Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's update time again...

The new reviews on the Euro Crime website this weekend feature two of Italy's finest writers. Check out Massimo Carlotto's 'The Goodbye Kiss' and Andrea Camilleri's 'Rounding the Mark', reviewed by Sunnie Gill.

Other changes are:

The 'News' page has been updated.

The 'New Releases' pages have been updated.

The 'Authors' (483 sites) page of author websites has been updated.

In 'Books' I've added bibliographies for the following authors: Jonathan Barnes, Gyles Brandreth, Gary Coyne, K O Dahl, John Macken and Roz Southey.

In 'Books' I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Vivien Armstrong, Lindsay Ashford, Colin Bateman, John Burdett, Lee Child, Natasha Cooper, Ann Granger, Patrica Hall, June Hampson, Sophie Hannah, Anne Holt, Peter James, Katherine John, Bernard Knight, Roberta Kray, David Lawrence, Paul McAuley, R N/Roger Morris, Amy Myers, Ed O'Connor, Sheila Quigley, Betty Rowlands, Pauline Rowson, Craig Russell, Kate Sedley, Sally Spedding, Sally Spencer, Aline Templeton, M J Trow, Pip Vaughan-Hughes, Jill Paton Walsh and Stella Whitelaw.

...and don't forget, the Competition closes tomorrow night.


Ali Karim said...

Karen -

Your site is a nightmare! I end up buying a load more books, because I'm really into Translated Eurocrime now thanks to you!

Great Site / Keep up the great work


Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Thanks Ali. I panicked when I read your first line!!! Apparently Random House already have the proofs for next year's Indridason. Time to twist some arms :-).