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Published 19-31 August 2022

I've expanded on my monthly listing. These are the 14 books published between 19 and 31 August 2022. [Apologies - I haven't had time to do the earlier part of the month]

Blurbs and covers taken from Amazon.

Galbraith, Robert - The Ink Black Heart #6 Cormoran Strike

When frantic, dishevelled Edie Ledwell appears in the office begging to speak to her, private detective Robin Ellacott doesn't know quite what to make of the situation. The co-creator of a popular cartoon, 
The Ink Black Heart, Edie is being persecuted by a mysterious online figure who goes by the pseudonym of Anomie. Edie is desperate to uncover Anomie's true identity.

Robin decides that the agency can't help with this - and thinks nothing more of it until a few days later, when she reads the shocking news that Edie has been tasered and then murdered in Highgate Cemetery, the location of 
The Ink Black Heart.

Robin and her business partner Cormoran Strike become drawn into the quest to uncover Anomie's true identity. But with a complex web of online aliases, business interests and family conflicts to navigate, Strike and Robin find themselves embroiled in a case that stretches their powers of deduction to the limits - and which threatens them in new and horrifying ways . . .

Gatward, David J - Fair Game (ebook only) #11 DCI Harry Grimm

Trouble in the Dales. A brutal gang of poachers. When one of the unsavories is killed, can a DCI stop a river of revenge from overflowing with blood?

Detective Harry Grimm is reaching another milestone in the Dales. As he completes the purchase of his new house, his plans for moving in are disrupted when a trespasser falls into a grisly calculated trap and bleeds out.

Tracking back to a recent violent confrontation in a local pub, Grimm and his team assemble a long list of suspects. But when a principal lead disappears in a potentially murderous payback, he fears it’s the start of an all-out slaughter across his idyllic countryside.

Can he halt a killer stalking human prey before the butchery destroys his beloved land?

Huber, Anna Lee - A Certain Darkness #6 Verity Kent, England, 1919

March 1920
: Life has turned unsettlingly quiet for former British Intelligence agent Verity Kent and her husband, Sidney. But even that false calm is about to end. As threats remain, the French authorities soon request Sidney’s help with a suspect who claims to have proof of treason—shortly before she is assassinated. And Verity, too, is called to investigate a mystery . . .
The murder of a Belgian lawyer aboard a train seems at first to be a simple case of revenge. But the victim was connected to British Intelligence, and possessed papers detailing the sinking of a gold-laden German ship during the war.
As Verity and Sidney dig deeper, they discover their cases are intertwined—and a lethal adversary persists. Officially, the Great War may be over, but this is a battle of nerves and wits they cannot afford to lose . . .

Karolina, Anna - The Guilty One #1 Emma Tapper tr. Lisa Reinhardt

Is he guilty or innocent? Even he doesn’t know…

On the eve of their thirtieth birthday, twins Jasmine and Nicolas Moretti celebrate late into the night. But when Nicolas wakes several hazy hours later, Jasmine is dead—and he is covered in her blood. Panicking, he takes the murder weapon and runs into the cold Stockholm night.

For the police, it’s an open-and-shut case. Nicolas is guilty. And given that he remembers so little of what happened that night, even he isn’t convinced of his innocence.

Emma Tapper, an ex-cop driven to drink by a tragedy she’s devastated she couldn’t prevent, is recruited by defence lawyer Angela Köhler to help with the high-profile Moretti case. While her new boss seems more concerned with winning than discovering the truth, Emma begins investigating the circumstances of the murder.

As she digs into the case, Emma finds herself clashing with former colleagues who are convinced they already know the truth. And the more horrific secrets she unearths, the more her own traumatic past returns to haunt her. She’s not used to working to free a man behind bars, but something tells her Nicolas might be innocent. But if he didn’t do it, who did?

Lynes, S E - The Ex

The love of your life… or a deadly mistake?

It’s hard, meeting your ex after so much time apart. You remember the tears and accusations, the desperate look on his face as he punched the wall, but you try not to show it. You smile politely, even while your heart beats faster.

