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Crime Fiction in Translation (International) Dagger Speculation (2021)

The CWA are changing the period of eligibility for their Daggers so that it runs on a calendar year not a financial year so this year's eligibility period will be April 2020 to December 2020. Next year it will be Jan to Dec 2021 and so on.

Read more about it on the CWA's Website.

So here are the 47* translated crime novels published between 1 April 2020 and 31 December 2020 ie the period of eligibility. 

In the list below I've also included the country of birth and gender of the author(s) plus the translator's name and the publisher.

* updated from 41, 14/01/21 pm.


The breakdown by gender is 28 Male, 19 Female. Authors are from 15 countries. The most represented countries, in terms of titles, are Germany (8) and Sweden (8), Norway (7) followed by Iceland (6). More than thirty translators (including pairs of translators) brought you these titles, with 10 individuals having translated more than one. There are 32 publishers/imprints represented.

April 2020 - December 2020


Eva Björg Ægisdóttir - The Creak on the Stairs (Iceland, F) (tr. Victoria Cribb, Orenda Books)

Stefan Ahnhem - X Ways to Die (Sweden, M) (tr. Agnes Broomé, Head of Zeus)

Fredrick Backman - Anxious People (Sweden, M) (tr. Neil Smith, Michael Joseph)

Heine Bakkeid - Scatter Her Ashes (Norway, M) (tr. Anne Bruce, Raven Books)

Marco Balzano - I'm Staying Here (Italy, M) (tr. Jill Foulston, Apollo)

Roxanne Bouchard - The Coral Bride (Canada, F) (tr. David Warriner, Orenda Books)

Michel Bussi - Never Forget (France, M) (tr. Shaun Whiteside, W&N)

Andrea Camilleri - The Safety Net (Italy, M) (tr. Stephen Sartarelli, Mantle)

Andrea Camilleri - The Sicilian Method (Italy, M) (tr. Stephen Sartarelli, Mantle)

Kjell Ola Dahl - Sister (Norway, M) (tr. Don Bartlett, Orenda Books)

Sandrone Dazieri - Kill the King (Italy, M) (tr. Anthony Shugaar, Simon & Schuster UK)

Marc Elsberg - Greed (Austria, M) (tr. Simon Pare, Black Swan)

Katrine Engberg - The Tenant (Denmark, F) (tr. Tara Chace, Hodder Paperbacks)

Sebastian Fitzek - The Package (Germany, M) (tr. Jamie Bulloch, Head of Zeus)

David Foenkinos - The Mystery of Henri Pick (tr. France, M) (tr. Sam Taylor, Pushkin Press)

Mario Giordano - Auntie Poldi and the Handsome Antonio (Germany, M) (tr. John Brownjohn, John Murray)

Abdelilah Hamdouchi - The Butcher of Casablanca (Morocco, M) (tr. Peter Daniel, Hoopoe)

Zhou Haohui - Fate (China, M) (tr. Zac Haluza, Head of Zeus)

Romy Hausmann - Dear Child (Germany, F) (tr. Jamie Bulloch, Quercus)

Anne Holt - A Necessary Death (Norway, F) (tr. Anne Bruce, Corvus)

Jorn Lier Horst - The Inner Darkness (Norway, M) (tr. Anne Bruce, Michael Joseph)

You-Jeong Jeong - Seven Years of Darkness (South Korea, F) (tr. Chi-Young Kim, Little, Brown)

Anna Johannsen - Death on the Beach (Germany, F) (tr. Jozef van der Voort, Thomas & Mercer)

Ragnar Jonasson - The Mist (Iceland, M) (tr. Victoria Cribb, Michael Joseph)

Ragnar Jonasson - Winterkill (Iceland, M) (tr. David Warriner, Orenda Books)

Serge Joncour - Wild Dog (France, M) (tr. Jane Aitken & Polly Mackintosh, Gallic Books)

Yun Ko-eun - The Disaster Tourist (South Korea, F) (tr. Lizzie Buehler, Serpent's Tail)

Martin Kruger - Don't Wake Me (Germany, M) (tr. Jozef van der Voort, Thomas & Mercer)

Volker Kutscher - The March Fallen (Germany, M) (tr. Niall Sellar, Sandstone)

Camilla Lackberg - The Gilded Cage (Sweden, F) (tr. Neil Smith, HarperCollins)

D A Mishani - Three (Israel, M) (tr. Jessica Cohen, riverrun)

Jo Nesbo - The Kingdom (Norway, M) (tr. Robert Ferguson, Harvill Secker)

