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2020 Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year - Winner

Congratulations to Adrian McKinty for winning the 2020 Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year for The Chain.

The books shortlisted were:

My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite
Worst Case Scenario by Helen FitzGerald
The Lost Man by Jane Harper
Joe Country by Mick Herron
The Chain by Adrian McKinty
Smoke and Ashes by Abir Mukherjee

Read more about his win at the Theakston Website.

Blurb from Amazon:








Tuesday, July 07, 2020

CrimeFest Awards 2020 - Winners

From the CrimeFest newsletter, the winners of this year's Awards are as follows (Shortlists are here):

Specsavers Debut Crime Novel Award
- Laura Shepherd-Robinson for Blood & Sugar (Mantle)

With thanks to convention and award sponsor Specsavers. Courtesy of the sponsor, the winner also receives £1,000.

Audible Sounds of Crime Award
for Best Unabridged Crime Audiobook
- Lee Child for Blue Moon, read by Jeff Harding (Penguin Random House Audio)
With thanks to award sponsor Audible UK. Courtesy of the sponsor, the winners share £1,000.

eDunnit Award
for Best Crime eBook
- Holly Watt for To The Lions (Raven Books)

H.R.F. Keating Award
for Best Biography or Non-Fiction Book related to Crime Fiction
- John Curran for The Hooded Gunman (HarperCollins Crime Club)

Last Laugh Award
for Best Humorous Crime Novel
- Helen FitzGerald for Worst Case Scenario (Orenda Books)

CrimeFest Award for Best Crime Novel for Children (ages 8-12)
- Thomas Taylor for Malamander (Walker Books)

CrimeFest Award for Best Crime Novel for Young Adults (ages 12-16)
- Kathryn Evans for Beauty Sleep (Usborne Publishing)

All the winners received a Bristol Blue Glass Award and will be offered complimentary attendance and panel appearances at CRIMEFEST 2021.

Huge congratulations to all!

Monday, July 06, 2020

Review: Death in Fancy Dress by Anthony Gilbert

I recently posted my review of DEATH IN FANCY DRESS by Anthony Gilbert on my library's Facebook page:

DEATH IN FANCY DRESS was first published in 1933 and is one of the latest ‘golden era’ crime novels to be reissued by British Library Publishing and comes with an introduction by Martin Edwards and two short stories from 1939 featuring an Inspector Field.

The main story is a non-series novel narrated by one Tony Keith, a lawyer, who along with his carefree adventuring friend Jeremy - is summoned first to the Secret Service and then to Tony’s old Manor house home to track down the mastermind behind a blackmail ring which has resulted in many deaths. Jeremy is all set on marrying the daughter of the house but trickily she is already engaged to their secret service contact and it’s not long before she has announced her intention of marrying a third party, a dastardly cousin who seems to have got away with murder in the past.

The suspense builds as many people announce that she will not marry her cousin and of course the title comes true, a body is discovered after the fancy dress party…

With the party not taking part until towards the end of the book there is little sleuthing done by our two young men at first and chance plays a hand in revealing a vital clue. Tony, however, makes for an amusing narrator and the resolution is satisfying and one that makes you revisit earlier events in your mind. Despite being written by a woman – real name Lucy Malleson – women don’t come out of this too well and there are some outdated attitudes of the time to contend with. Nonetheless this is an enjoyable classic country house mystery.

As well as, as Anthony Gilbert, the author also wrote as Anne Meredith and her ‘Portrait of a Murder’ has also been published by the British Library.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Website Updates: June 2020

I've recently updated the main files on the Euro Crime website. "Euro Crime" includes both British and other European crime fiction writers (that have been published in English); non-British/European born crime writers who are strongly associated with British/European crime fiction (eg. Donna Leon), and crime writers in translation from outside of Europe.

Please note that due to a Windows 10 reinstallation and associated issues(!) I am currently unable to generate new website files from my master database, so these uploads are from my last set of files ie 4 June 2020. Hence the new releases page has fewer titles for June than my earlier post of June releases. I will continue to post the monthly lists on this blog and hope for a quick resolution to my IT woes!

My usual reminders regarding the New Releases page:

1. The main by month/by author pages refer to when a book is published (in English) anywhere in the world however the 'by category ie historical, translated etc' is specific to when it's published in the UK.

2. When a book is released "early" in ebook I am taking the publication date as to be when the print edition comes out (this is the rule we use for determining Petrona Award eligibility).

As always, if you spot something wrong or missing, please do let me know.

Here's a summary of the usual updates:

The Author Websites page now lists 1087 sites.

In Bibliographies there are now bibliographies for 2824 authors (14410 titles of which 3109 are reviewed**).
**Some reviews will be provided by the Crime Review website. (Separate post to follow with more information).

I've added new bibliographies for: Eva Björg Ægisdóttir, Edoardo Albinati, Maria Adolfsson, Guillermo Arriaga, Heine Bakkeid, Marco Balzano, Hazel Barkworth, Enzo Bartoli, Vicki Bradley, Vivien Brown, Marion Brunet, J P Carter, HS Chandler, Jane Cockram, Caroline Corcoran, Merilyn Davies, Leona Deakin, Rachel Donohue, Victoria Dowd, Jessica Eames, Bella Ellis, Katrine Engberg, Andrew Ewart, K Ferrari, Caz Finlay, David Foenkinos, Fiona Gartland, Claire Gradidge, Michael Grant, S M Hardy, Alexander Hartung, A S Hatch, Romy Hausmann, M K Hill, Noelle Holton, Thomas Horst, Jorn Lier & Enger Diane Jeffrey, Anna Johannsen, Imogen Kealey, Sarah Linley, Chris Lloyd, Sam Lloyd, Gytha Lodge, Stefan Malmström, Ruth Mancini, Nicola Martin, Maria Luisa Minarelli, Hugh Montgomery, Jessica Moor, Robin Morgan-Bentley, Riku Onda, Stephen O'Rourke, Daisy Pearce, Anne Penketh, Mercedes Pinto Maldonado, Hye-young Pyun, Nicola Rayner, Hannah Reed, Marit Reiersgaard, Gemma Rogers, Vanessa Savage, Katharine Schellman, Lars Schutz, Helen Sedgwick, Max Seeck, Mi-ae Seo, Adania Shibli, Will Shindler, Maryla Szymiczkowa, Russ Thomas, James von Leyden, H C Warner, Daisy Waugh, Kate Weinberg, S R White, Olga Wojtas, Klaus-Peter Wolf and Suzanne M Wolfe.

I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jane Adams, Stefan Ahnhem, Rennie Airth, Boris Akunin, Tasha Alexander, Hania Allen, Lin Anderson, M J Arlidge, Ross Armstrong, Claire Askew, Stephanie Austin, Jackie Baldwin, Jean-Luc Bannalec, Jo Bannister, Quentin Bates, M C Beaton, Simon Beckett, Connie Berry, Parker Bilal, Mark Billingham, Michelle Birkby, Benjamin Black, Cara Black, Helen Black, Saul Black, Jenny Blackhurst, Sara Blaedel, Sam Blake, Robin Blake, Rachael Blok, Hilary Bonner, Stephen Booth, Sam Bourne, Tom Bradby, Harry Brett, Simon Brett, Dougie Brimson, Neil Broadfoot, Steph Broadribb, Frances Brody, Simone Buchholz, Fiona Buckley, Sheila Bugler, Michel Bussi, Massimo Carlotto, Donato Carrisi, Will Carver, Jane Casey, Kimberley Chambers, Julia Chapman, Paul Charles, Clare Chase, Lee Child, Alys Clare, Cassandra Clark, Ann Cleeves, Rory Clements, Anne Coates, Tammy Cohen, Martina Cole, C J Cooke, Jane Corry, Mike/M W Craven, Elle Croft, Deborah Crombie, A J Cross, Judith Cutler, K O/Kjell Ola Dahl, Nadia Dalbuono, Paula Daly, Martin Davies, Michelle Davies, Lindsey Davis, Sandrone Dazieri, Louisa de Lange, Will Dean, A A Dhand, Katerina Diamond, Joël Dicker, P C/Paul Doherty, Louise Doughty, Claire Douglas, Mark Douglas-Home, Teresa Driscoll, Charlotte Duckworth, Martin Edwards, Jim Eldridge, Emily Elgar, Jessica Ellicott, Kate Ellis, Nuala Ellwood, Clare Empson, Caroline England, Kjell Eriksson, Fiona Erskine, John Fairfax, Alice Feeney, Jessica Fellowes, Charles Finch, Paul Finch, Mick Finlay, Rebecca Fleet, Christopher Fowler, Dick Francis, Guy Fraser-Sampson, Nicci French, Alan Furst, Mario Giordano, Andrew Grant, Alex Gray, Elly Griffiths, Emily Gunnis, Peter Guttridge, Tarquin Hall, M R/Matthew Hall, Abdelilah Hamdouchi, Adam Hamdy, Mari Hannah, Sophie Hannah, Zhou Haohui, C S Harris, Cora Harrison, Sarah Hawkswood, Sam Hayes, James Hazel, Veronica Heley, Kate Helm, Mick/M Herron, Susan Hill, Suzette A Hill, Matt Hilton, Chan Ho-Kei, Anne Holt, Anthony Horowitz, Jorn Lier Horst, Anna Lee Huber, Linda Huber, Arlene Hunt, Graham Hurley, Olivia Isaac-Henry, Katja Ivar, Jo Jakeman, Quintin Jardine, You-Jeong Jeong, Lisa Jewell, Doug Johnstone,, Serge Joncour, Philip Gwynne Jones, Lesley Kara, Emma Kavanagh, Jessie Keane, Jim Kelly, Tony Kent, Lars Kepler, Simon Kernick, T E Kinsey, Emily Koch, Roberta Kray, Volker Kutscher, Lynda La Plante, Camilla Lackberg, Peter Laws, John Lawton, Stephen Leather, Donna Leon, Howard Linskey, Catherine Lloyd, Rosamund Lupton, Rachel Lynch, Bonnie MacBird, Asia MacKay, Susan Elia MacNeal, Adrian Magson, Iain Maitland, Michael J Malone, Marco Malvaldi, David Mark, Alyssa Maxwell, Peter May, Margaret Mayhew, Val/V.L. McDermid, Brian McGilloway, Claire McGowan, Andy McNab, Ben McPherson, Catriona McPherson, A D Miller, Danny Miller, Caroline Mitchell, Dreda Say Mitchell, J S Monroe, Phoebe Morgan, Roger/R N Morris, Mandy Morton, Frank/T F Muir, Abir Mukherjee, Elizabeth Mundy, Barbara Nadel, Sarah J Naughton, Jo Nesbo, Hakan Nesser, Chris Nickson, John Niven, Dominic Nolan, Mads Peder Nordbo, Liz Nugent, Carlene O'Connor, Gerard O'Donovan, Nick Oldham, Darren O'Sullivan, B A Paris, Alan Parks, S J Parris, Ben Pastor, Vikki Patis, David Pearson, Andrea Penrose, Anne Perry, Chris Petit, Louise Phillips, Malcolm Pryce, D M Quincy, Jenny Quintana, Caro Ramsay, Deanna Raybourn, Sarah Rayne, Rebecca Reid, Kate Rhodes, Rachel Rhys, Marnie Riches, Mike Ripley, Peter Robinson, Jacqui Rose, Borge Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, Jacob Ross, Laura Joh Rowland, Pauline Rowson, Priscilla Royal, Kate Saunders, Simon Scarrow, Robert Scragg, Joanne Sefton, EV Seymour, Gerald Seymour, Zoe Sharp, William Shaw, Sara Sheridan, Mel Sherratt, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, C J Skuse, Alexander McCall Smith, Anna Smith, Martin Cruz Smith, Jo Spain, Sally Spedding, Sally Spencer, Gunnar Staalesen, Michael Stanley, Katherine Stansfield, Mel/Melvin R Starr, Catherine Steadman, Jesper Stein, Susie Steiner, Viveca Sten, Karen Lee Street, Theresa Talbot, Emma Tallon, Andrew Taylor, C L Taylor, Sherry Thomas, Will Thomas, Lesley Thomson, Mark Timlin, S K Tremayne, M J Trow, C J Tudor, Luca Veste, MB Vincent, Martyn Waites, B P Walter, Martin Walker, Alex Walters, Ruth Ware, Holly Watt, Ashley Weaver, Matt Wesolowski, Chris Whitaker, Nicola White, Kevin Wignall, Michael Wood, A Yi, Seishi Yokomizo, David Young, Juli Zeh and Yigal Zur.