You watch as he looks down into the stroller, at the beautiful blond-haired blue-eyed baby kicking his little legs in the sunshine, whose innocent smile lights up your world.

You see his face change. You know what he’s thinking.

The next day he calls. His voice is shaking. He wants the truth. Is it his child?

You hesitate, your throat dry, good and bad memories swirling in your mind. You’ve missed him so much… but can you ever trust him again?

You decide that the most important thing is doing what’s right for baby Tom. But months later, when the sirens wail in the night, you have to admit: you never thought either of you would go this far…

Olguin, Sergio - There Are No Happy Loves #3 Veronica Rosenthal tr. Miranda France 

Haunted by nightmares of her past, Verónica is soon involved in a new investigation. Darío, the sole survivor of a car accident that supposedly killed all of his family, is convinced that his wife and child have in fact survived and that his wife has abducted their child. Then a truck searched in the port of Buenos Aires on suspicion of drug trafficking, is revealed to be transporting human body parts. These seemingly separate incidents prove to be linked in a shadowy web of complicity involving political and religious authorities.

Penney, Elizabeth - A Treacherous Tale #2 Molly Kimball, Bookshop owner, Cambridge

Lately, Molly has been feeling that she might have fallen into a fairy tale: she's reinvigorated the family bookshop Thomas Marlowe—Manuscripts and Folios, made friends in her new home of Cambridge, England, and is even developing a bit of a romance with the handsome Kieran—a bike shop owner with a somewhat intimidating family pedigree.

Having recently discovered 
The Strawberry Girls, a classic children's tale, Molly is thrilled to learn the author, Iona York, lives nearby. But while visiting the famous author at her lovely cottage in nearby Hazelhurst, an old acquaintance of Iona's tumbles off her roof to his death.

Then, when one of Iona’s daughters—an inspiration for the original Strawberry Girls—goes missing, Molly begins to worry this story might be more Brothers Grimm than happily-ever-after. Especially after Molly learns about the mysterious long-ago death of Iona’s husband and co-author of 
The Strawberry Girls…could past and present crimes be linked? Molly must put the clues together before someone turns this sweet tale sour.

Probyn Jack - The Long Walk (ebook only) #8 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files

Jack Probyn’s SO15 Files. Lightning-quick, fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action from the first page to the last. Designed to be read in one sitting — on the train, plane, or automobile — each one is a story-driven shot of entertainment from the DC Jake Tanner universe.

The best day of your life. Your wedding day. Nerves, excitement, apprehension.

But when it's a Royal Wedding, the stakes are even higher, the tension more palpable.

Especially when someone wants to kill the bride...

Probyn, Jack - The Endgame (ebook only) #9 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files

Jake Tanner hasn't been to a football match in years - not since his dad died on the way to pick him up from a local game.

So when a terror cell attacks his favourite football stadium, killing dozens and injuring hundreds more, Jake is both relieved and appalled - only the day before was he in the same crowds, experiencing the same atmosphere.

But now he must put that behind him and focus on finding the people responsible.

And fast. Because another attack's coming.

Riley, Vanessa - Murder in Westminster #1 Lady Worthing, Regency

Perfect for readers looking for a darker twist on 
Bridgerton, this first story in a vibrant, inclusive new historical mystery series from an acclaimed author portrays the true diversity of the Regency-era, as a widow whose skin color and notorious family history have left her with few friends she can rely on – just as the local vicar names her the prime suspect in a murder case…

“Snappy dialogue, abundant intrigue, and Abbie and Stapleton’s increasingly flirtatious antagonism keep the tension high and the narrative drive strong. Smart, fun, and full of moxie.”—Kirkus Reviews

Discovering a body on her property presents Lady Abigail Worthing with more than one pressing problem. The victim is Juliet, the wife of her neighbor, Stapleton Henderson. Although Abigail has little connection with the lady in question, she expects to be under suspicion. Abigail’s skin color and her mother’s notorious past have earned her a certain reputation among the ton, and no amount of wealth or status will eclipse it.
Abigail can’t divulge that she was attending a secret pro-abolition meeting at the time of the murder. To her surprise, Henderson offers her an alibi. Though he and Juliet were long estranged, and she had a string of lovers, he feels a certain loyalty to his late wife. Perhaps together, he and Abigail can learn the truth.
Abigail, whose marriage to Lord Worthing was not a love match, knows well how appearances can deceive. For all its surface elegance, London’s high society can be treacherous. Yet who in their circle would have killed Juliet, and why? Taking the reins of her life in a way she never has before, Abby intends to find out—but in the process she will uncover more danger than she ever imagined . . .