Hakan Nesser - The Secret Life of Mr Roos (Sweden, M) (tr. Sarah Death, Mantle)

Mikael Niemi - To Cook a Bear (Sweden, M) (tr. Deborah Bragan-Turner, MacLehose Press)

Olivier Norek - The Lost and the Damned (France, M) (tr. Nick Caistor, MacLehose Press)

Sólveig Pálsdóttir - The Fox (Iceland, F) (tr. Quentin Bates, Corylus Books Ltd)

Melanie Raabe - The Shadow (Germany, F) (tr. Imogen Taylor, Text Publishing)

Agnes Ravatn - The Seven Doors (Norway, F) (tr. Rosie Hedger, Orenda Books)

Max Seeck - The Witch Hunter (Finland, M) (tr. Kristian London, Welbeck)

Adania Shibli - Minor Detail (Palestine, F) (tr. Elisabeth Jaquette, Fitzcarraldo Editions)

Lilja Sigurdardottir - Betrayal (Iceland, F) (tr. Quentin Bates, Orenda Books)

Yrsa Sigurdardottir - Gallows Rock (Iceland, F) (tr. Victoria Cribb, Hodder & Stoughton)

Gunnar Staalesen - Fallen Angels (Norway, M) (tr. Don Bartlett, Orenda Books)

Viveca Sten - In the Name of Truth (Sweden, F) (tr. Marlaine Delargy, AmazonCrossing)

Helene Tursten  - Snowdrift (Sweden, F) (tr. Marlaine Delargy, Soho Press)

Ilaria Tuti - Painted in Blood (Italy, F) (tr. Ekin Oklap, W&N)

Maike Wetzel - Elly (Germany, F) (tr. Lyn Marven, Scribe UK)

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Website Updates: January 2021

 I've recently updated the main files on the Euro Crime website. "Euro Crime" includes both British and other European crime fiction writers (that have been published in English); non-British/European born crime writers who are strongly associated with British/European crime fiction (eg. Donna Leon), and crime writers in translation from outside of Europe.

**We are still having technical issues but we have finally wrestled an update out of the system!**

My usual reminders regarding the New Releases page: 

1. The main by month/by author pages refer to when a book is published (in English) anywhere in the world however the 'by category ie historicaltranslated etc' is specific to when it's published in the UK.

2. When a book is released "early" in ebook I am taking the publication date as to be when the print edition comes out (this is the rule we use for determining Petrona Award eligibility).

As always, if you spot something wrong or missing, please do let me know.

Here's a summary of the usual updates:

The Author Websites page lists 1087 sites.

In Bibliographies there are bibliographies for 2859 authors (14798 titles of which 3108 are reviewed**).
**Some reviews will be provided by the Crime Review website

I've added new bibliographies for: Tessa Arlen, John Banville, Penny Batchelor, Tom Benjamin, S J Bennett, Lisa Bradley, Ros Carne, Karen Cole, Morgan Cry, Emma Dakin, T W Ellis, Katrine Engberg, Trish Finnegan, Lisa Gray, Janice Hallett, Liam Hanson, Ruth Heald, SJI/Susi Holliday, Sam Hurcom, Martin Kruger, Caro Land, Ruth Lillegraven, Tom Marcus, Deborah Masson, Jo McCready, Allison Montclair, Olivier Norek, Bernard O'Keeffe, Sergio Olguin, Richard Osman, Nell Pattison, Alex Pavesi, Sarah Pearse, Alex Pine, John Kåre Raake, Mercedes Rosende, Alex Smith, Camilla Trinchieri, A K Turner, Ilaria Tuti, Christian Unge, Rosie Walker, Rhiannon Ward, Claire Whitfield and T A Willberg.

