Thursday, November 24, 2011

TV News: Nemesis

The BBC have announced a new 8-part spy drama, Nemesis, starring Melissa George as a "complex and mysterious Bourne style female spy unlike anyone we've seen on TV before" (by the by, a role she sort of played in Alias):

Nemesis is an original eight-part suspense thriller set in the world of international espionage.

At the heart of the drama is Sam played by Melissa George (The Slap, In Treatment), a highly skilled operative for an elite private intelligence firm who survives an attempt on her life that may have been orchestrated by members of her own team. Once she returns to the firm, she performs her secretive duties without knowing who to trust and who wants her dead.

Adam Rayner (Hawthorne, Mistresses) plays Sam’s colleague at the firm and love interest. The dedicated and complex members of the firm operate in the shadows, must often confront life and death situations on secret missions and are sometimes unaware of who or what they are fighting for.

Filming has started and will take place on location in Scotland, London and Morocco.

Read the whole press release here.


Marianne Wheelaghan said...

Thanks for this, Karen. Anyone had any sneaky previews? My first reaction is 'urgh ...!' It sounds a bit like Spooks meets Luthar! Unfortunately, two series I didn't take to (so didn't watch either for long, maybe I should have?. But look forward to being proved wrong!
ps Don't know Alias, was it good?

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I loved Alias! It was Jennifer Garner's breakthrough role as Sydney. Each episode of the first series would end on a cliffhanger. Each week she's have to dress up and steal something for the faux CIA operation she'd infiltrated. Melissa George came along in series 3 (I think) and stole Sydney's man (for a while at least...). In fact I still have the finale to watch. It did go down hill but the first couple of series were brilliant (

I didn't get into Spooks or Luther either.