Russell, Leigh - Fake Alibi #18 DI Geraldine Steel

A wheelchair-using woman is strangled and her son, Eddy, is arrested. When his alibi falls apart, the police are satisfied that he is guilty. Only Geraldine doubts whether Eddy is cunning enough to kill his mother and cover his tracks so successfully. The situation becomes more complicated when the girlfriend Eddy claims he was with at the time of the murder denies having met him. Shortly after the girl thinks she is being stalked, her dead body is discovered outside Eddy's house. As the body count grows, the investigation team become confused, putting Geraldine under almost unbearable pressure.

Sheppard, Amy - The Beach Party

We were all at the party. Which of us wanted her dead?

As the smoke from the bonfire spirals into the night sky and the cool drinks slip down our throats, none of us can take our eyes off 
Lacey. She dances in the dunes, her long golden hair damp from her late-night swim, her smile dazzling, her blue eyes closed.

Everyone who is close to Lacey sits by the smoky fire. Her adoring boyfriend, who holds onto her, perhaps a little too tightly. Her little sister, always in Lacey’s shadow, sifting fine soft sand through her fingers, never taking her eyes off Lacey. And me. Sad and full of rage, after an argument forced the man I love to leave the party early.

When the fire burns out, we stumble away from the beach, along the cliff path – faces burned by the wind, hearts full of secrets. But Lacey never makes it home. The next morning, her body is found in the sand dunes, a heart-shaped locket missing from around her neck.

Who would have thought our beach party could end the way it did? Close friends gathered on the last night of a long hot summer – which one of us could have killed the girl everybody loved?

Steadman, Catherine - Stockholm (amazon ebook only) Short Story

An extravagant anniversary trip turns into a desperate scramble for survival in an unsettling short story about desire, manipulation, and revenge by a New York Times bestselling author.

Psychiatrist Olivia Cole is a shell of herself after only two years with her tyrannical husband, the outwardly perfect Sebastian. On their two-year anniversary, she’s subjected to one power move too many when Sebastian whisks her away on a surprise trip—first to the charming capital of Sweden, then to an unexpected final destination. Miles from home and help, the only way for Olivia to wrest back control of her life is to give Sebastian an even bigger, shocking surprise.

Stockholm by Catherine Steadman is part of Getaway, a collection of six stories about dream escapes that take unimaginable, even sinister, turns. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single sitting.

Wassmer, Julie - Murder at Mount Ephraim #9 Pearl Nolan, Whitstable

Pearl Nolan receives a wedding invitation from an old school friend. Journalist Amy has chosen somewhere very special for the wedding ceremony - the historic Kent manor house of Mount Ephraim - and the invite includes a pre-nuptial stay for Pearl and other guests at this venue. Nestled in an 800-acre estate, and surrounded by beautiful gardens and a lake, Pearl sees this break as a chance to leave crime behind, along with her own detective agency and her restaurant, The Whitstable Pearl.

Accepting the invitation, Pearl looks forward to meeting the happy couple's friends and family, as well as Amy's fiancé, Guy, a handsome and successful adventurer who appears to be Mr Perfect. She also has time to reflect on her own engagement to Canterbury CID detective, DCI Mike McGuire...

But before any wedding bells sound, murder strikes - and Pearl and McGuire are thrust together again - as partners in crime.

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New Releases - August 2022

Here's a snapshot of what I think is published for the first time in August 2022 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). Over 100 titles this month. August and future months can be found on the Future Releases page. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.