I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Jane Adams, Lin Anderson, M J Arlidge, Jennifer Ashley, Claire Askew, Heine Bakkeid, Lisa Ballantyne, James Barrington, Belinda Bauer, Simon Berthon, Mark Billingham, Helen Black, Sam Blake, S J/Sharon Bolton, Hilary Bonner, Roxanne Bouchard, James Brabazon, Rebecca Bradley, Eric Brown, Vivien Brown, Simone Buchholz, Sheila Bugler, Susanna Calkins, Helen Callaghan, Andrea Camilleri, Colin Campbell, Sam Carrington, Chris Carter, Will Carver, Lee Child, Alys Clare, Rory Clements, Martina Cole, John Connolly, Colin Cotterill, Mike/M W Craven, Charles Cumming, Fiona Cummins, Judith Cutler, Alex Dahl, Arne Dahl, Lindsey Davis, Robert Daws, Anja de Jager, Anders de la Motte, Oscar de Muriel, Will Dean, Claire Douglas, Charlotte Duckworth, Margaret Duffy, Sabine Durrant, Cecilia Ekback, Jim Eldridge, Bella Ellis, Joy Ellis, Kate Ellis, Caroline England, Jessica Fellowes, T P Fielden, Caz Finlay, Sebastian Fitzek, Helen FitzGerald, M J Ford, Ariana Franklin, Caz Frear, Dianne Freeman, Tana French, Robert Galbraith, Camilla Grebe, Susanna Gregory, G R Halliday, Karen Hamilton, C B Hanley, Cora Harrison, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, Sarah Hawkswood, Sam Hayes, Mandasue Heller, James Henry, Matt Hilton, Antonia Hodgson, Noelle Holton, Horst & Enger, Catherine Ryan Howard, Debbie Howells, Anna Lee Huber, Graham Hurley, Katja Ivar, David Jackson, P D James, Peter James, Quintin Jardine, Michael Jecks, Luke Jennings, Maureen Jennings, Ragnar Jonasson, Will Jordan, Jessie Keane, Christobel Kent, Simon Kernick, Vaseem Khan, Olivia Kiernan, Laurie R King, T E Kinsey, Erin Kinsley, Bill Kitson, Roberta Kray, Volker Kutscher, Lynda La Plante, Stephen Leather, Anna Legat, Simon Lelic, Frances Lloyd, Catherine Lloyd, TM Logan, M L Longworth, Peter Lovesey, H B Lyle, Stuart MacBride, Siobhan MacDonald, Lorraine Mace, Shona/S G MacLean, Gilly Macmillan, Barry Maitland, David Mark, Edward Marston, Faith Martin, Andrew Martin, Priscilla Masters, Alyssa Maxwell, Val McDermid, Andy McDermott, Chris McGeorge, Claire McGowan, Catriona McPherson, Denise Mina, Dreda Say Mitchell, Lottie Moggach, Margaret Murphy, Peter Murphy, Amy Myers, Barbara Nadel, Sarah J Naughton, Stuart Neville, Chris Nickson, Alex North, Carlene O'Connor, Nick Oldham, B A Paris, S J Parris, Tony Parsons, Ben Pastor, Vikki Patis, David Pearson, Andrea Penrose, Anne Perry, Christoffer Petersen, Henry Porter, E M Powell, Laura Purcell, Anthony J Quinn, Melanie Raabe, Khurrum Rahman, Caro Ramsay, Ian Rankin, Agnes Ravatn, Sarah Rayne, Nicola Rayner, Heather Redmond, Alex Reeve, Rebecca Reid, Craig Robertson, Imogen Robertson, Michael Robotham, Gemma Rogers, Jacqui Rose, Emma Rous, Laura Joh Rowland, Pauline Rowson, Priscilla Royal, Leigh Russell, Michael Russell, Robert Scragg, Laura Shepherd-Robinson, Sara Sheridan, Lilja Sigurdardottir, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Fiona Veitch Smith, Sally Spedding, Cath Staincliffe, Viveca Sten, Linda Stratmann, Andrew/A D Swanston, Maryla Szymiczkowa, Emma Tallon, Aline Templeton, Will Thomas, Robert Thorogood, Peter Tremayne, M J Trow, C J Tudor, Helene Tursten, Stuart Turton, Harriet Tyce, Nicola Upson, Luca Veste, MB Vincent, Alex Walters, Rachel Ward, Roz Watkins, Douglas Watt, Jeri Westerson, Rebecca Whitney, Andrew Wilson, Edward Wilson, Robert Wilton, Michael Wood, David Young and Dylan Young. 

