Sunday, November 26, 2006

New reviews and other updates to the Euro Crime website

Both the new reviews added to the Euro Crime website this weekend are of titles by female Swedish authors: Liza Marklund's 'Prime Time', reviewed by Karen Chisholm, and Helene Tursten's 'The Torso'.

Other changes include:

The 'News' page has been updated.

The 'New Releases' pages have been updated.

The 'Authors' (485 sites) page of author websites has been updated.

In 'Books' I've added bibliographies for the following authors: Sean Brickell, Derek W Lake and Dennis Lewis.

In 'Books' I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Mark Billingham, Arnaldur Indridason, Arturo Perez-Reverte and Helene Tursten.


Anonymous said...

Tursten's just made it onto my "to buy" list.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I'd let you have mine but it was a library book :-(. The paperback is out in April though.

Anonymous said...

As you know I adore Lisa Marklund, and I like Karen C's review of Prime Time. In LM's books, the plot becomes less important as the book goes on and we focus on Annika's problems eg childcare juggling. Annika may well not be likeable, as Karen C says, but she is certainly realistic -- I instantly loved these books becuase Annika is just fraying at the edges at trying to hold it all together -- I certainly identify with this, as one of those women of the "you can have it all" generation who has found out the hard way that you actually can't! So I guess I find Annika a more sympathetic character than other readers might do.
I did enjoy Karen C's review, though, she is certainly perceptive and knows how to write a review.