Friday, November 15, 2013

UK Kindle Bargains

I'm currently refreshing the bibliography pages of the website which will take up to a couple of hours to load. Details of the changes will follow when it's complete. In the meantime here a a few kindle bargains I've spotted or have been told about.

Gordon Ferris reports that the latest book in his Brodie series, Gallowglass, will be the last in that series. He also points out that all five of his books are currently 65p each on UK kindle.

The Quercus UK Kindle sale continues.

Alison Bruce's The Calling is 35p on UK Kindle.

A D Garrett's Everyone Lies is 41p on UK Kindle.

James Craig's The Circus is 35p on UK Kindle.

Helen Black's Dark Spaces is 35p on UK Kindle.

Several of Tasha Alexander's historical Lady Emily series are 35p on UK Kindle (bibliography being uploaded as we speak).

And the first three Lovejoy books by Jonathan Gash are 35p each on UK Kindle.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karen - The Bruce is at a great price on US Kindle too, and the Craig also not a bad price. I fear the threat to my TBR...