Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Scandinavian author to look forward to...

The Rap Sheet have posted a link to Mike Ripley's excellent Shots column. Do make your hot drink before you start reading as it's quite long as well as very informative. Mike mentions a new Norwegian author coming from Faber next March - K O Dahl. I think 'The Fourth Man' is the first one in the series:

In the course of a routine police raid, Detective Inspector Frank Frolich of the Oslo Police saves Elizabeth Faremo from getting inadvertently caught in crossfire. By the time he learns that she is the sister of Jonny Faremo, wanted member of a larceny gang, it is already too late. He is obsessed. Suspected, suspended, and blindly in love, Frolich must find out if he is being used before his life unravels beyond repair.
There's a short (English) interview with him on a German site here.

I particularly like this Q & A:

Q: How did you get into crime mysteries?

K.O. Dahl: It is a long story, which involves one beautiful woman, one late night, some bottles of champagne, a police car, an angry husband and a typewriter.

There's also a Norwegian website for Dahl.

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