Thursday, July 02, 2015

Some 1987 Titles (for Past Offences)

The latest monthly challenge over at Past Offences is to read a book in July, published in 1987. Here are quite a few crime titles to choose from, first published in English in 1987, pulled from my database. 1987 was a good year for the beginnings of series, including: Rebus (Rankin), Inspector Banks (Robinson), Elvis Cole (Crais), Kemal Kayankaya (Arjouni) and Lindsay Gordon (McDermid):

Anthology - Murder in Japan: Japanese Stories of Crime and Detection
Peter Ackroyd - Chatterton
Douglas Adams - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Marcel Allain & Pierre Souvestre - The Silent Executioner
Evelyn Anthony - No Enemy But Time
Jakob Arjouni - Happy Birthday, Turk!
Campbell Armstrong - Jig
Robert Barnard - Death in Purple Prose (apa The Cherry Blossom Corpse)
Robert Barnard - The Skeleton in the Grass
George Baxt - The Tallulah Bankhead Murder Case
M C Beaton - Death of a Cad
Carole Berry - The Letter of the Law
Michael Bond - Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Cure
Kjell-Olof Bornemark - The Messenger Must Die
Lilian Jackson Braun - The Cat Who Played Brahms
Lilian Jackson Braun - The Cat Who Played Post Office
Simon Brett - The Three Detectives and the Knight in Armor
Simon Brett - What Bloody Man Is That
W J Burley - Wycliffe and the Winsor Blue
Gwendoline Butler - Coffin in Fashion
Robert Campbell - Alice in La-La Land
Ann Cleeves - Come Death and High Water
Anthea Cohen - Ministering Angel
Robert Crais - The Monkey's Raincoat
Clare Curzon - Trail of Fire
Eileen Dewhurst - A Nice Little Business
Eileen Dewhurst - A Private Prosecution
Margaret Duffy - Murder of Crows
Susan Dunlap - A Dinner to Die For
Clare Francis - Wolf Winter
Dick Francis - Hot Money
John Francome - Riding High (with James MacGregor)
Antonia Fraser - Your Royal Hostage
Sue Grafton - D is for Deadbeat
Caroline Graham - The Killings at Badger's Drift
Lesley Grant-Adamson - Wild Justice
Gerald Hammond - Adverse Reports
Gerald Hammond - The Worried Widow
Carolyn G Hart - Death on Demand
S T Haymon - Death of a God
Tim Heald - Brought to Book
Joan Hess - Malice in Maggody
Joan Hess - Dear Miss Demeanor
Reginald Hill - Death of a Dormouse (written as Patrick Ruell)
Reginald Hill - There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union
Reginald Hill - The Collaborators
Reginald Hill - Child's Play
Timothy Holme - At the Lake of Sudden Death
Alan Hunter - Strangling Man
Bill James - Halo Parade
Roderic Jeffries - Relatively Dangerous
Dan Kavanagh - Going to the Dogs
H R F Keating - The Body in the Billiard Room
Stephen Leather - Pay Off
Gillian Linscott - A Whiff of Sulphur
Peter Lovesey - Bertie and the Tinman
Peter MacAlan - The Valkyrie Directive
Marion Mainwaring - Murder in Pastiche
Margaret Maron - The Right Jack
Lia Matera - Where Lawyers Fear to Tread
J K Mayo - Wolf's Head
Val McDermid - Report for Murder
Jill McGown - Record of Sin
Jill McGown - Stalking Horse
Keith Miles - Bullet Hole
Martin Millar - Milk, Sulphate and Alby Starvation
Paul Myers - Deadly Aria
Paul Myers - Deadly Sonata
Amy Myers - Murder in the Limelight
Magdalen Nabb - The Marshal and the Murderer
Shizuko Natsuki - The Third Lady
Fridrikh Neznansky - The Body in Sokolniki Park
Frank Parrish - Caught in the Birdlime (apa Bird In The Net)
Daniel Pennac - Fairy Gunmother
Anne Perry - Cardington Crescent
Ellis Peters - The Hermit of Eyton Forest
Andrew Puckett - Bloodstains
Sheila Radley - Who Saw Him Die?
Ian Rankin - Knots and Crosses
Ruth Rendell - Collected Short Stories (apa Collected Stories)
Ruth Rendell - Heartstones
Gillian Roberts - Caught Dead in Philadelphia
Peter Robinson - Gallows View
Joseph Roth - Confession of a Murderer
Julian Semyonov - Tass Is Authorized to Announce...
Gerald Seymour - At Close Quarters (apa An Eye for an Eye)
John Sherwood - Flowers of Evil
Dorothy Simpson - Element of Doubt
Gillian Slovo - Death Comes Staccato
Joan Smith - A Masculine Ending
Andrew Taylor - The Second Midnight
Andrew Taylor - Freelance Death
Leslie Thomas - Dangerous in Love
June Thomson - No Flowers by Request
Lesley Thomson - Seven Miles from Sydney
Edward Topol - Red Snow
M J Trow - Lestrade and the Hallowed House
M J Trow - Lestrade and the Leviathan
Janwillem Van de Wetering - The Sergeant's Cat: And Other Stories
Barbara Vine - A Fatal Inversion
Timothy Williams - Persona Non Grata (apa The White Audi)
David Williams - Divided Treasure
Margaret Yorke - Evidence to Destroy
Eve Zaremba - Beyond Hope

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