New Releases - June 2020

Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in paperback or hardback, in June 2020 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). Apologies for the continuing delay with these posts. I do hope to get July's list up soon.

If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment. There's been a lot of moving of dates.
Adams, Kate P - Sleep Like the Dead #3 Charleton House Mysteries, Derbyshire
Allen, Jo - Death on Coffin Lane #3 DCI Jude Satterthwaite, Lake District
Arlidge, M J - All Fall Down #9 Helen Grace, Southampton Police
Bailey, Murray - Singapore Killer #5 Ash Carter
Batchelor, Penny - My Perfect Sister
Bates, Quentin - Cold Malice #7 Gunnhildur, Police Sergeant, Reykjavik, Iceland
Campbell, Colin - Catawba Point #7 Jim Grant
Candlish, Louise - The Other Passenger
Cotterill, Colin - The Delightful Life of a Suicide Pilot #15 Dr Siri Paiboun, Laos
Craven, M W - The Curator #3 Washington Poe
Diamond, Katerina - The Heatwave
Evans, Claire - The Graves of Whitechapel
Fleet, Kim - Devil's Chimney #3 Eden Grey, Cheltenham
Hamilton, Karen - The Last Wife
Hanley, C B - Cast the First Stone #6 Edwin Weaver, C13
Heald, Ruth - I Know Your Secret
Ivar, Katja - Deep as Death #2 Hella Mauzer
James, Ed - Gone in Seconds #2 Detective Max Carter
Jenkins, Victoria - The Accusation
Jennings, Luke - Killing Eve: Die For Me #3 Villanelle, Russian Assassin
Kabler, Jackie - The Perfect Couple
Keogh, Valerie - The Perfect Life
King, Laurie R - Riviera Gold #16 Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes
Kirk, JD - A Whisper of Sorrows #6 DCI Logan
Knight, Alex - Hunted
Land, Caro - Confessions #2 Natalie Bach
Lane, Andrew - The Bizarre Investigations of Sherlock Holmes #1 Short Stories
Logan, TM - The Catch
MacDonald, Siobhan - Guilty
MacDonald, Dee - A Body in the Village Hall 1 Kate Palmer, Cornwall
Macmillan, Gilly - To Tell You the Truth
Marsh, JJ - White Night #10 Beatrice Stubbs
Marsh, JJ - Odd Numbers
Marston, Edward - Rage of the Assassin #5 Bow Street Rivals
Martin, Faith - A Fatal Truth #5 Ryder & Loveday, Oxford, 1960s
McKenna, Clara - Murder at Blackwater Bend #2 Stella and Lyndy, 1905
Meyrick, Denzil - Jeremiah's Bell #8 DCI Daley
Mistry, Liz - Broken Silence #2 DS Nikki Parekh
O'Connor, Carlene - Murder in Galway #1 Tara Meehan
Pearce, Daisy -The Missing
Pearse, Lesley - Liar
Rhys, Rachel - Island of Secrets
Robertson, Craig - Watch Him Die
Ryder, John - First Shot #1 Grant Fletcher, Georgia, USA
Sanderson, Lesley - I Know You Lied
Sheridan, Sara - Highland Fling #8 Mirabelle Bevan (retired Secret Service), 1950s
Templeton, Aline - Devil's Garden #3 DI Kelso Strang
Thompson, Derek - Long Shadows
Vincent, MB - A Death in the Woods (ebook only) #2 Jess Castle, academic-turned-detective, Castle Kidbury
Ward, Rachel - Expiry Date #3 Ant and Bea
Watkins, Roz - Cut to the Bone #3 DI Meg Dalton, Derbyshire

Monday, June 22, 2020

US Cozy Review: Murder by the Book by Lauren Elliott

Welcome to another entry in my irregular feature: US cozy review. I recently posted this review on  my library's Facebook page.

I also posted about a way to find 'US cozies' on the Birmingham Library Catalogue  which might be useful if your Library Service uses Spydus.

Murder by the Book by Lauren Elliott

Several tragedies lead Boston Librarian Addie Greyborne to move to the small New England coastal town of Greyborne Harbor. She has inherited her previously unknown great aunt’s estate including a large house and rare book collection. Addie decides to set up her own second-hand and rare books, book-shop, called ‘Beyond the Page’.

Addie has barely opened her new store when things begin to happen including nearly being run-over, a feud with her business neighbour from one side of her shop, a new friendship with her neighbour from the other side of her shop, Serena of SerenaTEA, and a burglary almost under her nose.

The action doesn’t stop there with Addie being persistently targetted at home and at work with actual and attempted break-ins. Fortunately her new friend Serena’s [handsome] brother is the chief of police…

When her friend is arrested for murder Addie decides to clear her friend’s name with or without the police’s help.

This is the first in a new series and the author’s debut. It is quite busy, with never a dull moment. The fairly complicated plot revolves around books and offers some insight into rare-book dealing. It does take a while for the main characters to catchup with the reader regarding why Addie is suffering all these events but it is an enjoyable read overall, if a little frustrating at times.

If you like crime books that don’t contain any or much swearing, mostly off the page violence and a dash of romance with the mystery then this could be for you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

2020 Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year - Shortlist

The shortlist for the 2020 Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year has been announced. You can vote for one of them until midday 17th July. From their website:
"Have your say. Vote for the ONE shortlisted book that you feel most deserves to be crowned the 2020 Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year. If you voted during the longlist stage,  you can now vote again for your favourite shortlist book as no previous votes are counted when deciding the winner.
Voting for this stage closes at noon on the 17th July, with the winner being announced on the 23rd July in our digital awards ceremony."

The shortlist by author surname:

My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite
Worst Case Scenario by Helen FitzGerald
The Lost Man by Jane Harper
Joe Country by Mick Herron
The Chain by Adrian McKinty
Smoke and Ashes by Abir Mukherjee

Friday, June 05, 2020

CWA Daggers 2020 - Longlists

Here is the press release announcing the CWA Dagger Longlists. The winners will be announced on 22 October.
CWA Dagger Awards 2020 Longlists Announced

The 2020 longlists for the prestigious CWA Dagger awards, which honour the very best in the crime writing genre, have been announced.

The world-famous Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) Daggers are the oldest awards in the genre and have been synonymous with quality crime writing for over half a century.

The longlist for the CWA Gold Dagger – the award for best crime novel – sees last year’s winner, MW Craven, return with the second book in his Poe series, Black Summer. Craven is up against stiff competition with established and multi-award-winning authors including Elly Griffiths for The Lantern Men, Mick Herron with Joe Country and Abir Mukherjee’s Death in the East all on the list.

The Ian Fleming Steel Dagger is famed for showcasing blockbuster thrillers – past winners include Gillian Flynn and Robert Harris. 2020’s longlist is dominated by the new guard of the genre who are now fixtures on the awards’ calendar. It includes AA Dhand for One Way Out, the fourth in his D I Harry Virdee series set in Bradford, The Whisper Man by Alex North – a Richard and Judy book club pick dubbed the biggest thriller of 2019 (also longlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger) – and Eva Dolan with Between Two Evils. Dolan was shortlisted for the Gold Dagger in 2016. Also on the longlist is another coveted Richard and Judy pick, My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing, a riveting psychological suspense described by Marie Claire magazine as ‘the next Gone Girl’.

