Monday, November 20, 2006

Geraldine McEwan's Marple in 2007

Three more Marple films are on their way in 2007. Filming has been completed on 'Towards Zero' and 'Nemesis' with shooting just starting on 'At Bertram's Hotel'.

Half the fun of these is spotting the various guest stars, a who's who of British acting.

In 'Towards Zero' we have the best Doctor Who of them all, Tom Baker and the cad John Willoughby aka Greg Wise.

'Nemesis' features Richard E Grant and two Coronation Street actors, (Johnny Briggs and Anne Reid) but it's Sam Ryan from Silent Witness (Amanda Burton) who may give Miss M a run for her money in the detecting stakes.

Finally, 'At Bertram's Hotel' has Campion actor, Peter Davidson and Love Actually's tea lady at No. 10, Martine McCutcheon.

A fuller cast list can be found on Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

God, you've seen the all, Karen!

I recently saw a scene in Midsommer Murders and was sad to see that Barnaby waded into a crime scene without heed of DNA evidence. He'd grab a hair without a second thought, let alone a pair of latex gloves!

He really does deserve to be put away. And I've no doubt the evidence would support it!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

LOL. No I'm not completely tv addicted. I don't watch Corrie or Silent Witness and didn't see Campion though I had a couple of books with Peter David on the front.

ps Blogger's not sending emails of the comments at the moment so sorry for delay to reply.