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New Releases - January 2021

Here's a snapshot of what I think is published for the first time in January 2021 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). January and future months (and years) can be found on the Future Releases page. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.
• Barnes, Kerry - Outcast (ebook only)
• Bauer, Belinda - Exit
• Bayard, Tania - Murder in the Cloister #4 Christine De Pizan Mystery
• Bell, Gary - Post Mortem #2 Elliot Rook QC
• Blake, Sam - The Dark Room
• Bradley, Kate - What I Did
• Brett, Simon - Blotto, Twinks and the Maharajah's Jewel #10 Brother and sister sleuths, Blotto and Twinks
• Bridgett, Helen - One by One (ebook only)
• Briggs, J C - The Mystery of the Hawke Sapphires (ebook only) #7 Charles Dickens and Superintendent Jones
• Brightwell, Emily - Mrs Jeffries Demands Justice #39 Mrs Jeffries
• Bruce, Camilla - In the Garden of Spite (apa Triflers Need Not Apply)
• Buchanan, Tracy - Circle of Doubt
• Bugler, Sheila - Before You Were Gone #3 Dee Doran, ex Journalist
• Clements, Rory - A Prince and a Spy #5 Thomas Wilde, 1930s
• Croft, Adam - Snakes and Ladders #10 Knight and Culverhouse
• Dawson, Lucy - The Secret Within (ebook only)
• Dean, Abigail - Girl A
• Dean, Will - The Last Thing to Burn
• Denzil, Sarah A - Little One (ebook only)
• Dranfield, Wendy - Find My Child #1 Detective Madison Harper
• Ekback, Cecilia - The Historians
• Eldridge, Jim - Murder at the Ritz #1 Detective Chief Inspector Coburg & Sergeant Lampson
• Engberg, Katrine - The Butterfly House #2 Jeppe Korner and Anette Werner,Police, Copenhagen
• Fraine, A L - Axe to Grind (ebook only) #1 DCI Pilgrim
• Gatland, Jack - Murder Of Angels (ebook only) #2 DI Declan Walsh
• Hallett, Janice - The Appeal
• Hayes, Samantha - Single Mother
• Hurley, Graham - Last Flight to Stalingrad #5 Wars Within
• James, Ed - Before She Wakes #3 Detective Max Carter
• Landers, Brian - Coincidence of Spies #3 Thomas Dylan, MI6 agent
• Lee, Lynne - False Hope
• Lindstein, Mariette - The Shadow of the Cult #2 The Cult on Fog Island Trilogy
• Lloyd, Catherine - Death Comes to the Rectory #8 Kurland St. Mary Mysteries
• Lloyd, Ellery - People Like Her
• Lowe, Katie - Possession (apa The Murder of Graham Catton)
• MacBride, Stuart - The Coffinmaker's Garden #3 DC Ash Henderson
• Mace, Lorraine - Love Me Tender #5 DI Sterling
• Martin, Andrew - Powder Smoke #10 Jim Stringer, Train Fireman
• Maxwell, Alyssa - A Sinister Service #6 Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery
• McPherson, Catriona - The Mirror Dance #15 Dandy Gilver, Society Sleuth, 1920s Scotland
• Mullen, Owen - Family (ebook only)
• O'Leary, Danny - A Violent Gentleman
• Oliver, Kelly - High Treason at the Grand Hote #2 Fiona Figg
• Parsons, Tony - Your Neighbour's Wife
• Purcell, Laura - The Shape of Darkness
• Raake, John Kåre The Ice #1 Anna Aune
• Ramsay, Caro - On an Outgoing Tide #12 DCI McAlpine, DS Anderson and DS Costello, Glasgow
• Reid, Rebecca - Two Wrongs
• Reynolds, Allie - Shiver
• Rogers, Gemma - Bad Girls
• Rosende, Mercedes Crocodile Tears
• Rous, Emma - The Perfect Guests
• Rowland, Laura Joh - Portrait of Peril #5 Miss Sarah Bain, Victorian Era
• Russell, Leigh - Evil Impulse #4 DS Ian Peterson
• Scragg, Robert - End of the Line #4 Porter & Styles, Police Officers
• Shepherd-Robinson, Laura - Daughters of Night
• Sten, Viveca - In Bad Company #9 Sandhamn Murders
• Thompson, Sharon - The Murdering Wives Club (ebook only)
• Thorogood, Robert - The Marlow Murder Club
• Tudor, C J - The Burning Girls
• Tugwell, Jem - Dishonoured
• Watt, Douglas - A Killing in Van Diemen's Land #5 John MacKenzie, Lawyer, 17thC Edinburgh
• Weatherley, Anna-Lou The Woman Inside

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Highlights from 2020

As we're back in a Lockdown in the UK, here are a few things I enjoyed watching and reading in the previous year's main Lockdown.

I've unfortunately lost my reading mojo, it probably went before Lockdown ie when my Dad died. 

Some people are reading like never before and demolishing their stacks of unread books. Me - I've turned to 'Star Trek' and children's books. A few reading highlights from 2020 though included my belated discovery of Raymond Chandler. I read and reviewed The Big Sleep back in May as part of my working from home - trying something new and also available as an ebook on the library's catalogue  - and it has stayed with me.  

My favourite children's book of last year's reads was Orion Lost by Alastair Chisholm, which I reviewed here. This is a thriller/mystery set in space.  

TV-wise, my partner and I devoured the Shakespeare and Hathaway series. The first episode didn't start very promisingly but then we were hooked. Equally as belated as my reading of Chandler was our tackling of The Bridge. Absolutely gripping, and now we've gone back to the early series of Line of Duty as we started with series 3 which meant somethings were more of a surprise to us than they should have been! [I believe all these programmes are still on iPlayer.]

Coming up on the blog soon, will be January's new releases, a list of the Petrona Award 2021 eligibles, and hopefully my partner and I can devise a workaround to get my website updated.

Stay Safe and Thanks for Reading

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

New Releases - November and December 2020

Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in paperback or hardback, in November and December 2020 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). 

If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.  
Anthology - Afraid Of The Christmas Lights
Anthology - The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories (ed. Maxim Jakubowski)  
Jane Adams - Old Sins #6 Detective Chief Inspector Henry Johnstone, 1928
Margaret Addison - Murder on the Cornish Coast #10 Rose Simpson
Tim Adler - Dead Already
Rachel Amphlett - Blood on Snow #1 Detective Kay Hunter Novella
Lawrence Anholt - Festival of Death #2 DI Shanti Joyce & Vince Caine, the Mindful Detective
Tessa Arlen - Poppy Redfern and the Fatal Flyers #2 Air Warden Mystery
Isabel Ashdown - 33 Women
Rob Aspinall - Chosen Girls (apa Homecoming)
Heather Atkinson - Blood Brothers #1 Gallowburn
Lisa Ballantyne - Once Upon a Lie
James Barrington - Cyberstrike: London (with professor Richard Benham) #1 Ben Morgan
Tom Benjamin - The Hunting Season #2 Daniel Leicester, Bologna
Simon Berthon - A Time to Lie
Helen Black - Hard as Nails #4 Liberty Chapman
Hilary Bonner - Cry Darkness
Roxanne Bouchard - The Coral Bride #2 Detective Moralès, Quebec
Graham Brack - The Noose's Shadow #4 Master Mercurius
Rebecca Bradley - See No Evil #7 DI Hannah Robbins
Gerard Brennan - Shot #1 DS Shannon McNulty
Simon Brett - Guilt at the Garage #20 Carole and Jude, Fethering, Southern coast of England
Vivien Brown - Be Careful What You Wish For
Sheryl Browne - Trust Me
Robert Bryndza - Shadow Sands #2 Kate Marshall
Susanna Calkins - The Sign of the Gallows #5 Lucy Campion, Chambermaid, 17thC
Sam Carrington - The Open House
John Carson - Starvation Lake #1 DCI Sean Bracken
Meg Carter - The Day She Can't Forget
Karen Clarke - Your Life for Mine
M A Comley - Cold Mercy #10 DI Sarah Ramsey
Catherine Cooper - The Chalet
Judith Cranswick - Blood Follows Jane Austen #7 Fiona Mason
Judith Cutler - Legacy of Death #2 Matthew Rowsley, Steward &  Mrs Faulkner, Housekeeper, Victorian Era
Michelle Davies - Shadow of a Doubt
Diane M Dickson - Body on the Shore #1 DI Jordan Carr, Liverpool
Keith Dixon - The Two Fathers #11 Private Investigator Sam Dyke
Margaret Duffy - Gillard's Sting #22 Major Patrick Gillard, MI5 & Ingrid Langley, author (ex MI5)
Bella Ellis - The Diabolical Bones #2 The Brontë Mysteries
Kate Ellis - The House of the Hanged Woman #3 Inspector Albert Lincoln, 1919
Joy Ellis - They Disappeared #7 DI Rowan Jackman & DS Maria Evans, Lincolnshire
Caroline England - Truth Games
Kjell Eriksson - The Night of the Fire #11 Detective Ann Lindell, Uppsala, Sweden
Jessica Fellowes - The Mitford Trial #4 Louisa Cannon, Maid to the Mitfords, 1919
Keith Finney - A Yuletide Mystery #6 Norfolk Cozy Mysteries
Sebastian Fitzek - The Package
Ariana Franklin (with Samantha Norman) - Death and the Maiden #5 Adelia, 'doctor to the dead', C12th
Ashley Gardner - The Custom House Murders #15 Captain Lacey, Regency Era
Jack Gatland - Letter From The Dead #1 DI Declan Walsh
D J Gatward - Best Served Cold #2 DCI Harry Grimm
Anne Glenconner - Murder on Mustique
Lisa Gray - Dark Highway #3 Jessica Shaw
Morgan Greene - Fresh Meat #2 DS Jamie Johansson
Ross Greenwood - The Ice Killer #3 DI Barton
Heath Gunn - Khan
Liam Hanson - Lies People Tell #1 Murder Squad, Cardiff
Liam Hanson - Dead People Sleep #2 Murder Squad, Cardiff
Zhou Haohui - Fate #2 Chengdu Police Department
Cora Harrison - Summer of Secrets #3 Gaslight Mystery
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - Cruel as the Grave #22 Bill Slider, Shepherd's Bush CID
Beverley Harvey - The Perfect Liar
Sarah Hawkswood -  River of Sins #7 Bradecote and Catchpoll, Worcestershire, C12
Matt Hilton - The Fourth Option #13 Joe Hunter
Susi Holliday- The Last Resort
Anne Holt - A Necessary Death #2 Selma Falck
Noelle Holton - Dead Perfect #3 DC Maggie Jamieson