Linda Stratmann, Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association, said: “The CWA Dagger longlists showcase crime authors – established and new – at the top of their game. They reveal the wide and diverse nature of the genre and why it is so hugely relevant. Crime novels, stories and non-fiction can be social commentary, entertainment and escapism, an exploration of human nature and reflections of a nation’s psyche. The talent in these longlists demonstrate why crime is the UK’s most popular and enduring genre. The CWA Dagger awards are unparalleled for their reputation and longevity. We are proud to provide a platform for debut, emerging and established authors, and to honour the very best in crime writing.”

The much-anticipated John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger highlights the best debut novels. Among the new class of 2020 to watch for is Owen Matthews with Black Sun – a Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month dubbed the outstanding, page-turning thriller of 2020. Matthews is up against a similarly praised title, Little White Lies by Philippa East, acclaimed for being an addictive, unputdownable thriller. Trevor Wood, who served in the Royal Navy for 16 years, makes the list with The Man on the Street, set in his home city Newcastle, featuring a homeless veteran grappling with PTSD, dubbed by Lee Child as ‘an instant classic’.

Andrew Taylor and Abir Mukherjee flex their writing muscles appearing in two Dagger categories. Taylor’s The King’s Evil (also up for an Ian Fleming Steel Dagger) and Abir Mukherjee’s Death in the East (also longlisted for the Gold Dagger) are both on the Sapere Books Historical Dagger longlist. They contend with Metropolis, the capstone of a fourteen-book journey through the life of Philip Kerr’s signature character, Bernhard Genther, completed just before Kerr’s untimely death.

The longlist for best historical crime novel also features SG Maclean who won the Dagger last year for Destroying Angel, she returns with The Bear Pit. Lynne Truss is in contention with The Man That Got Away, as is Nicola Upson for Sorry for the Dead and Alis Hawkins for In Two Minds.

The Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger sees one of Finland’s most-acclaimed and award-winning writers, Antti Tuomainen with Little Siberia translated by David Hackston. The ‘King of Helsinki Noir’ has seen his novels translated into 25 languages. In a tightly contested longlist, he’s up against the winner of the prestigious French mystery prize 2018 Grand Prix de Littérature policière, Marion Brunet whose novel Summer of Reckoning is translated by Katherine Gregor.

The CWA Daggers are one of the few high-profile awards that honour the short story. The 2020 CWA Short Story Dagger sees giants of the genre go head to head. It features two short stories from Jeffery Deaver – Connecting the Dots and The Bully. He’s up against fellow American Dean Koontz, who hit the headlines for predicting the coronavirus outbreak in his 1981 novel, The Eyes of Darkness. Koontz is on the longlist for his short story, Kittens.

The ALCS Gold Dagger for Non-Fiction features Casey Cep, a staff writer at the New York Times whose first book Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud and the Last Trial of Harper Lee, has received acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Also on the longlist is The Professor and the Parson by Adam Sisman which reveals how an unlikely Casanova and blacklisted clergyman conned his way around the world and was praised as a ‘white knuckle roller-coaster ride of fibs and frauds’ in the Sunday Telegraph. He joins Red River Girl by Joanna Jolly, an astonishing feat of investigation from the award-winning BBC reporter and documentary maker, focussed on the efforts to seek justice of the murder of teenager Tina Fontaine.

The Dagger in the Library is voted on exclusively by librarians, chosen for the author’s body of work and support of libraries. This year sees firm favourites from the genre including Mick Herron, Erin Kelly, Lisa Jewell and Denise Mina on the longlist.

One of the most exciting highlights of the awards is the Debut Dagger competition, open to unknown and uncontracted writers. Names to watch include Anna Caig, who also writes for the Sheffield Telegraph, for The Spae-Wife.

This year also features the Best Crime and Mystery Publisher of the Year Dagger, launched in 2019, which celebrates publishers and imprints demonstrating excellence and diversity in crime writing.

The CWA Dagger shortlist will be announced later in the year before the glittering awards ceremony due to take place on 22 October with guest speaker, the TV presenter turned crime novelist, Richard Osman. The 2020 Diamond Dagger for lifetime achievement, the highest honour in British crime writing, will be awarded to Martin Edwards on the night.

The CWA has also announced that Della Millward has won the 2020 CWA Margery Allingham Short Mystery Prize for A Time to Confess. She receives £500, a selection of Margery Allingham books and two passes to the international crime writing convention CrimeFest in 2021. Highly commended were Lauren Everdell for Voices and Laila Murphy with Sting in the Tail. The Margery Allingham Society, set up to honour and promote the writings of the great Golden Age author, works with the CWA to operate and fund the writing competition.

One of the UK’s most prominent societies for the promotion and promulgation of crime writing, the CWA was founded in 1953 by John Creasey; the awards began in 1955 with the first going to Winston Graham, best known for Poldark. They are regarded by the publishing world as the foremost British awards for crime-writing.

The Longlists in Full:


Claire Askew: What You Pay For (Hodder & Stoughton)

Gary Bell: Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Raven Books)

Lou Berney: November Road (Harper Fiction)

MW Craven: Black Summer (Constable)

John Fairfax: Forced Confessions (Little, Brown)

Lucy Foley: The Guest List (Harper Fiction)

Elly Griffiths: The Lantern Men (Quercus Fiction)

Chris Hammer: Silver (Wildfire)

Mick Herron: Joe Country (John Murray)

SG MacLean: The Bear Pit (Quercus Fiction)

Patrick McGuinness: Throw Me to the Wolves (Jonathan Cape)

Abir Mukherjee: Death in the East (Harvill Secker)

Alex North: The Whisper Man (Michael Joseph)

Scott Phillips: That Left Turn at Albuquerque (Soho Crime)

Michael Robotham: Good Girl, Bad Girl (Sphere)

Tim Weaver: No One Home (Michael Joseph)


Lou Berney: November Road (Harper Fiction)

Tom Chatfield: This is Gomorrah (Hodder & Stoughton)

Karen Cleveland: Keep You Close (Bantam Press)

AA Dhand: One Way Out (Bantam Press)

Eva Dolan: Between Two Evils (Raven Books)

Helen Fields: Perfect Kill (Avon)

Oliver Harris: A Shadow Intelligence (Little, Brown)

Peter Heller: The River (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

Greg Iles: Cemetery Road (Harper Fiction)

David Koepp: Cold Storage (HQ)

Adrian McKinty: The Chain (Orion Fiction)

Alex North: The Whisper Man (Michael Joseph)

Andrew Taylor: The King’s Evil (Harper Fiction)


Steph Cha: Your House Will Pay (Faber & Faber)

Sherryl Clark: Trust Me, I'm Dead (Verve Books)

Samantha Downing: My Lovely Wife (Michael Joseph)

Philippa East: Little White Lies (HQ)

Andrew James Greig: Whirligig (Fledgling Press)

AS Hatch: This Dark Little Place (Serpent's Tail)

James Von Leyden: A Death in the Medina (Constable)

Deborah Masson: Hold Your Tongue (Corgi)

Owen Matthews: Black Sun (Bantam Press)

Felicity McLean: The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone (Point Blank)

Robin Morgan-Bentley: The Wreckage (Trapeze)

Trevor Wood: The Man on the Street (Quercus Fiction)


Alis Hawkins: In Two Minds (The Dome Press)

Philip Kerr: Metropolis (Quercus Fiction)

SG MacLean: The Bear Pit (Quercus Fiction)

Abir Mukherjee: Death in the East (Harvill Secker)

SW Perry: The Serpent’s Mark (Corvus)

Alex Reeve: The Anarchists’ Club (Raven Books)

Gareth Rubin: Liberation Square (Michael Joseph)

SD Sykes: The Bone Fire (Hodder & Stoughton)

Andrew Taylor: The King’s Evil (Harper Collins)

Lynne Truss: The Man That Got Away (Raven Books)

Nicola Upson: Sorry for the Dead (Faber & Faber)

Ovidia Yu: The Paper Bark Tree Mystery (Constable)


Edoardo Albinati: The Catholic School, translated by Anthony Shugaar (Picador)

Marion Brunet: Summer of Reckoning, translated by Katherine Gregor (Bitter Lemon Press)

Hannelore Cayre: The Godmother, translated by Stephanie Smee (Old Street Publishing)

K Ferrari: Like Flies from Afar, translated by Adrian Nathan West (Canongate Books)

Jorge Galán: November, translated by Jason Wilson (Constable)

Johana Gustawsson: Blood Song, translated by David Warriner (Orenda Books)

Jørn Lier Horst: The Cabin, translated by Anne Bruce (Michael Joseph)

Sergio Olguin: The Fragility of Bodies, translated by Miranda France (Bitter Lemon Press)

Leonardo Padura: Grab a Snake by the Tail, translated by Peter Bush (Bitter Lemon Press)

Antti Tuomainen: Little Siberia, translated by David Hackston (Orenda Books)


Fiona Cummins: Dead Weight in Exit Wounds, edited by Paul B Kane and Marie O’Regan (Titan Books)

Jeffery Deaver: Connecting the Dots in Invisible Blood, edited by Maxim Jakubowski (Titan Books)

Jeffery Deaver: The Bully in Exit Wounds, edited by Paul B Kane and Marie O’Regan (Titan Books)

Paul Finch: The New Lad in Exit Wounds, edited by Paul B Kane and Marie O’Regan (Titan Books)

Christopher Fowler: The Washing in Invisible Blood, edited by Maxim Jakubowski (Titan Books)

Christopher Fowler: Bryant and May and The Devil's Triangle in Bryant and May: England's Finest (Doubleday)

Lauren Henderson: #Me Too in Invisible Blood, edited by Maxim Jakubowski (Titan Books)

Louise Jensen: The Recipe in Exit Wounds, edited by Paul B Kane and Marie O’Regan (Titan Books)

Dean Koontz: Kittens in Exit Wounds, edited by Paul B Kane and Marie O’Regan (Titan Books) 

Syd Moore: Easily Made in 12 Strange Days of Christmas (Point Blank Press)


Casey Cep: Furious Hours (William Heinemann)

Julia Ebner: Going Dark: The Secret Social Lives of Extremists (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Peter Everett: Corrupt Bodies (Icon Books)

