Monday, November 27, 2006

Rebus not dying next year

According to last Thursday's Edinburgh Evening News,
"AUTHOR Ian Rankin has revealed he is not planning to kill off his hard-drinking creation John Rebus - who today had a single malt whisky named in his honour.

Fans of the best-selling Edinburgh detective feared he would make a final bow at the end of the next novel.

But Mr Rankin, who lives in Merchiston, said: "He's not going to die at the end of the final book, that would be an indignity too far."

And he hinted that Rebus could return in a cameo role in a novel about his long-suffering sidekick, Det Sgt Siobhan Clarke.

The comments came as Orkney distillers Highland Park announced the new Rebus20 malt."

Ian Rankin expands on his plans for Rebus in The Scotsman and talks about Rebus and Whiskey here.

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Anonymous said...

Rebus is like Harry Potter - one cannot for a second imagine that either will die. Well, I can't anyway.
(Fingers crossed their respective authors don't prove me wrong, but as a non-betting woman, I'd bet on it.)