Jorn Lier Horst - The Inner Darkness #14 Chief Inspector William Wisting, Larvik
M A Hunter - Ransomed #1 The Missing Children Case Files
Sam Hurcom - Letters from the Dead #2 Thomas Bexley, Forensic Photographer, 1904
Daniel Hurst - Til Death Do Us Part
Alison James - Her Sister's Child
Quintin Jardine - The Roots of Evil #32 Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner, Edinburgh
Maureen Jennings - November Rain #2 Paradise Cafe, Toronto, 1936
Stuart Johnstone - Out in the Cold #1 Sergeant Don Colyear
Ragnar Jonasson - Winterkill #6 Ari Thor, Policeman
Conrad Jones - Good, Bad and Pure Evil #1 Anglesey Mysteries
Will Jordan - Something to Die For #9 Ryan Drake, British CIA Agent
Jessie Keane - The Manor
Simon Kernick - Kill A Stranger
Karen King - The Stranger in My Bed
Mariah Kingdom - Death Benefit #4 Rose Bennett
T E Kinsey - The Fatal Flying Affair #7 Lady Emily Hardcastle, 1908
Bill Kitson - The Bleeding Heart Killer #11 Detective Mike Nash, Yorkshire
Roberta Kray - Betrayed
Martin Kruger - Don't Wake Me
Zoe Lea - If He Wakes
Frances Lloyd - The Kings Market Killer #6 Detective Inspector Jack Dawes
Andrew Lowe - Chase The Devil #5 DI Jake Sawyer
H B Lyle - The Year of the Gun #3 Wiggins, 1909
Simon McCleave - The Solace Farm Killings #7 DI Ruth Hunter
Jo McCready - The Festival Killer #2 RJ Rox
Val McDermid - Christmas is Murder, Short Stories
Chris McDonald - The Curious Dispatch of Daniel Costello #1 Stonebridge Mysteries
Claire McGowan - The Push
Rachel McLean - Deadly Desires #3 DI Zoe Finch, West Midlands
Catriona McPherson - Scot on the Rocks #3 Last Ditch Mysteries
Barry Maitland - The Promised Land #13 Sergeant Kathy Kolla and Detective Chief Inspector David Brock, London
Tom Marcus - Defend or Die #2 Matt Logan, MI5 Agent
Angela Marsons - Deadly Cry #13 DI Kim Stone
Andy Maslen - Shallow Ground #1 DI Ford
Deborah Masson - Out For Blood #2 DI Eve Hunter, Aberdeen
John Mayhew - Cruelty Has A Human Heart #4 DCI Will Blake
Simon Michael - Force of Evil #6 Charles Holborne, 1960s
Dreda Say Mitchell - Dirty Tricks #1 Mo Watson
Catherine Moloney - Crime in the Book Club #10 DI Gilbert Markham
Ada Moncrieff - Murder Most Festive #1 Hugh Gaveston, 1938
Anna-Marie Morgan - The Edinburgh Murders #14 DI Yvonne Giles
M S Morris - A Darkly Shining Star #5 DI Bridget Hart, Oxford
Antoinette Moses - A Public Murder #1 DI Pam Gregory
Margaret Murphy - Don't Scream #3 DCI Rickman, Liverpool
Peter Murphy - Verbal #7 Ben Schroeder, Lawyer, 1960s
Chris Nickson - To the Dark #3 Simon Westow, Thief-taker, Regency Leeds
Olivier Norek - The Lost and the Damned #1 Banlieues Trilogy
Jim Ody - Little Miss Evil #1 Tall Trees
Ollie Ollerton - Scar Tissue #1 Alex Abbott
S J Parris - A Christmas Requiem (ebook only) #3 Giordano Bruno Novella
S J Parris - The Dead of Winter, Giordano Bruno Novella Collection
C J Parsons -The Good Samaritan
Nell Pattison - Silent Night #2 Paige Northwood, sign language interpreter
N V Peacock - Little Bones
David Penny - A Tear for the Dead #9 Thomas Berrington, 1490s
Helen Phifer - The Killer's Girl #2 Detective Morgan Brookes
Ava Pierce - Stay Home
E M Powell - The Canterbury Murders #3 Stanton and Barling
Anthony J Quinn - Turncoat
Sarah Rayne - The Devil's Harmony #5 Phineas Fox
Alex Reeve - The Butcher of Berner Street #3 Leo Stanhope, Victorian era
Sara Rosett - Murder on a Midnight Clear #6 High Society Lady Detective, 1920s England
L J Ross - Cuthbert's Way #17 DCI Ryan
Priscilla Royal - Elegy to Murder #16 Eleanor, Prioress of Tyndal, 13thC, East Anglia
Chris Ryan - Zero 22 #8 Danny Black
Jess Ryder - The Night Away
Emma Salisbury - When Darkness Falls #7 DS Coupland
Alex Shaw - Total Blackout #1 Jack Tate, ex-SAS
Bilinda P Sheehan - Splinter the Bone #3 Harriet Quinn
Alex Smith - Run Rabbit Run #5 DCI Robert Kett, Norfolk
Gunnar Staalesen - Fallen Angels #22 Varg Veum, PI in Bergen, Norway
Paul J Teague - Trust Me Once #1 Morecambe Bay Trilogy 2
Paul J Teague - Fall From Grace #2 Morecambe Bay Trilogy 2
Paul J Teague - Bound By Blood #3 Morecambe Bay Trilogy 2
M J Trow - Last Nocturne #7 A Grand & Batchelor Victorian Mystery
Helene Tursten - Snowdrift #3 Detective Inspector Embla Nystrom
Luca Veste - The Game
Debbie Viggiano - The Watchful Neighbour
Alex Walters - Lost Hours #2 DI Annie Delamere, Derbyshire
Ruth Ware - One by One
Jeri Westerson - Spiteful Bones #13 Crispin Guest, ex Knight, Medieval times
J D Weston - The Silent Man #1 Harvey Stone
J D Weston - The Spider's Web #2 Harvey Stone
D E White - The Ice Daughters #2 Detective Dove Milson
Rebecca Whitney - The Hidden Girl
Paul Williams - Don't Tell
Michael Wood - Stolen Children #6 DCI Matilda Darke
Sarah Woodbury - Chevalier #2 Welsh Guard Mysteries
Adam J Wright - Silence of the Bones #2 Murder Force
Dylan Young - Trauma
David Young - The Stasi Game #6 Oberleutnant Karin Müller

