Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Adelaide Advertiser 's top crime titles 2006

Firstly thanks goes to the organiser of yahoo group oz_mystery_readers for this news, as it doesn't appear online.

The Adelaide Advertiser book reviewers have printed their 'best 100' books for 2006 and the paperbacks on their Crime List include several British authors:


'A Child's Game' by by John Connor
'The Lizard's Bite' by David Hewson
'The Naming of the Dead' by Ian Rankin
'Mr Clarinet' by Nick Stone
'Darkness and the Deep' by Aline Templeton


'Without Consent' by Kathryn Fox
'Diamond Dove' by Adrian Hyland


'The Cold Moon' by by Jeffrey Deaver

'Diamond Dove' sounds fascinating and it stars a young Aboriginal woman.
"Emily Tempest has been away from Central Australia for a long time—uni, travel, dead-end jobs. Finding trouble all over the world. Now she's back at Moonlight Downs, the community where she grew up, half in the Aboriginal world, half in the white. And true to form, there's trouble. An old friend brutally murdered and mutilated. An old enemy the only suspect. Until Emily starts asking questions.

Take a nail-biting mystery, an epic setting and a heroine with a talent for stirring things up. Throw in an affectionate flogging of outback Australia's melanoma-encrusted hide—and Diamond Dove may be the wittiest and most gripping debut of the year."
There's a long interview with author Adrian Hyland in The Age

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