Caroline Goode: Honour: Achieving Justice for Banaz Mahmod (Oneworld Publications)

Joanna Jolly: Red River Girl (Virago)

Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey: She Said (Bloomsbury Circus)

Sean O’Connor: The Fatal Passion of Alma Rattenbury (Simon & Schuster)

Adam Sisman: The Professor and the Parson: A Story of Desire, Deceit and Defrocking (Profile Books)

Susannah Stapleton: The Adventures of Maud West, Lady Detective (Picador)

Fred Vermorel: Dead Fashion Girl: A Situationist Detective Story (Strange Attractor Press)


Benjamin Black

Christopher Brookmyre

Jane Casey

Paul Finch

Alex Gray

Mick Herron

Quintin Jardine

Lisa Jewell

Erin Kelly

Adrian McKinty

Denise Mina

James Oswald


Barbara Austin: Lowlands

Anna Caig: The Spae-Wife

Loraine Fowlow: Undercut

Leanne Fry: Whipstick

Kim Hays: Pesticide

Jack Kapica: Blogger’s End

Nicholas Morrish: Emergency Drill

Josephine Moulds: Revolution Never Lies

Michael Munro: Bitter Lake

Karen Taylor: Grim Fairy Tale

Jane Wing: Dark Pastimes

Sarah Yarwood-Lovett: A Generation of Vipers


Allison & Busby

Bitter Lemon

Harvill Secker

Head of Zeus


Michael Joseph



Pushkin Vertigo


Severn House


Thursday, June 04, 2020

TV News: Pointless & Agatha Raisin returns

This Saturday's Pointless Celebrities (7.30pm, BBC1), features writers, including two crime authors:
"A writers special featuring Martina Cole, Mark Billingham, Liz Pichon, Nick Sharratt, Juno Dawson, Nadia Shireen, Adam Kay and Ian McMillan."

And Agatha Raisin, based on the books by the late M C Beaton, returns to Sky One on Wednesday 10 June at 9pm. The opening two-parter is based on Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

New Releases - May 2020

Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in paperback or hardback, in May 2020 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). Apologies for the delay. I hope to get June's list up soon.

If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment. There's been a lot of moving of dates.
Austin, Stephanie - From Devon with Death #3 Juno Browne
Bannister, Jo - Dangerous Pursuits #4 Detective Constable Hazel Best & Gabriel Ash
Barkworth, Hazel - Heatstroke
Barnes, Kerry - Raising a Gangster
Barnes, Kerry - The Rules #2 Hunted
Boyd, Damien - Down Among the Dead #1 DI Nick Dixon
Bradby, Tom - Double Agent # 2 Kate Henderson
Bradley, Vicki - Before I Say I Do
Brimson, Dougie - In The Know #3 Billy Evans, football hooligan
Burnside, Heather - Crystal #3 Working Girls
Chase, Eve - The Glass House
Clarke, Wendy - The Bride
Corry, Jane - I Made a Mistake
Curtis, Gayle - Safe No Longer
Dams, Jeanne M - Death Comes to Durham #23 Dorothy Martin
Dazieri, Sandrone - Kill the King #3 Colomba Caselli and Dante Torre
Dowd, Victoria - The Smart Woman's Guide to Murder
Emery, Anne - Postmark Berlin #11 Collins & Burke
Feeney, Alice - His & Hers
Foenkinos, David - The Mystery of Henri Pick
Gibney, Patricia - Buried Angels #8 Detective Lottie Parker
Grace, Ed - Kill Them Quickly #2 Jay Sullivan
Grant, Tracy - The Tavistock Plot # 19 Rannoch Fraser
Green, Simon R - The House on Widows Hill #9 Ishmael Jones
Greenwood, Ross - The Soul Killer #2 DI Barton
Hamdouchi, Abdelilah - The Butcher of Casablanca #2 The Butcher of Casablanca
Hausmann, Romy - Dear Child
Hawkswood, Sarah - Faithful Unto Death #6 Bradecote and Catchpoll, Worcestershire, C12
Hayes, Samantha - The Happy Couple
Helm, Kate - The House Share
Holton, Noelle - Dead Wrong #2 DC Maggie Jamieson
Huber, Linda- The Runaway
Jeong, You-Jeong - Seven Years of Darkness
Johannsen, Anna - Death on the Beach #2 DI Lena Lorenzen
Kavanagh, Emma - The Devil You Know
Kovach, Carla - Her Last Mistake #6 Detective Gina Harte
Lee, M J - Where the Innocent Die (ebook only) #4 DI Ridpath
Linley, Sarah - The Beach
Maitland, Iain - The Scribbler
Marrs, John - What Lies Between Us
Marsons, Angela - Killing Mind #12 DI Kim Stone
McCleave, Simon - The Devil's Cliff Killings #4 DI Ruth Hunter
Moloney, Catherine - Crime at Home #8 DI Gilbert Markham
Morgan, Phoebe - The Babysitter
Nadel, Barbara - Blood Business #22 Cetin Ikmen, Policeman, Istanbul
Organ, Emily - The Gang of St Bride's #9 Penny Green, Victorian Era
Parks, Adele - Just My Luck
Patis, Vikki - Girl, Lost
Penner, Stephen - Homicide in Berlin #12 David Brunelle
Pyun, Hye-young - The Law of Lines
Robb, Candace - A Choir of Crows #12 Owen Archer
Rogers, Gemma - Reckless
Rubin, Gareth - The Winter Agent
Sharp, Zoe - Bones in the River #2 CSI Grace McColl and DC Nick Weston, Lake District
Shibli, Adania - Minor Detail
Sivers, Dave - In Ink #1 DI Nathan Quarrel
Slater, K L - Little Whispers
Spencer, Sally - Daughters of Darkness #3 Jennie Redhead, PI, Oxford, 1974
Steiner, Susie - Remain Silent #3 Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw, Cambridgeshire
Sten, Viveca - In the Name of Truth #8 Sandhamn Murders
Stimson, Tess - One in Three
Swallow, James - Rogue #5 Marc Dane
Teague, Paul J - Friends Who Lie
Teague, Paul J - No More Secrets
Teague, Paul J - One Last Chance
Teague, Paul J - So Many Lies
Teague, Paul J - Two Years After
Thomson, Lesley - Death of a Mermaid
Walker, Martin - A Shooting at Chateau Rock #13 Bruno, Chief of Police, France
Waller, Anita - Gamble
Walters, Alex - Small Mercies (ebook only) #1 DI Annie Delamere, Derbyshire

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

CrimeFest Awards 2020 - Shortlists

Hot off the press here are the shortlisted titles for the various CrimeFest Awards:
CRIMEFEST, one of Europe’s leading crime writing conventions, has announced the shortlists for its annual awards.

Now in its 13th year, the awards honour the best crime books released in 2019 in the UK.

New for 2020, in association with its headline sponsor Specsavers, is the Specsavers Debut Crime Novel Award. The winner will receive a £1,000 prize.

Adrian Muller, Co-host of CRIMEFEST, said: “Specsavers are passionate about the crime genre thanks to its founder Dame Mary Perkins, and their support ensures new voices in the genre will be recognised. We have really diverse awards reflecting the depth and breadth of the crime genre. Categories recognise e-books and audiobooks, humour, children and Young Adult crime fiction novels. We aim to be the most inclusive of awards to reflect the values of our convention.”

A further £1,000 prize fund is also awarded to the Audible Sounds of Crime Award, sponsored by Audible UK. Eligible titles are submitted by publishers, and Audible UK listeners establish the shortlist and the winning title.

Laurence Howell, Vice President, Content at Audible said: “We are delighted to continue as sponsor of the Audible Sounds of Crime Award. This is a prize that is very close to our heart and important for our members who are passionate fans of crime audiobooks. Crime and thriller remains one of our bestselling genres because of the intimate, immersive nature of audiobooks. Congratulations to all award nominees!”

All other category winners, which are judged by panels of leading British crime fiction reviewers, receive a Bristol Blue Glass commemorative award.

The 2020 CRIMEFEST Awards were due to be presented at a Gala Dinner during the convention at the Bristol Grand Mercure Hotel this June. In light of Covid-19, the winners will be announced online at and via its social media pages on Tuesday 7 July.

Specsavers Crime Fiction Debut Award

One of the most anticipated categories showcases the next big names in the genre.

Shortlisted Holly Watt has already picked up the 2019 CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for her debut, 'To The Lions'. Another high-profile debut star is Alex Michaelides with 'The Silent Patien't, which sold over a million copies and was a 'Richard and Judy' book club pick.

Engineer Fiona Erskine’s debut 'Chemical Detective' is also in contention for the best debut, alongside Katja Ivar for 'Evil Things'. Katja who was born in Moscow, lives in Paris and has a Masters in Contemporary History; her debut takes place in Finland at the height of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Carolyn Kirby’s 'The Conviction of Cora Burns' was chosen by The Times as an historical fiction book of the month and was longlisted for the HWA debut crown award. Laura Shepherd-Robinson worked in politics for nearly twenty years before writing her thrilling debut historical crime novel, 'Blood & Sugar', set in 1781 amidst the British slavery industry also makes the shortlist.

Audible Sounds of Crime Award

The Audible shortlist features bestselling novels including Kate Atkinson’s 'Big Sky', read by Jackson Brodie actor Jason Isaacs, Lee Child’s 'Blue Moon' narrated by Jeff Harding and 'The Silent Patient' by Alex Michaelides featuring Sherlock actress Louise Brealey and Jack Hawkins.

The British-Nigerian actress Weruche Opia narrates Oyinkan Braithwaite’s Booker-longlisted 'My Sister, The Serial Killer'. Also, in contention are Alex Callister’s 'Winter Dark', 'The Family Upstairs' by Lisa Jewell, T.M. Logan’s 'The Holiday', and Peter May’s 'The Man with No Face'.

