon
Lancaster, Neil - The Night Watch #3 DS Max Craigie, Scotland
Lindsay, Douglas - Buchan #1 DI Buchan
McLean, Rachel - The Riverside Murder #1 DCI Lesley Clarke, Dorset - Novella
MacLeod, Torquil - Mission in Malmo #9 Inspector Anita Sundstrom
Mark, David - The Whispering Dead #2 Cordelia Hemlock
Mohlin, Peter & Nystrom, Peter - The Other Sister #2 Agent John Adderley tr. Ian Giles
Moloney, Catherine - Crime in the Boutique #18 DI Gilbert Markham
Morris, M S - Beneath Cold Earth #2 DCI Tom Raven
Organ, Emily - Disaster at the Christmas Dinner #8 Churchill and Pemberley
Phifer, Helen - Their Burning Graves #8 Detective Morgan Brookes
Ramsay, Caro - The Devil Stone #1 DCI Christine Caplan, Highlands
Rowson, Pauline - The South Binness Murders #16 DI Andy Horton and his sidekick Barney Cantelli, Portsmouth
Sten, Viveca - Hidden in Snow # 1 The Åre Murders tr. Marlaine Delargy
Tallon, Emma - Her Fight #5 Scarlet Drew
Trow, M J - The Clerk's Tale #3 Geoffrey Chaucer
Wilde, Darcie - The Secret of the Lost Pearls # 6 Rosalind Thorne
Woodbury, Sarah - The Honorable Traitor #15 Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery
Wyer, Carol - Behind Closed Doors

Monday, December 26, 2022

Happy Holidays!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a lovely break. Thank you so much for following and commenting over the past year. I have been spending quite a bit of time on the Petrona this month which is why there hasn't been a December new books post (yet).

I've just finished reading the Alan Rickman Diaries and have just started Tom Felton's biography, Beyond the Wand. To accidentally continue the Harry Potter theme we rewatched the first 3 films yesterday whilst trying to do a jigsaw at the same time. It was only 500 pieces so really shouldn't have taken that long!

Thursday, December 08, 2022

The Petrona Award 2022 - Winner


Winner of 2022 Petrona Award announced

The winner of the 2022 Petrona Award for the Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year is: 

FATAL ISLES by Maria Adolfsson, translated from the Swedish by Agnes Broomé and published by Zaffre.

Maria Adolfsson will receive a trophy, and both the author and translator will receive a cash prize.

The judges’ statement on FATAL ISLES:

This captivating winning novel is the first in a series featuring the beautifully flawed protagonist Detective Inspector Karen Eiken Hornby, whose take on life and work make for a strong down-to-earth and modern heroine in the relicts of a man’s world.

Set in the fictional yet completely credible location of Doggerland, this three-islands archipelago in the North Sea, reflects Scandinavian, North European and British heritages. Doggerland is shaped and influenced by its geographical position; the  atmospheric setting, akin to the wind- and history-swept Faroe and Shetland Islands, and Nordic climes, enhances the suspenseful and intriguing plot of a police procedural that combines detailed observations and thoughts on the human condition. A brutal murder sets in motion an investigation into layers of hidden secrets and of societal attitudes, and the interaction between the superbly portrayed characters creates a thrilling tension and believable environment. 

Comments from the winning author, translator and publisher:

Maria Adolfsson (author):

I feel so honoured and want to send my warmest thanks to the Petrona Award jury. This appreciation for my work means a lot to me!

For me it is especially exciting that the British readers enjoy exploring Doggerland together with me. I’ve always been interested in what unites people in Scandinavia and the British Isles, how we are culturally linked, and what sets us apart. To me, Doggerland is - or at least might have been - the link between us. Or to quote Herman Melville: “It’s not down on any map; true places never are.”

Agnes Broomé (translator):

I am deeply honoured to receive the Petrona Award 2022. With such an impressive shortlist it is truly humbling to be chosen. I am grateful to the jury for their unswerving commitment to bringing Scandinavian crime literature to an English-speaking readership. My warmest thanks to everyone at Zaffre for their support along this journey and, above all, to Maria Adolfsson for introducing me to Detective Inspector Karen Eiken Hornby. 

Zaffre (publisher):

Many thanks to the jury for choosing FATAL ISLES as the worthy winner of this year’s Petrona Award. It’s wonderful to see Maria’s brilliantly imaginative crime debut, expertly realised in English by Agnes Broomé, recognised for its excellence. DI Karen Eiken Hornby is a universally relatable character and Adolfsson’s vividly drawn island nation, Doggerland, is a perfectly picturesque place for the darkest deeds to occur. It is such a pleasure to publish this internationally bestselling series. 

The Petrona team would like to thank the following: firstly, David Hicks, for his generous sponsorship of the Petrona Award; secondly the co-creators and original judges of the Award: Barry Forshaw, Dr. Kat Hall and Sarah Ward and thirdly, Adrian Muller for his support via the CrimeFest platform.

Monday, December 05, 2022

The Petrona Award website

An option to receive details of new posts has also been added to the Petrona Award website (see top right), using as well as a link to Bloglovin'. 

The winner of the Petrona Award 2022, for the Best Scandinavian Crime Novel in Translation, will be announced on Thursday.

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Email Notifications of new posts

I have been tinkering with the email subscriptions as Feedburner is apparently now kaput. I have set up a option on the top right of the blog and I've tried to redirect existing subscribers to it. I'm not sure if this is working but do let me know if it is, or is not, or of any issues or even alternatives.