Wednesday, November 29, 2006

TV version of Karin Alvtegen's Missing

Karin Alvtegen's crime novel, 'Missing', published in English in 2003, has been made into 2 x 90 min parts for showing on ITV1 at some point in the, hopefully not too distant, future.
The tv show blurb: "Homeless for several years, 21-year-old Sibyl Foster regularly scams rooms from unwitting hotel residents on the pretence that her purse has been stolen. She manages to get away with a room to herself, no strings – until one of her targets is violently murdered. When a second murder is committed, there is evidence that unmistakably links Sibyl as the prime suspect. But as they begin to investigate her, the police turn up more than they anticipate – including close links to a prominent public figure and a spell in a psychiatric hospital. As more and more skeletons are discovered in Sibyl’s closet, even she can no longer be sure that she is innocent. Written by Jimmy Gardner (This Life, Outlaws, The Cops, Buried) and adapted from a Swedish novel by Karin Alvtegen."
You can view the promo at the Minotaur site. The rights have also been bought for another of Alvtegen's books, 'Betrayal'.


kimbofo said...

That's very cool. I'll look forward to seeing this, as I read the book earlier this year and really enjoyed it.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Yes, shame there's no viewing date. One mention I found said it would be shown late 2006 so you never know, could be a Xmas highlight :-).
ps. Welcome to Euro Crime!