H.R.F. Keating Award

Barry Forshaw, one of the UK’s leading experts on the genre, is shortlisted for the H.R.F Keating Award for the best biographical or critical book related to crime fiction for his guide to the genre, 'Crime Fiction: A Reader’s Guide'. He’s up against John Curran’s' The Hooded Gunman', a celebration of the 2000 books published by the iconic imprint Collins’ Crime Club. Also on the shortlist is Ursula Buchan with 'Beyond The Thirty-Nine Steps'. Ursula, the granddaughter of John Buchan, who wrote the classic thriller famously adapted to film by Alfred Hitchcock, draws on recently discovered family documents in her illuminating biography.

Last Laugh Award

Previous winners of the Last Laugh Award return on the 2020 shortlist as Christopher Fowler, the author of fifty novels and short stories, is shortlisted for his Bryant & May mystery, 'The Lonely Hou'r. Fowler won the Last Laugh Award in 2009. L.C. Tyler also won the award in 2010. He returns with his novel, 'The Maltese Herring'.

Also battling for the best humorous crime novel is the king of Helsinki noir, Antti Tuomainen, William Boyle for 'A Friend is a Gift you Give Yourself' and Hannah Dennison with 'Tidings of Death at Honeychurch Hall'. Helen FitzGerald joins the shortlist for 'Worst Case Scenario', a deliciously dark, unapologetically funny psychological thriller by the international bestselling author 'The Cry'.

eDunnit Award

Holly Watt ('To The Lions'), Helen FitzGerald ('Worst Case Scenario') and L.C. Tyler ('The Maltese Herring') are all shortlisted in their second category of the CRIMEFEST awards – the eDunnit award for best electronic crime novel. They’re up against Sarah Hilary’s 'Never Be Broken' – her sixth book in the DI Marnie Rome series and Andrew Taylor for 'The King’s Evil', the hugely successful series from an author considered one of the best historical crime writers today. Also shortlisted is the American giant of twenty-one acclaimed, award winning international bestsellers, Don Winslow, for 'The Border', the concluding part of his Cartel trilogy.

Best Crime Fiction Novel for Children

Dark deeds, piratical plots and dastardly villains feature in the shortlist for the best children’s crime novel.

Welsh author P.G. Bell is shortlisted for 'The Great Brain Robbery', the second in his Train to Impossible Places Series. Acclaimed children’s author Vivian French is in contention for her adventures of a family theatre-troupe touring Victorian England by train in 'The Steam Whistle Theatre Company'.

Librarian and author Sophie Green makes the list with her unusual investigative duo chasing ghostly goings-on in 'Potkin and Stubbs'. Also shortlisted is A.M. Howell whose 'The Garden of Lost Secret's set in 1916 on a country estate was a Times Children’s Book of the Week.

'The Haven', an adrenalin-fuelled adventure by top thriller writer Simon Lelic, also makes the shortlist, along with 'Malamander' by Thomas Taylor, a quirky fantasy with a cast of characters in pursuit of a sea monster. An illustrator and writer, Taylor’s first job was the cover for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Best Crime Fiction Novel for Young Adults

An icon of the crime genre synonymous with the modern legal thriller, John Grisham, makes the shortlist for his Young Adult novel 'Theodore Boone: The Accomplice' featuring a nosy thirteen-year-old half-boy, half-lawyer.

Grisham is up against last year’s winner for the best crime fiction novel for young adults, Nikesh Shukla. Shukla hopes to hold onto the title with 'The Boxer', the story of seventeen-year-old Sunny who takes up boxing to protect himself after a racist attack.

Simon Mason, who won the CRIMEFEST Best Young Adult novel in 2017 for 'Kid Got Shot' is also back with 'Hey Sherlock!' which stars teen slacker and crime-solving genius Gavin Smith.

Kathryn Evans is no stranger to awards as her debut 'More of Me won the Edinburgh International Book Festival First Book Award – the first Young Adult novel to do so. Her latest, 'Beauty Sleep', a dark thriller that plunges a pre-tech girl into a futuristic world, makes the shortlist. Also, in contention is the dark, twisty, fairy tale world of Samuel J. Halpin’s 'The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods' and 'Heartstream', a taut thriller about obsession, fame and betrayal by Tom Pollock.


- Fiona Erskine for The Chemical Detective (Point Blank)

- Katja Ivar for Evil Things (Bitter Lemon Press)

- Carolyn Kirby for The Conviction of Cora Burns (No Exit Press)

- Alex Michaelides for The Silent Patient (Orion Fiction)

- Laura Shepherd-Robinson for Blood & Sugar (Mantle)

- Holly Watt for To The Lions (Raven Books)


- Kate Atkinson for Big Sky narrated by Jason Isaacs (Penguin Random House Audio)

- Oyinkan Braithwaite for My Sister, the Serial Killer narrated by Weruche Opia (W F Howes)

- Alex Callister for Winter Dark narrated by Ell Potter (Audible Studios)

- Lee Child for Blue Moon narrated by Jeff Harding (Penguin Random House Audio)

- Lisa Jewell for The Family Upstairs narrated by Tamaryn Payne, Bea Holland, Dominic Thorburn (Penguin Random House Audio)

- T.M. Logan for The Holiday narrated by Laura Kirman (Zaffre)

- Peter May for The Man with No Face narrated by Peter Forbes (Quercus, Fiction)

- Alex Michaelides for The Silent Patient narrated by Louise Brealey, Jack Hawkins (Orion)


- Ursula Buchan for Beyond The Thirty-Nine Steps (Bloomsbury Publishing)

- John Curran for The Hooded Gunman (HarperCollins Crime Club)

- Barry Forshaw for Crime Fiction: A Reader's Guide (No Exit Press)


- William Boyle for A Friend is a Gift you Give Yourself (No Exit Press)

- Hannah Dennison for Tidings of Death at Honeychurch Hall (Constable)

- Helen FitzGerald for Worst Case Scenario (Orenda Books)

- Christopher Fowler for Bryant & May - The Lonely Hour (Transworld)

- Antti Tuomainen for Little Siberia (Orenda Books)

- L.C. Tyler for The Maltese Herring (Allison & Busby)


- Helen FitzGerald for Worst Case Scenario (Orenda Books)

- Sarah Hilary for Never Be Broken (Headline)

- Andrew Taylor for The King's Evil (HarperFiction)

- L.C. Tyler for The Maltese Herring (Allison & Busby)

- Holly Watt for To The Lions (Raven Books)

- Don Winslow for The Border (HarperFiction)


- P.G. Bell for The Great Brain Robbery (Usborne Publishing)

- Vivian French for The Steam Whistle Theatre Company (Walker Books)

- Sophie Green for Potkin and Stubbs (Bonnier Books)

- A.M. Howell for The Garden of Lost Secrets (Usborne Publishing)

- Simon Lelic for The Haven (Hodder Children's Books)

- Thomas Taylor for Malamander (Walker Books)


- Kathryn Evans for Beauty Sleep (Usborne Publishing)

- John Grisham for Theodore Boone: The Accomplice (Hodder & Stoughton)

- Samuel J. Halpin for The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods (Usborne Publishing)

- Simon Mason for Hey Sherlock! (David Fickling Books)

- Tom Pollock for Heartstream (Walker Books)

- Nikesh Shukla for The Boxer (Hodder Children's Books)

Monday, June 01, 2020

International Dagger Speculation (2020)

What with one thing and another, I'm very tardy with my International Dagger Eligibles list. The longlist is to be announced on Friday, 5 June.

So here are the translated crime novels published between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020 ie the period of eligibility. There's 69, cf 98 last year.

NB. The CWA website has the list of official submissions of which there are 44 (which I've marked with an *. I'm assuming this is an up to date list).

In the list below I've also included the country of birth and gender of the author(s) plus the translator's name (where known) and the publisher.

The breakdown by gender is 48 Male, 20 Female, 1 Male & Female team.
Authors are from 19 countries. The most represented country is Sweden (13) followed by Germany (9), Italy (8) and Norway (8). Over 50 translators (including pairs of translators) brought you these titles, with at least 10 individuals having translated more than one. (I've put "tbc" when I cannot find the name of the translator.)

April 2019 - March 2020


Jussi Adler-Olsen - The Washington Decree (Denmark, M) (tr. Steve Schein, Quercus)
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Victim 2117 (Denmark, M) (tr. William Frost, Quercus)*
Stefan Ahnhem - Motive X (Sweden, M) (tr. Agnes Broomé ,Head of Zeus)
Boris Akunin - Not Saying Goodbye (Russia, M) (tr. Andrew Bromfield, W&N)*
Edoardo Albinati - The Catholic School (Italy,  M) (tr.  Antony Shugaar, Picador)*

Heine Bakkeid - I Will Miss You Tomorrow (Norway, M) (tr. Anne Bruce, Raven Books)*
Enzo Bartoli - Six Months to Kill (France, M) (tr. Alexandra Maldwyn-Davies, Thomas & Mercer)
Lina Bengtsdotter - For the Dead (Sweden, F) (tr. Agnes Broomé, Orion)
Mattias Berg - The Carrier (Sweden, M) (tr. George Goulding, MacLehose Press)*
Katarzyna Bonda - Girl at Midnight (Poland, F) (tr. Filip Sporczyk, Hodder & Stoughton)

Oliver Bottini - The Dance of Death (Germany, M) (tr. Jamie Bulloch, MacLehose Press)*
Marion Brunet - Summer of Reckoning (France, F) (tr. Katherine Gregor, Bitter Lemon Press)*
Simone Buchholz - Mexico Street (Germany, F) (tr. Rachel Ward, Orenda Books)*

Andrea Camilleri - The Other End of the Line (Italy, M) (tr. Stephen Sartarelli, Mantle)*
Massimo Carlotto - Blues for Outlaw Hearts and Old Whores (Italy, M) (tr. Will Schutt, World Noir)
Donato Carrisi - Into the Labyrinth (Italy, M) (tr. Katherine Gregor, Little, Brown)*
Hannelore Cayre - The Godmother (France, F) (tr. Stephanie Smee, Old St Publishing)*

Luca D'Andrea - Sanctuary (Italy, M) (tr. Howard Curtis & Katherine Gregor, MacLehose Press)*
Maurizio De Giovanni - Cold for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone (tr. Italy, M) (Antony Shugaar, World Noir)

M T Edvardsson - A Nearly Normal Family (Sweden, M) (tr. Rachel Willson-Broyles, Pan Macmillan)

K Ferrari - Like Flies from Afar (Argentina, M) (tr. Adrian Nathan West, Canongate Books)*
Ivo Fornesa - Death in Saint-Chartier (Spain, M) (tr. Allen Young, Allison & Busby)*
Agnete Friis - The Summer of Ellen (Denmark, F) (tr. Sinead Quirke Kongerskov, Soho Press)

Jorge Galan - November (El Salvador, M) (tr. Jason Wilson, Constable)*
Johana Gustawsson - Blood Song (France, F) (tr. David Warriner, Orenda Books)*

Alexander Hartung - Blood Ties (Germany, M) (tr. Fiona Beaton Thomas & Mercer)
Alexander Hartung - Broken Glass  (Germany, M) (tr. Fiona Beaton Thomas & Mercer)*
Chan Ho-Kei - Second Sister (Hong Kong, M) (tr. Jeremy Tiang, Head of Zeus)*
Anne Holt - A Grave for Two (Norway, F) (tr. Anne Bruce, Corvus)*
Jorn Lier Horst - The Cabin (Norway, M) (tr.  Anne Bruce, Michael Joseph)*
Jorn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger - Death Deserved (Norway, M) (tr. Anne Bruce, Orenda Books)*

Mai Jia - The Message (China, M) (tr. Olivia Milburn, Head of Zeus)
Anna Johannsen - The Body on the Beach (Germany, F) (tr. Lisa Reinhardt, Thomas & Mercer)*
Ragnar Jonasson - The Island (Iceland, M) (tr. Victoria Cribb, Penguin)*

Lars Kepler - Lazarus (Sweden, B) (tr. Neil Smith, HarperCollins)*
Volker Kutscher - The Fatherland Files (Germany, M) (tr. Niall Sellar, Sandstone)*

David Lagercrantz - The Girl Who Lived Twice  (Sweden, M) (tr. George Goulding, MacLehose Press)*

Stefan Malmström - Kult (Sweden, M) (tr. Suzanne Martin Cheadle, Silvertail Books)*
Marco Malvaldi - The Measure of a Man (Italy, M) (tr. Howard Curtis, Europa Editions)
Deon Meyer - The Last Hunt (South Africa, M) (tr. K L Seegers, Hodder & Stoughton)*
Maria Luisa Minarelli - Murder in Venice (Italy, F) (tr. Lucinda Byatt, Thomas & Mercer)
Guillaume Musso - The Reunion (France, M) (tr. Frank Wynne, Weidenfeld & Nicolson)*

Jo Nesbo - Knife (Norway, M) (tr. Neil Smith, Harvill Secker)
Mads Peder Nordbo - Cold Fear (Denmark, M) (tr. Charlotte Barslund, Text Publishing)*
Andreas Norman - The Silent War (Sweden, M) (tr. Ian Giles, riverrun)*

Kristina Ohlsson - The Flood (Sweden, F) (tr. Marlaine Delargy, Simon & Schuster)
Sergio Olguin - The Fragility of Bodies (Argentina, M) (tr. Miranda France, Bitter Lemon Press)*
Riku Onda - The Aosawa Murders (Japan, F) (tr. Alison Watts, Bitter Lemon Press)*
Martin Osterdahl - Ten Swedes Must Die (Sweden, M) (tr. Peter Sean Woltemade, AmazonCrossing)*

Leonardo Padura - Grab a Snake by the Tail (Cuba, M) (tr. Peter Bush, Bitter Lemon Press)*
Mercedes Pinto Maldonado-  Letters to a Stranger (Spain, F Jennie Erikson, Lake Union Publishing (with Amazon Crossing))

Marit Reiersgaard - The Girl With No Heart (Norway, F) (tr. Paul Norlen, Gyldendal Norwegian Press)
Stein Riverton - The Iron Chariot (Norway, M) (tr. Lucy Moffatt, Lightning Books)*
Roslund-Hellstrom, Three Hours (Sweden, M) (tr. Elizabeth Clark Wessel, riverrun)*

Lars Schutz - The Alphabet Murders (Germany, M) (tr. Caroline Waight Schütz, Manilla)
Mi-ae Seo - The Only Child (Korea, F) (tr. Yewon Jung, Point Blank)*
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - The Absolution (Iceland, F) (tr. Victoria Cribb, Hodder & Stoughton)*
Lilja Sigurdardottir - Cage (Iceland, F) (tr. Quentin Bates, Orenda Books)*
Gunnar Staalesen - Wolves at the Door (Norway, M) (tr. Don Bartlett, Orenda Books)*
Jesper Stein - Die For Me (Denmark, M) (tr. Charlotte Barslund, Mirror Books)*
Viveca Sten In the Shadow of Power Sweden F Marlaine Delargy AmazonCrossing

Christer Tholin - Guilty? (Germany, M) (tr. Christina Lagaris, Christer Tholin)
Antti Tuomainen - Little Siberia (Finland, M) (tr. David Hackston, Orenda Books)*
Helene Tursten - Winter Grave (Sweden, F) (tr. Marlaine Delargy, Soho Press)

Fred Vargas - This Poison Will Remain (France, F) (tr. Sian Reynolds, Harvill Secker)

Klaus-Peter Wolf - The Oath (Germany, M) (tr. ??, Zaffre)

A Yi - Two Lives: Tales of Life, Love and Crime (China, M) (tr. Alex Woodend, Flame Tree Press)
Seishi Yokomizo - The Honjin Murders (Japan, M) (tr. Louise Heal Kawai, Pushkin Vertigo)*

Jakub Zulczyk - Blinded by the Lights (Poland, M) (tr. Marek Kazmierski, Legend Press)

Monday, May 25, 2020

Review: The Big Sleep by Ramond Chandler

I recently posted my review of THE BIG SLEEP on my library's Facebook page:

Raymond Chandler’s THE BIG SLEEP is one of the BBC’s ‘100 novels that shaped our world’ and as I have been a crime fiction fan since reading Enid Blyton, I really should have read this before. However, Lockdown has pushed me to read it and I am glad that I did.

This is Chandler’s first full-length novel, and introduces the wise-cracking gumshoe/shamus/PI Philip Marlowe and the mean streets of Los Angeles. Published in 1939, it is said the past is a different country...well so at times is the language. I read whilst not understanding many words at times, such is the difference in vernacular and slang, and yet, it is as if I have seen a [black and white] movie such is the vivid nature and descriptive beauty of the writing.

The plot, a combination of two of Chandler’s earlier short stories, revolves around the wealthy Sternwood family, who have made their money through oil (like the Ewing family in ‘Dallas’ but even more dysfunctional). The ailing patriarch, the General, hires Marlowe to investigate what appears to be a blackmail attempt concerning his younger daughter. This investigation leads Marlow into a web of blackmail, jealousy, grifters, sleazy hotels and murders and then when he settles that case, he takes it on himself to solve another related case – the disappearance of one of the other Sternwoods. This culminates in a memorable confrontation in the pouring rain. And a meeting with a woman “so platinumed that her hair shone like a silver fruit bowl”.

THE BIG SLEEP contains some wince-inducing misogyny and homophobia nonetheless it is well worth a read just to see how far we have come, what Hollywood was like eighty years ago, and to meet Philip Marlowe, an honourable man who mostly does the right thing.

Monday, May 04, 2020

Review: Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Missing Diamonds by Annabelle Sami, illustrated by Daniela Sosa

I recently posted my review of AGENT ZAIBA INVESTIGATES: THE MISSING DIAMONDS on my library's Facebook page:

AGENT ZAIBA INVESTIGATES: THE MISSING DIAMONDS, by Annabelle Sami and illustrated by Daniela Sosa, is the first book in a new series and introduces Zaiba, an aspiring detective, and her two sidekicks: her best friend Poppy and younger (half) brother Ali.

The story all takes place in the Royal Star Hotel where Zaiba’s cousin Sam and fiancé Tanvir are having their Mehndi party.

Zaiba, in the best tradition of her hero Eden Lockett - a successful writer of detective stories based on events in her own life – is tasked with identifying the mysterious celebrity who is staying at the hotel. The female celebrity is staying with a small dog who has an expensively bejewelled collar. When first the dog goes missing and then the collar, it is up to Zaiba and her team to find both, solve the mystery and save the day!

I really enjoyed this book. There’s lots of action and use of initiative. All the characters have their individual strengths though Zaiba is on a bit of a learning curve to take notice of her friends’ suggestions at times. Alongside the text there are full-page and incidental illustrations dotted throughout.

Zaiba gets on well with her step-mum Jessica whom she calls mum but there is a mystery about the loss of her birth mum which I hope is revealed over the series. Zaiba feels close to her mum via the Eden Lockett books which she inherited as her mum had written little notes in the margins.

The second book is out in July and I look forward to it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

New Releases - April 2020

Here's a snapshot of what I think is published for the first time in April 2020 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). April and future months (and years) can be found on the Future Releases page. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.
• Abbott, Rachel - The Murder Game #2 Stephanie King
• Allott, Susan - The Silence
• Atkins, Lucy - Magpie Lane
• Baldwin, Jackie - Avenge the Dead #3 DI Frank Farrell, Dumfries
• Balzano, Marco - I'm Staying Here
• Black, Cara - Three Hours in Paris
• Blaedel, Sara - The Third Sister #3 Ilka Nichols Jensen
• Casey, Jane - The Cutting Place #9 DC Maeve Kerrigan
• Chapman, Julia - Date with Danger #5 The Dales Detective Series
• Dahl, Kjell Ola - Sister #9 Gunnarstranda and Frolich, Oslo Police
• Davis, Lindsey - The Grove of the Caesars #8 Flavia Albia, the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco
• Edwards, Martin - Mortmain Hall #2 Jacob Flint, Journalist, 1930
• Erskine, Fiona - The Chemical Reaction #2 Jacqueline Silver
• Finlay, Mick - Arrowood and the Thames Corpses #3 Arrowood, PI, 1895
• Gunnis, Emily - The Lost Child
• Hall, Matthew - The Black Art of Killing
• Harris, C S - Who Speaks for the Damned #15 Sebastian St. Cyr, Regency England
• Hawkswood, Sarah - Vale of Tears #5 Bradecote and Catchpoll, Worcestershire, C12
• Howe, Samantha Lee - The Stranger in Our Bed
• Jonasson, Ragnar - The Mist #3 Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdotti
• Jones, Philip Gwynne - Venetian Gothic #4 Nathan Sutherland
• Kent, Tony - Power Play
• La Plante, Lynda - Buried #1 DC Jack Warr
• Lackberg, Camilla - The Gilded Cage
• Lawton, John - Hammer to Fall #3 Joe Wilderness
• May, Peter - Lockdown (ebook only)
• McGilloway, Brian - The Last Crossing
• McPherson, Ben - The Island
• Morris, R N - The Music Box Enigma #6 Silas Quinn, police detective
• Naughton, Sarah J - The Mothers
• O'Connor, Carlene - Murder in Galway #1 Tara Meehan
• O'Reilly, Judith - Curse the Day #2 Michael North
• O'Sullivan, Darren - Dark Corners
• Parris, S J - Execution #6 Italian monk Giordano Bruno, Elizabethan era
• Perks, Heidi - Three Perfect Liars
• Perry, Anne - A Question of Betrayal #2 Elena Standish, Photographer, 1930s
• Perry, S W - The Saracen's Mark #3 Nicholas Shelby, Elizabethan Era
• Ripley, Mike - Mr Campion's Seance #7 Albert Campion
• Savin, Jennifer - The Wrong Move
• Schellman, Katharine - The Body in the Garden #1 Lily Adler, London, 1815
• Smith, Alexander McCall - The Talented Mr Varg #2 Detective Varg, Malmo
• Tallon, Emma - Fearless Girl (ebook only) #6 Anna Davis
• Taylor, Andrew - The Last Protector #4 Ashes of London series
• Taylor, C L - Strangers
• Thomas, Joe - Bent
• Vaughan, Sarah - Little Disasters
• Walter, B P - Hold Your Breath
• Watt, Holly - The Dead Line #2 Casey Benedict, Investigative Journalist
• Whishaw, Iona - A Match Made for Murder #7 Lane Winslow
• Whitaker, Chris - We Begin at the End
• Wilkins, Susan - Buried Deep #1 Detective Megan Thomas
• Wyer, Carol - The Secret Admirer #6 Detective Natalie Ward

Review: Kat Wolfe Investigates by Lauren St John

Yesterday I posted my review of Lauren St John's Kat Wolfe Investgates on my library's Facebook page:

KAT WOLFE INVESTIGATES, the first in a new series from Lauren St John, won CrimeFest’s, Best Crime Novel for Children (8-12) last year. And I loved it too.

After an unpleasant incident in their London home, Kat's mum, a veterinary surgeon, and Kat relocate to a slightly mysterious job in an idyllic Dorset sea-side town called Bluebell Bay. One of the conditions is that they take on the previous owner's cat, which is no ordinary British Domestic Shorthair... Plus Dr Wolfe has to be able to treat monkeys at the local sanctuary.

As it's the school holidays Kat is soon running her own small business – pet sitter for hire, and meets a temporarily housebound American girl of her own age (12) who has been thrown and badly injured by the very horse that Kat is to look after. Kat also offers to look after a parrot whose Paraguayan owner is returning home for a while. This latter job is what instigates an involving adventure with international implications.

This is a very rich book, with quite a complicated storyline. I don't want to say anything more about the plot but it is I think, quite an unusual story for this age group. Kat is a great animal-whisperer and not surprisingly her and her mum are vegan. She has a good heart and those around her respond to it. This book beams with good messages, has an exciting story and is quite funny as well.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Cover Theme - Stone Circles

The first four have stone circles on the cover and the fifth, The Puppet Show, involves stone circles in the plot. Please let me know of others that feature stone circles. I just love these covers!

Monday, March 09, 2020

The Queen as sleuth (II)

C C Benison wrote a short series featuring the Queen and one of her maids as sleuths back in 1996-1998:

• Death At Buckingham Palace19961
• Death At Sandringham House19972
• Death At Windsor Castle19983

and the Queen is back again as a sleuth in this newly announced series from S J Bennett.

From The Bookseller:
Zaffre has pre-empted a series of books by S J Bennett starring Queen Elizabeth II as a secret amateur detective who solves crimes between royal duties.

Publishing director of the Bonnier Books UK imprint, Ben Willis, scooped UK and Commonwealth rights for five books in the Her Majesty Investigates series in a “major” deal with Charlie Campbell at Kingsford Campbell. First book The Windsor Knot will be published in hardback and e-book in early 2021.

Its synopsis explains: “When a man is found hanged in an apparent suicide in one of Windsor Castle’s guest bedrooms during a ‘Dine and Sleep’ event, the Queen secretly investigates the suspicious death. Set during the run-up to the Queen’s 90th birthday, it combines a rich cast of characters–including cameos from Prince Phillip, David Attenborough, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Obamas–with a witty and brilliantly researched portrait of royal daily life.”

Bennett’s second book in the series, currently untitled, will be set at Buckingham Palace, while her third will play out at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

Monday, March 02, 2020

New Releases - March 2020

Here's a snapshot of what I think is published for the first time in March 2020 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). March and future months (and years) can be found on the Future Releases page. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.
• Adler-Olsen, Jussi - Victim 2117 #8 Carl Morck and his assistant Assad, Department Q, Copenhagen
• Amphlett, Rachel - None the Wiser #1 Detective Mark Turpin
• Bannalec, Jean-Luc - The Killing Tide #5 Commissioner Dupin
• Bourne, Sam - To Kill a Man #5 Maggie Costello
• Boyd, Clare - My Perfect Wife
• Bradley, Kate - To Keep You Safe
• Broadribb, Steph - Deep Dark Night #4 Lori Anderson
• Bruce, Camilla - You Let Me In
• Brunet, Marion - Summer of Reckoning
• Buchholz, Simone - Mexico Street #3 Chastity Riley
• Butler, D S - Don't Turn Back #3 Detective Karen Hart
• Camilleri, Andrea - The Safety Net #25 Inspector Montalbano, Sicily, Italy [UK release is April]
• Chung, Maxine Mei-Fung - The Eighth Girl
• Dalbuono, Nadia - The Devil #5 Detective Leone Scamarcio, Rome
• Davies, Martin - Mrs Hudson and the Samarkand Conspiracy #4 Mrs Hudson and Sherlock Holmes
• Dean, Will - Black River #3 Tuva Moodyson, Sweden
• Doherty, Kevin - The Leonardo Gulag
• Duckworth, Charlotte - Unfollow Me
• Dunford, Caroline - A Death at the Races #14 Euphemia Martins
• Dunphy, S A - Why She Ran #4 David Dunnigan
• Fairfax, John - Forced Confessions #3 William Benson and Tess de Vere, Lawyers
• Ferrari, K - Like Flies from Afar
• Fleet, Rebecca - The Second Wife
• Fornesa, Ivo - Death in Saint-Chartier
• Gray, Alex - When Shadows Fall #17 DCI Lorimer & psychologist Solomon Brightman, Glasgow
• Hannah, Mari - Without a Trace #7 Detective Chief Inspector Kate Daniels
• Hardy, S M - The Evil Within #1 Dark Devon Mysteries
• Harrison, Cora - Death of a Prominent Citizen #7 Reverend Mother Aquinas, Cork, 1920s
• Hawkswood, Sarah - Hostage to Fortune #4 Bradecote and Catchpoll, Worcestershire, C12
• Heley, Veronica - False Conclusion #14 Bea Abbott, Sixty-something owner of The Abbott (Domestic) Agency
• Jia, Mai - The Message
• Kealey, Imogen - Liberation
• Kepler, Lars - Lazarus #7 DI Joona Linna, Stockholm
• Koch, Emily - Keep Him Close
• Lark, J S After You Fell
• Leon, Donna - Trace Elements #29 Commissario Guido Brunetti, Venice
• Lynch, Rachel - Little Doubt #7 DI Kelly Porter, Lake District
• Mancini, Ruth - One Dark, Two Light #2 Sarah Kellerman, Lawyer
• Mark, David - Borrowed Time
• Merritt, Chris - Knock Knock #1 Detectives Lockhart and Green
• Moor, Jessica - Keeper
• Nath, Michael - The Treatment
• Nickson, Chris - The Molten City #8 Detective Inspector Tom Harper, Leeds Police, 1890s
• Niven, John - The F*ck-it List
• Nolan, Dominic - After Dark #2 DS Abigail Boone
• Nugent, Liz - Our Little Cruelties
• Parks, Alan - Bobby March Will Live Forever #3 Harry McCoy, Police Officer, Glasgow, 1973
• Parris, S J - The Academy of Secrets (ebook only) #2 Giordano Bruno Novella
• Pattison, Nell -The Silent House #1 Paige Northwood
• Pryce, Malcolm - The Corpse in the Garden of Perfect Brightness #2 Jack Wenlock, Railway Detective
• Raybourn, Deanna - A Murderous Relation #5 Veronica Speedwell, adventuress and butterfly hunter, Victorian London
• Ross, Jacob - Black Rain Falling #2 Michael (Digger) Digson, the Caribbean
• Seskis, Tina - Hope Close
• Sherratt, Mel - Liar Liar #3 DS Grace Allendale
• Skelton, Douglas - The Blood is Still #2 Rebecca Connolly
• Todd, Charles - A Divided Loyalty #22 Insp Rutledge
• Trow, M J - The Reckoning #11 Christopher Marlowe
• Wood, Michael - The Murder House #5 DCI Matilda Darke
• Wood, Trevor - The Man on the Street #1 Jimmy Mullen, Newcastle
• Yi, A - Two Lives: Tales of Life, Love and Crime
• Zulczyk, Jakub - Blinded by the Lights

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Cover Theme - Snowy Roads

With the welcome news of a new 'Vera' from Ann Cleeves in September, the cover is the latest in some very attractive "snowy roads" covers...

Though I prefer the HB cover:

Friday, February 07, 2020

New Releases - February 2020

Here's a snapshot of what I think is published for the first time in February 2020 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). February and future months (and years) can be found on the Future Releases page. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.
• Beaton, M C - Death of a Love #35 PC Hamish Macbeth, Lochdubh, Scotland (I'm not sure if/when this will come out due to the author's recent death)
• Beevis, Keri - M for Murder
• Belsham, Alison - Her Last Breath #2 DI Francis Sullivan & tattoo artist Marni Mullins, Brighton
• Bengtsdotter, Lina - For the Dead #2 Detective Charlie Lager
• Brett, Simon - The Clutter Corpse #1 Ellen Curtis, Declutterer
• Brolly, Matt - The Crossing #1 Detective Louise Blackwell
• Carlotto, Massimo - Blues for Outlaw Hearts and Old Whores #9 Alligator, PI, Padova, Italy
• Clare, Alys - The Indigo Ghosts #3 Gabriel Taverner, Former ship's surgeon, C17 Devon
• Clark, Cassandra - The Hour of the Fox #1 Brother Chandler, 1399
• Coates, Anne - Perdition's Child #4 Hannah Weybridge, Journalist
• Dhand, A A - Darkness Rising (Quick Reads) #1 Detective Harry Virdee Novella
• Dolan, Eva - Between Two Evils #5 DI Zigic and DS Ferreira, Peterborough
• Donohue, Rachel - The Temple House Vanishing
• Elgar, Emily - Grace is Gone
• Ellis, Kate - The Burial Circle #24 Wesley Peterson (policeman) and Neil Watson (archaeologist), Tradmouth, Devon
• Ellwood, Nuala - The House on the Lake
• Ewan, Chris - M A Window Breaks (as C M Ewan)
• Ewart, Andrew - Forget Me
• Finch, Charles - The Last Passenger #3 Charles Lenox (prequel)
• Foley, Lucy - The Guest List
• Griffiths, Elly - The Lantern Men #12 Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist and DCI Harry Nelson
• Hammersley, Heleyne - Reunion #4 DI Kate Fletcher
• Hill, Suzette A - Deadly Primrose #2 Primrose Oughterard
• Ho-Kei, Chan - Second Sister
• Horst, Jorn Lier & Enger, Thomas - Death Deserved #1 Alexander Blix
• Hunt, Arlene - No Escape
• Hurley, Graham - Off Script #3 Enora Andresson
• Jeffrey, Diane - Those Who Lie
• Kelly, Jim - The Night Raids #3 Nighthawk series, Cambridge, 1939
• Keogh, Valerie - The Three Women
• Laws, Peter - Possessed #4 Professor Matt Hunter
• Lloyd, Sam - The Memory Wood
• Mace, Lorraine - Rage and Retribution #4 DI Sterling
• MacNeal, Susan Elia - The King's Justice #9 Maggie Hope
• Mara, Andrea - The Sleeper Lies
• Martin, Nicola - Dead Ringer
• Masterton, Graham - The Last Drop of Blood #11 Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire, Ireland
• Maxwell, Alyssa - A Silent Stabbing #5 Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery
• Mayhew, Margaret - The Lifeline #4 The Colonel, Frog's End, Dorset
• Miller, A D - Independence Square
• Mitchell, Dreda Say - Trap Door
• Morgan-Bentley, Robin - The Wreckage
• Muir, T F - Dead Still #9 DI Andy Gilchrist & team, St. Andrews
• Odden, Karen - A Trace of Deceit #2 Victorian Mystery
• O'Donovan, Gerard - The Doom List #2 Tom Collins, 1920s Hollywood
• Oswald, James - Bury Them Deep #10 Detective Inspector McLean, Edinburgh
• Quintana, Jenny - Our Dark Secret
• Ramsay, Caro - The Red, Red Snow #11 DCI McAlpine, DS Anderson and DS Costello, Glasgow
• Rose, Jacqui - Poison
• Saxon, Diane - Copycat
• Shemilt, Jane Little Friends
• Shindler, Will - The Burning Men #1 DI Alex Finn & DC Mattie Paulsen, London
• Skuse, C J - The Alibi Girl
• Smith, Anna - End Game #3 Kerry Casey, Glasgow
• Thomas, Russ - Firewatching #1 Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler, South Yorkshire
• Wesolowski, Matt - Beast #4 Six Stories
• White, Nicola - A Famished Heart #2 Vincent Swan
• Wignall, Kevin - The Names of the Dead
• Wojtas, Olga - Miss Blaine's Prefect and the Vampire Menace #2 Miss Blaine's Prefect
• Wolf, Klaus-Peter - The Oath

Monday, January 20, 2020

Award News: Petrona Award Entries 2020

I am pleased to announce that all the 37 titles that were eligible for the 2020 Petrona Award for the Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year have been entered by the publishers.

The winner of the Award will be announced at CrimeFest in June.

The rules for eligibility are:
  • The submission must be in translation and published in English in the UK during the preceding calendar year ie 1 January – 31 December 2019.
  • The author of the submission must either be born in Scandinavia* or the submission must be set in Scandinavia*.
  • The submission must have been published in its original language after 1999.
(E-books that meet the above criteria may be considered at the judges’ discretion (does not include self-published titles))
*in this instance taken to be Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

More details about the award and the history behind it can be found on the Petrona Award website. The winner of the 2019 Award was The Katharina Code by Jørn Lier Horst, translated from the Norwegian by Anne Bruce and published by Michael Joseph.

The award is sponsored by David Hicks.

Entries (ie published in 2019)

[13 titles are by Female authors, 24 by Male. There are 24 translators (13 Female (23 titles) and 11 Male (14 titles)) and 6 countries are represented.]

I have tagged these titles on Goodreads.

Jussi Adler-Olsen - The Washington Decree tr. Steve Schein (M, Denmark) Quercus
Stefan Ahnhem - Motive X tr. Agnes Broomé (M, Sweden) Head of Zeus
Heine Bakkeid - I Will Miss You Tomorrow tr. Anne Bruce (M, Norway) Raven Books
Mattias Berg - The Carrier tr. George Goulding (M, Sweden) MacLehose Press
Samuel Bjork - The Boy in the Headlights tr. Charlotte Barslund (M, Norway) Doubleday

Arne Dahl - Hunted tr. Neil Smith (M, Sweden) Harvill Secker
Kjell Ola Dahl - The Courier tr. Don Bartlett (M, Norway) Orenda Books

M T Edvardsson - A Nearly Normal Family tr. Rachel Willson-Broyles (M, Sweden) Pan Macmillan
Thomas Enger - Inborn tr. Kari Dickson (M, Norway) Orenda Books

Agnete Friis - The Summer of Ellen tr. Sinead Quirke Kongerskov (F, Denmark)Soho Press

Camilla Grebe - After She's Gone tr. Elizabeth Clark Wessel (F, Sweden) Zaffre
Johana Gustawsson - Blood Song tr. David Warriner (F, France) Orenda Books

Anne Holt - A Grave for Two tr. Anne Bruce (F, Norway) Corvus
Jørn Lier Horst - The Cabin tr. Anne Bruce (M, Norway) Anne Bruce

Stina Jackson - The Silver Road tr. Susan Beard (F, Sweden) Corvus
Ragnar Jonasson - The Island tr. Victoria Cribb (M, Iceland) Penguin

David Lagercrantz - The Girl Who Lived Twice tr. George Goulding (M, Sweden) MacLehose Press
Leena Lehtolainen - Where Have All the Young Girls Gone tr. Owen F Witesman (F, Finland) AmazonCrossing
Mariette Lindstein - The Cult on Fog Island tr. Rachel Willson-Broyles (F, Sweden) HQ

Stefan Malmström - Kult tr. Suzanne Martin Cheadle (M, Sweden) Silvertail Books
Niklas Natt och Dag - The Wolf and the Watchman tr. Ebba Segerberg (M, Sweden) John Murray
Jo Nesbo - Knife tr. Neil Smith (M, Norway) Harvill Secker
Mads Peder Nordbo - The Girl Without Skin tr. Charlotte Barslund (M, Denmark) Text Publishing
Mads Peder Nordbo - Cold Fear tr. Charlotte Barslund (M, Denmark) Text Publishing
Andreas Norman - The Silent War tr. Ian Giles (M, Sweden) riverrun

Kristina Ohlsson - The Flood tr. Marlaine Delargy (F, Sweden) Simon & Schuster
Martin Osterdahl - Ten Swedes Must Die tr. Peter Sean Woltemade (M, Sweden) AmazonCrossing

Roslund & Hellstrom - Three Hours tr. Elizabeth Clark Wessel (M, Sweden) riverrun

Lilja Sigurdardottir - Cage tr. Quentin Bates (F, Iceland) Orenda Books
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - The Absolution tr. Victoria Cribb (F, Iceland) Hodder & Stoughton
Gunnar Staalesen - Wolves at the Door tr. Don Bartlett (M, Norway) Orenda Books
Viveca Sten - In the Shadow of Power tr. Marlaine Delargy (F, Sweden) AmazonCrossing
Soren Sveistrup - The Chestnut Man tr. Caroline Waight (M, Denmark) Michael Joseph

Antti Tuomainen - Little Siberia tr. David Hackston (M, Finland) Orenda Books
Helene Tursten - Hunting Game tr. Paul Norlen (F, Sweden) Soho Press
Helene Tursten - Winter Grave tr. Marlaine Delargy (F, Sweden) Soho Press

Joakim Zander - The Friend tr. Elizabeth Clark Wessel (M, Sweden) Head of Zeus