Please note that when a book has differing print and ebook release date, I use the print release date. Translators' names are included where known.

• Adaf, Shimon - One Mile and Two Days Before Sunset #1 Lost Detective Trilogy tr. Yardenne Greenspan
• Adaf, Shimon - A Detective's Complaint #2 Lost Detective Trilogy tr. Yardenne Greenspan
• Adaf, Shimon - Take Up and Read #3 Lost Detective Trilogy tr. Yardenne Greenspan
• Adams, Jane - The Girl in the Yellow Dress #8 Detective Chief Inspector Henry Johnstone, 1928
• Adams, R G - The Last House
• Amphlett, Rachel - A Silent Truth #4 Detective Mark Turpin
• Anderson, Lin - The Party House
• Ashley, Jennifer - The Secret of Bow Lane #6 Kat Holloway, Victorian Era
• Barnes, Kerry - Torment #3 Harper Kane
• Black, P R - The Hunted
• Bouchard, Roxanne - Whisper of the Seals #3 Detective Moralès, Quebec tr. David Warriner
• Burnside, Heather - Guilt #6 Working Girls
• Bussi, Michel - The Red Notebook tr. Vineet Lal
• Campling, Michael - Accomplice to Murder #4 The Devonshire Mysteries
• Carter, Chris - Genesis #12 Homicide Detective Robert Hunter, LA
• Castle, Alice - The Murder Museum #2 Beth Haldane
• Castle, Alice - The Murder Question #3 Beth Haldane
• Castle, Alice - The Murder Plot #4 Beth Haldane
• Castle, Alice - The Murder Walk #5 Beth Haldane
• Castle, Alice - The Murder Club #6 Beth Haldane
• Castle, Alice - The Murder Hour #7 Beth Haldane
• Chauhan, C V - The Dance of Death #1 Detective Inspector Rohan Sharma, Leicester
• Chen, Zijin - Bad Kids tr. Michelle Deeter
• Clare, Alys - The Man in the Shadows #3 World's End Bureau Victorian Mystery series
• Clark, Anne Wyn - The Last House on the Cliff
• Clarke, Karen - My Husband's Secret
• Clarke, Wendy - Childhood Sweetheart
• Connel, Elle - You Can Stay
• Connolly, John - The Furies #20 Charlie Parker, PI, Maine
• Dahl, Alex - After She'd Gone
• de Muriel, Oscar - The Sign of the Devil #7 Frey & McGray, Edinburgh, 1880s
• Dempsey, Sharon - The Midnight Killing #2 DI Danny Stowe and forensic psychologist Rose Lainey, Belfast
• Eldridge, Jim - Murder at the Victoria and Albert Museum #8 Former Detective Inspector Daniel Wilson
• Ellis, Kate - Serpent's Point #26 Wesley Peterson (policeman) and Neil Watson (archaeologist), Tradmouth, Devon
• Faye, Lyndsay - Observations by Gaslight #1 Sherlock Holmes-related short stories
• Feeney, Alice - Daisy Darker
• Finlay, Caz - Payback Time #7 Bad Blood
• Fletcher, Tom - The Ambassador #1 Ambassador Ed Barnes
• Fraine, A L - In Bad Faith #1 Detective Loxley, Nottinghamshire
• Galbraith, Robert - The Ink Black Heart #6 Cormoran Strike
• Gatward, D J - Fair Game (ebook only) #11 DCI Harry Grimm
• Glass, Ava - Alias Emma #1 Alias Emma series
• Gregory, Susanna - The Pudding Lane Plot #15 Thomas Chaloner, Restoration London
• Hattersley, Matthew - I Am A Killer #7 Acid Vanilla
• Hawksley, Humphrey - Ice Islands #4 Rake Ozenna
• Hendy, Hannah - An Unfortunate Christmas Murder #2 The Dinner Lady Detectives
• Horowitz, Anthony - The Twist of a Knife #4 Detective Daniel Hawthorne
• Howard, Catherine Ryan - Run Time
• Huber, Anna Lee - A Certain Darkness #6 Verity Kent, England, 1919
• Hunt, Arlene - While She Sleeps
• Hurst, Daniel - What My Family Saw
• Jeffrey, Diane - The Couple at Causeway Cottage
• Johnstone, Carole - The Blackhouse
• Jordan, Will - Dark Harvest
• Karolina, Anna - The Guilty One #1 Emma Tapper tr. Lisa Reinhardt
• Keogh, Valerie - The Lodger
• Khan, Vaseem - The Lost Man of Bombay #3 Inspector Persis Wadia
• King, Ella - Bad Fruit
• Koomson, Dorothy - My Other Husband
• Kovach, Carla - The Houseshare
• La Plante, Lynda - Dark Rooms #8 WPC Tennison
• Lagercrantz, David - Dark Music #1 Professor Hans Rekke & Micaela Vargas tr. Ian Giles
• Lane, Anna Sayburn - Folly Ditch #4 Helen Oddfellow
• Lees, Georgina - After the Party
• Lindsay, Douglas - Blood In My Eyes #8 DS Hutton
• Lynes, S E - The Ex
• Mackintosh, Clare - The Last Party #1 DC Morgan
• MacLean, S G - The Bookseller of Inverness
• McDermid, Val - 1989 #2 Allie Burns, Journalist
• McEwan, Lynne - Dead Man Deep #2 DI Shona Oliver, Dumfries
• McNulty, Patrick - Follow the Devil #1 Danny Devlin
• Mara, Andrea - Hide and Seek
• Marsay, H L - A Forgotten Shadow #5 Chief Inspector Shadow
• Masson, Deborah - From the Ashes #3 DI Eve Hunter, Aberdeen
• Mayo, Simon - Tick Tock
• Mishani, D A - Conviction #4 Inspector Avi Avraham, Israel tr. Jessica Cohen
• Mo, Johanna - The Shadow Lily #2 Detective Hanna Duncker tr. Alice Menzies
• Montclair, Allison - The Unkept Woman #4 Sparks and Bainbridge, London, Post WW2
• Mulrooney, Gretta - Death at the Dolphin
• North, Ely - Black Nab: Text M For Murder #1 DCI Finnegan, Yorkshire
• Olguin, Sergio - There Are No Happy Loves #3 Veronica Rosenthal tr. Miranda France
• Osborne, Lawrence - On Java Road
• Penney, Elizabeth - A Treacherous Tale #2 Molly Kimball, Bookshop owner, Cambridge
• Petersen, Christoffer - The Intrigue in the North (ebook only) Greenland Missing Persons
• Petersen, Christoffer - The Last Day of Old Magic (ebook only) Greenland Missing Persons
• Probyn, Jack - Eye for an Eye (ebook only) #6 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
• Probyn, Jack - Mile 17 (ebook only) #7 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
• Probyn, Jack - The Long Walk (ebook only) #8 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
• Probyn, Jack - The Endgame (ebook only) #9 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
• Riley, Vanessa - Murder in Westminster #1 Lady Worthing, Regency
• Ross, L J - The Creek #2 Summer Suspense Mysteries
• Russell, Leigh - Fake Alibi #18 DI Geraldine Steel
• Schellman, Katharine - Death At The Manor #3 Lily Adler, London, 1815
• Shaw, Alex - Total Control #3 Jack Tate, ex-SAS
• Sheppard, Amy - The Beach Party
• Sheridan, Sarah - A Perfect Family
• Solomons, N E - The Bone Road
• Steadman, Catherine - Stockholm (ebook only) #Short Story
• Stimson, Tess - The New House
• Tait, Victoria - Bidding for Revenge #3 Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery, Cotswolds
• Takhar, Helen Monks - Such a Good Mother
• Varadan, Elizabeth - Deadly Verse
• von Schirach, Ferdinand - Punishment tr. Katharina Hall
• Ware, Ruth - The It Girl
• Wassmer, Julie - Murder at Mount Ephraim #9 Pearl Nolan, Whitstable
• Yi, A - Wake Me Up at Nine in the Morning tr. Nicky Harman

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Cover Theme - coloured quadrants & halves (non-crime)

None of these are crime but I have bought Lessons in Chemistry


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New Releases - July 2022

Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in July 2022 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). Over 90 titles this month. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.

Ace, Cathy - The Case of the Disgraced Duke #5 A Wise Enquiries Agency Mystery
Adler, Tim - Over Her Dead Body (ebook only)
Ægisdóttir, Eva Björg - Night Shadows #3 Forbidden Iceland tr. Victoria Cribb
Ahnhem, Stefan - The Final Nail #6 Fabian Risk tr. Agnes Broomé
Alderson, Sarah - The Cabin in the Woods
Amphlett, Rachel - Something in the Air - Case Files
Amsinck, Heidi - The Girl in the Photo #2 Jensen
Atkinson, Heather - Requiem (ebook only) #16 Dividing Line
Bilal, Parker - The Trenches #3 Crane and Drake, London
Boyle, Frankie - Meantime
Brade, Scarlett - The Hive
Bradley, Rebecca - The Broken Places (ebook only) #9 DI Hannah Robbins
Brett, Simon - Death and the Decorator #21 Carole and Jude, Fethering, Southern coast of England
Brolly, Matt - The Pier #5 Detective Louise Blackwell
Brookmyre, Christopher - The Cliff House
Burrows, Steve - A Foreboding of Petrels #7 Inspector Domenic Jejeune, Saltmarsh, Norfolk
Carrisi, Donato - The Whisperer's Game #4 Mila Vasquez tr. Katherine Gregor
Cartwright, Jack - In Cold Blood #3 Wild Fens Murder Mystery
Cavanagh, Steve - The Accomplice #7 Eddie Flynn, USA
Cleeves, Ann - The Woman on the Island (ebook only) #Vera Stanhope Short Story
Cockburn, Tormod - The Bone Trap #1 Mysterious Scotland
Comley, M A - To Condemn Them #5 DI Sam Cobbs
Cuffe, Judith - Unfollow Me
Davis, L G - Liar Liar
Daykin, Judi - An Artful Murder #4 Detective Sara Hirst, Norfolk
Doherty, Paul - Realm of Darkness #23 Hugh Corbett
Downes, Anna - The Shadow House
Dunford, Caroline - Hope for Tomorrow #3 Hope Stapleford, Secret Agent, 1939
Durrant, Helen H - Dead Real #15 Calladine & Bayliss
Ellicott, Jessica - Murder Through the English Post #6 Beryl and Edwina Mystery, 1920s
Faulkner, Jen - Keep Her Safe
Flynn, Sophie - Keep Them Close
Fowler, Christopher - Bryant & May's Peculiar London
Gerlis, Alex - Agent in Peril #2 The Wolf Pack Spies
Goldspink, Andrew - One Last Look #1 Kate Bastille
Granger, Ann - Deadly Company #16 Mitchell & Markby
Halliday, G R - Under the Marsh #3 DI Monica Kennedy, Inverness
Hancock, Penny - The Choice
Hunter, Alice - The Serial Killer's Daughter #2 Serial Killer
Hunter, Cara - Hope to Die #6 DI Adam Fawley, Oxford
Hurley, Graham - Katastrophe #7 Wars Within
Hurley, Graham - Lights Down #6 Enora Andresson
Ihren, Anna - The Ice Fisher (ebook only) #2 The Smögen Murders tr. Emma Ericson
James, Ed - Guilt Trip #5 DS Vicky Dodds
Jewell, Lisa - The Family Remains #2 The Family Upstairs
Jones, Philip Gwynne - The Angels of Venice #6 Nathan Sutherland
Judd, Alan - Queen & Country #7 Charles Thoroughgood, ex MI6
King, Samantha - Not My Child
Kovach, Carla - Find Me
Lark, J S - The Secret Couple
Leather, Stephen - Dirty War #19 Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop
Lillegraven, Ruth - Blood Ties #2 Clara Lofthus tr. Diane Oatley
Longmuir, Chris - Web of Deceit #4 Dundee Crime
Lynch, Rachel - The Line #2 Helen Scott
Mackay, Niki - Taken
MacLeary, Claire - Death Drop #5 Harcus & Laird
Mahmood, Imran - All I Said Was True
Malliet, G M - Augusta Hawke #1 Augusta Hawke
Martin, Faith - A Fatal End #8 Ryder & Loveday, Oxford, 1960s
Marwood, Alex - The Island of Lost Girls
Masters, S R - The Trial
Matheson, Nadine - The Binding Room #2 DI Henley, London
McLean, Rachel - Blood and Money #1 McBride & Tanner
Mills, Mark - Impact #1 Bodine and Fuller
