Saturday, August 06, 2022

Cover Theme - coloured quadrants & halves (non-crime)

None of these are crime but I have bought Lessons in Chemistry


Thursday, August 04, 2022

New Releases - July 2022

Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in July 2022 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). Over 90 titles this month. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.

Ace, Cathy - The Case of the Disgraced Duke #5 A Wise Enquiries Agency Mystery
Adler, Tim - Over Her Dead Body (ebook only)
Ægisdóttir, Eva Björg - Night Shadows #3 Forbidden Iceland tr. Victoria Cribb
Ahnhem, Stefan - The Final Nail #6 Fabian Risk tr. Agnes Broomé
Alderson, Sarah - The Cabin in the Woods
Amphlett, Rachel - Something in the Air - Case Files
Amsinck, Heidi - The Girl in the Photo #2 Jensen
Atkinson, Heather - Requiem (ebook only) #16 Dividing Line
Bilal, Parker - The Trenches #3 Crane and Drake, London
Boyle, Frankie - Meantime
Brade, Scarlett - The Hive
Bradley, Rebecca - The Broken Places (ebook only) #9 DI Hannah Robbins
Brett, Simon - Death and the Decorator #21 Carole and Jude, Fethering, Southern coast of England
Brolly, Matt - The Pier #5 Detective Louise Blackwell
Brookmyre, Christopher - The Cliff House
Burrows, Steve - A Foreboding of Petrels #7 Inspector Domenic Jejeune, Saltmarsh, Norfolk
Carrisi, Donato - The Whisperer's Game #4 Mila Vasquez tr. Katherine Gregor
Cartwright, Jack - In Cold Blood #3 Wild Fens Murder Mystery
Cavanagh, Steve - The Accomplice #7 Eddie Flynn, USA
Cleeves, Ann - The Woman on the Island (ebook only) #Vera Stanhope Short Story
Cockburn, Tormod - The Bone Trap #1 Mysterious Scotland
Comley, M A - To Condemn Them #5 DI Sam Cobbs
Cuffe, Judith - Unfollow Me
Davis, L G - Liar Liar
Daykin, Judi - An Artful Murder #4 Detective Sara Hirst, Norfolk
Doherty, Paul - Realm of Darkness #23 Hugh Corbett
Downes, Anna - The Shadow House
Dunford, Caroline - Hope for Tomorrow #3 Hope Stapleford, Secret Agent, 1939
Durrant, Helen H - Dead Real #15 Calladine & Bayliss
Ellicott, Jessica - Murder Through the English Post #6 Beryl and Edwina Mystery, 1920s
Faulkner, Jen - Keep Her Safe
Flynn, Sophie - Keep Them Close
Fowler, Christopher - Bryant & May's Peculiar London
Gerlis, Alex - Agent in Peril #2 The Wolf Pack Spies
Goldspink, Andrew - One Last Look #1 Kate Bastille
Granger, Ann - Deadly Company #16 Mitchell & Markby
Halliday, G R - Under the Marsh #3 DI Monica Kennedy, Inverness
Hancock, Penny - The Choice
Hunter, Alice - The Serial Killer's Daughter #2 Serial Killer
Hunter, Cara - Hope to Die #6 DI Adam Fawley, Oxford
Hurley, Graham - Katastrophe #7 Wars Within
Hurley, Graham - Lights Down #6 Enora Andresson
Ihren, Anna - The Ice Fisher (ebook only) #2 The Smögen Murders tr. Emma Ericson
James, Ed - Guilt Trip #5 DS Vicky Dodds
Jewell, Lisa - The Family Remains #2 The Family Upstairs
Jones, Philip Gwynne - The Angels of Venice #6 Nathan Sutherland
Judd, Alan - Queen & Country #7 Charles Thoroughgood, ex MI6
King, Samantha - Not My Child
Kovach, Carla - Find Me
Lark, J S - The Secret Couple
Leather, Stephen - Dirty War #19 Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop
Lillegraven, Ruth - Blood Ties #2 Clara Lofthus tr. Diane Oatley
Longmuir, Chris - Web of Deceit #4 Dundee Crime
Lynch, Rachel - The Line #2 Helen Scott
Mackay, Niki - Taken
MacLeary, Claire - Death Drop #5 Harcus & Laird
Mahmood, Imran - All I Said Was True
Malliet, G M - Augusta Hawke #1 Augusta Hawke
Martin, Faith - A Fatal End #8 Ryder & Loveday, Oxford, 1960s
Marwood, Alex - The Island of Lost Girls
Masters, S R - The Trial
Matheson, Nadine - The Binding Room #2 DI Henley, London
McLean, Rachel - Blood and Money #1 McBride & Tanner
Mills, Mark - Impact #1 Bodine and Fuller
Mina, Denise - Confidence #2 Anna McDonald
Moore, Ian - Death and Fromage #2 Follet Valley Mystery
O'Brien, Jenny - Cold Grave #6 Detective Gaby Darin
Osborne, Abigail - The Good Husband
Petersen, Christoffer - Arctic Rebound (ebook only) #5 Guerrilla Greenland
Petersen, Christoffer - Crocodile Beat (ebook only) #Greenland Missing Persons
Probyn, Jack - The Eye (ebook only) #3 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
Probyn, Jack - In Heaven And Hell (ebook only) #4 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files  
Probyn, Jack - Blackout (ebook only) #5 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
Reeve, Alex - The Blood Flower #4 Leo Stanhope, Victorian era
Rigby, Sally - Broken Screams #12 DCI Whitney Walker & Dr Georgina Cavendish
Russell, Michael - The City Underground #7 Garda Detective Stefan Gillespie
Ryan, Joanne - One Night
Selman, Victoria - Truly, Darkly, Deeply
Shah, R D - The Fallen #2 The Disavowed
Sheridan, Sarah - The Temptress
Sibson, Tom - Five Down
Simpson, Carla - A Deadly Affair #1 Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe, Victorian London
Skelton, Douglas - Where Demons Hide #4 Rebecca Connolly
Stone, Alex - The Other Girlfriend
Tallon, Emma - Her Payback #4 Scarlet Drew
Todd, Marion - Old Bones Lie #6 DI Clare Mackay
Tope, Rebecca - Betrayal in the Cotswolds #20 Thea Osborne, House Sitter, Cotswolds
Tremayne, Peter - Death of a Heretic #31 Sister Fidelma
Trow, M J - The Yeoman's Tale #2 Geoffrey Chaucer
Unge, Christian - A Grain of Truth #2 Dr Tekla Berg tr. George Goulding & Sarah De Senarclens
van der Werf, Gerwin - The Hitchhiker (ebook only) tr. David Colmer
Walsh, Alexandra - The Jane Seymour Conspiracy #4 Marquess House
Watson, Katy - The Three Dahlias #1 Dahlia Lively
Weaver, Ashley - The Key to Deceit #2 Electra McDonnell
Wood, Michael - The Lost Children #9 DCI Matilda Darke

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Update - What Happened in July?

Apologies for the lack of book updates, July's releases will be up soon. August's will be later in the month.

So, we've had a few rough weeks chez Euro Crime. Just under a month ago, we had to put one of cats to sleep at the very early age of 6 3/4. Leah had been ill for a while as her kidneys were failing. We nearly lost her at Christmas but she responded well to treatment and was on the way to acting normally. Unfortunately it didn't last and she was deteriorating before our eyes. We tried several new treatments but they didn't work. We and she did have a few extra months together but it has left us both heartbroken.

Ten days later my OH tested positive for Covid (on his birthday and the day Leah's ashes were available for collection). He is now back at work but is feeling the after-effects of his infection. I have tested negative throughout, amazingly, but it has been very disruptive as well as the obvious worry.

Here's our beautiful girl. We adopted her five years ago when she was two. She had been rescued by Cramar Cat Sanctuary about a year prior to that and was found to be pregnant with her leg stuck through a collar which left a scar and the fur grew back a bit awkwardly. Initially she was scared and a bit handsy but she settled down into a gentle cat who would pat you when she didn't want you to touch her anymore. She was always showing her belly off for tickles: