Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Publishing Deal - Alexander Söderberg

I hung back from posting about this for a while as it wasn't immediately clear if this was a crime trilogy (though would all the fuss be about something you couldn't tag with the phrase "new Stieg Larsson/Jo Nesbo"?) however more news has come out clarifying the matter. Plus it's just been announced that the UK rights have been bought by Harvill Secker:

From Booktrade

Liz Foley at Harvill Secker has acquired UK and Commonwealth (excluding Canada) rights to Swedish trilogy THE ANDALUCIAN FRIEND by Alexander Söderberg, in a deal with agent Leyla Belle Drake from the Sweden-based Salmonsson Agency. The deal is part of a group Random House world English-language deal which will see Crown publish in the USA and Random House of Canada in Canada in spring 2013. The novel was hailed as the book of the Frankfurt book fair with rights already sold in hotly contested auctions in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Norway and Denmark.

THE ANDALUCIAN FRIEND is the first book in a trilogy following Sophie, an ordinary Swedish woman, a nurse and single mother, who gets dragged into an incendiary conflict between two powerful crime syndicates and a group of corrupt police officers.

and from Publishers Weekly:
The series, which is set in Sweden, follows a nurse and single mother who is thrust in the middle of a showdown between two powerful criminals, as well as a group of corrupt cops. Not surprisingly, Crown is pitching Soderberg as the next big Scandinavian literary star.


Maxine Clarke said...

looks good!

Sim Carter said...

Indian Paintbrush has already aquired the US screen rights - and I read somewhere it won't even be out in bookstores in the state until 2013. Must be one helluva book!

Trish said...

Very cool! Thanks for the heads up.