Saturday, December 26, 2020

New Releases - September and October 2020

Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in paperback or hardback, in September and October 2020 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). [Apologies for the continuing delay with these posts. I'm working my way up to date. We've had a couple of busy months with the Petrona.]

If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment. There's been a lot of moving of dates.
Eva Björg Ægisdóttir - The Creak on the Stairs #1 Forbidden Iceland
Rachel Amphlett - Her Final Hour #2 Detective Mark Turpin
Heine Bakkeid - Scatter Her Ashes #2 Thorkild Aske
John Banville - Snow #1  Detective Inspector St John Strafford
M C Beaton - Agatha Raisin: Hot to Trot  #31 Agatha Raisin, Retired PR person, Cotswolds
S J Bennett - The Windsor Knot #1 The Queen
Graham Brack - Dishonour and Obey #3 Master Mercurius
Frances Brody - Death and the Brewery Queen #12 Kate Shackleton, Bradford, 1920s
Andrea Camilleri - The Sicilian Method #26 Inspector Montalbano, Sicily, Italy
Lee Child with Andrew Child - The Sentinel  #25 Jack Reacher, ex MP, USA
Alys Clare  - The Outcast Girls #2 World's End Bureau Victorian Mystery series
Ann Cleeves - The Darkest Evening #9 Inspector Vera Stanhope, East Yorkshire
Oliver Clements - The Eyes of the Queen #1 Agents of the Crown series
Karen Cole - Deceive Me
Martina Cole - Loyalty
Linda Coles - The Silent Ones  #3 Chrissy Livingstone
Julie Corbin - A Lie For A Lie
Ben Creed - City of Ghosts
Charles Cumming - Box 88
Emma Dakin - Crime in Cornwall #2 British Book Tour Mysteries
Anja de Jager - Death at the Orange Locks #5 Lotte Meerman, a Cold Case Detective, Amsterdam
Leona Deakin - Lost #2 Dr Bloom
Sarah A Denzil - You Are Invited (ebook only)
Sarah A Denzil - They Are Liars
Caroline Dunford - A Death in the Hospital #15 Euphemia Martins
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Graham Hurley - Limelight #4  Enora Andresson
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Thursday, December 03, 2020