Mina, Denise - Confidence #2 Anna McDonald
Moore, Ian - Death and Fromage #2 Follet Valley Mystery
O'Brien, Jenny - Cold Grave #6 Detective Gaby Darin
Osborne, Abigail - The Good Husband
Petersen, Christoffer - Arctic Rebound (ebook only) #5 Guerrilla Greenland
Petersen, Christoffer - Crocodile Beat (ebook only) #Greenland Missing Persons
Probyn, Jack - The Eye (ebook only) #3 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
Probyn, Jack - In Heaven And Hell (ebook only) #4 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files  
Probyn, Jack - Blackout (ebook only) #5 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
Reeve, Alex - The Blood Flower #4 Leo Stanhope, Victorian era
Rigby, Sally - Broken Screams #12 DCI Whitney Walker & Dr Georgina Cavendish
Russell, Michael - The City Underground #7 Garda Detective Stefan Gillespie
Ryan, Joanne - One Night
Selman, Victoria - Truly, Darkly, Deeply
Shah, R D - The Fallen #2 The Disavowed
Sheridan, Sarah - The Temptress
Sibson, Tom - Five Down
Simpson, Carla - A Deadly Affair #1 Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe, Victorian London
Skelton, Douglas - Where Demons Hide #4 Rebecca Connolly
Stone, Alex - The Other Girlfriend
Tallon, Emma - Her Payback #4 Scarlet Drew
Todd, Marion - Old Bones Lie #6 DI Clare Mackay
Tope, Rebecca - Betrayal in the Cotswolds #20 Thea Osborne, House Sitter, Cotswolds
Tremayne, Peter - Death of a Heretic #31 Sister Fidelma
Trow, M J - The Yeoman's Tale #2 Geoffrey Chaucer
Unge, Christian - A Grain of Truth #2 Dr Tekla Berg tr. George Goulding & Sarah De Senarclens
van der Werf, Gerwin - The Hitchhiker (ebook only) tr. David Colmer
Walsh, Alexandra - The Jane Seymour Conspiracy #4 Marquess House
Watson, Katy - The Three Dahlias #1 Dahlia Lively
Weaver, Ashley - The Key to Deceit #2 Electra McDonnell
Wood, Michael - The Lost Children #9 DCI Matilda Darke

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Update - What Happened in July?

Apologies for the lack of book updates, July's releases will be up soon. August's will be later in the month.

So, we've had a few rough weeks chez Euro Crime. Just under a month ago, we had to put one of cats to sleep at the very early age of 6 3/4. Leah had been ill for a while as her kidneys were failing. We nearly lost her at Christmas but she responded well to treatment and was on the way to acting normally. Unfortunately it didn't last and she was deteriorating before our eyes. We tried several new treatments but they didn't work. We and she did have a few extra months together but it has left us both heartbroken.

Ten days later my OH tested positive for Covid (on his birthday and the day Leah's ashes were available for collection). He is now back at work but is feeling the after-effects of his infection. I have tested negative throughout, amazingly, but it has been very disruptive as well as the obvious worry.

Here's our beautiful girl. We adopted her five years ago when she was two. She had been rescued by Cramar Cat Sanctuary about a year prior to that and was found to be pregnant with her leg stuck through a collar which left a scar and the fur grew back a bit awkwardly. Initially she was scared and a bit handsy but she settled down into a gentle cat who would pat you when she didn't want you to touch her anymore. She was always showing her belly off for tickles: