Saturday, November 12, 2011

International Dagger Speculation (2012) & Pie Charts

Sorry these charts are a bit small. I've managed to create them using OpenOffice Calc and MS Paint.

I'm a bit obsessed with the International Dagger eligibles as books have begun arriving and that's what I'll be reading for the next 5 months. I've broken down my unofficial eligibles list into: by country and by gender (there is one male & female team). As you can see from the raw data table at the bottom the odds are slightly in favour of a male Swedish winner as has been the case for the previous two years, followed by an Italian male or Swedish female, but who can predict at this early stage?

Raw Data

NB. This is a snapshot of the eligibles list as of today which will no doubt change and doesn't take into account the instances where an author has more than one book eligible of which only one can be submitted eg Nesbo, Lackberg, Larsson, Eriksson, Kallentoft and Vichi.


Maxine Clarke said...

Great pie chart - quite a range of nationalities (in addition to Swedish ;-) ). I think the odds are reasonable for a male or female Swedish winner, based on what I've read so far - but Norway and Iceland (male and male) also as likely????

kathy d. said...

Impressive! Like the pie charts! Is there suddenly a population explosion of Swedish writers? Or are more getting published because of the Stieg Larsson phenomenon?

Are publishers more excited about the Swedish books because of the sales potential, tagged to the Larsson sales successes?

I wonder about the reason. It doesn't seem like new authors are being published, but known authors are getting new books published, getting prior books republished? Or new publishers are finding prior books?