The Petrona Award 2020 - Winner


Winner of 2020 Petrona Award announced – a first for Finnish crime

The winner of the 2020 Petrona Award for the Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year is:

LITTLE SIBERIA by Antti Tuomainen, translated from the Finnish by David Hackston and published by Orenda Books.

As well as a trophy, Antti Tuomainen receives a pass to and a guaranteed panel at CrimeFest 2022. Antti Tuomainen and David Hackston will also receive a cash prize.

The judges’ statement on LITTLE SIBERIA:

Antti Tuomainen’s LITTLE SIBERIA stood out on the shortlist for all of the judges. From its arresting opening, in which a meteorite unexpectedly lands on a speeding car, to its very human depiction of a pastor grappling with private and theological crises, this is a pitch-perfect comic crime novel with considerable depth and heart.

The first Finnish crime novel to receive the Petrona Award, LITTLE SIBERIA is a particularly fitting winner for 2020 – a year in which life was turned upside down. A celebration of resilience, fortitude and simply muddling through, it is a novel for our times.

David Hackston’s fine translation captures LITTLE SIBERIA’S depictions of an icy northern Finland and its darkly comic tone, skilfully showcasing the writing of one of Scandinavia’s most versatile and original crime authors. LITTLE SIBERIA is published by Orenda Books, one of the UK’s foremost independent publishers, which consistently champions international and translated crime fiction.

Comments from the winning author, translator and publisher:

Antti Tuomainen (author):

To make a long story short, I have to make it long first. A few years ago, after publishing five very dark and very noir books, I felt there was an element within me I had to bring into my writing: humour. Before my first darkly funny book The Man Who Died was published I was very nervous. Was I making a big mistake? One of those career choices you read about in artists' biographies under the chapter title 'The Fall'? Not that anyone would write about me, as I would be forgotten, found much later in a basement room, alone, perished in the middle of a last 'humorous' sentence … Happily, I was wrong, and not for the first time. Which seems to bring us to Little Siberia. It is my eighth book and now the recipient of the prestigious Petrona Award. When I set out to write a darkly comical crime novel with a priest as main character, I knew I was taking a leap – again. Alas, here we are. I want to thank David Hackston and Karen Sullivan, both incomparable and indispensable, as without them all the jury would have had was a book in Finnish with no idea who sent it. I send my warmest thank you to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Oh, and that shorter story: after fifteen years of writing and nine books, it seems I'm finally an overnight success.

David Hackston (translator):

I'm extremely honoured to receive the Petrona Award 2020, not least because of the illustrious, formidable company on the shortlist. Many congratulations to all the authors and especially to my fellow translators – my co-conspirators in bringing Nordic writing to English-speaking readers. My thanks to the panel and a huge, heartfelt thank you to Orenda Books, without whom none of this would be possible. Of course, behind every good translation is an excellent original text, and in this respect Antti Tuomainen is the gift that keeps on giving. Kiitos, Antti; thanks for the laughs thus far. Long may it continue.

Karen Sullivan (Orenda Books):

We are honoured and absolutely thrilled by the news that Little Siberia has won this prestigious award – quite possibly the only designated award for Scandinavian crime fiction in English – and it feels fitting that in such a difficult year, Antti's beautifully written, funny, philosophical and exquisitely plotted thriller has been chosen. Antti has pushed the crime genre in so many exciting directions, and I applaud the judges for making such a bold and perfect choice. It can be no easy feat to translate Finnish and yet David Hackston has once again produced an elegant, pitch-perfect translation, and we are so delighted that his work has been rewarded in this way.

The judges would also like to highly commend THE SILVER ROAD by Stina Jackson, translated from the Swedish by Susan Beard and published by Corvus (Atlantic Books).

The Petrona team would like to thank our sponsor, David Hicks, for his generous and continued support of the 2020 Petrona Award.