Friday, August 20, 2010

News: Karin Fossum

There is confirmation on Karin Fossum's Norwegian Agent's page that the tenth and latest Inspector Sejer novel, 'The Caller', has been bought by Harvill Secker:

Karin Fossum´s latest novel in the Konrad Sejer-series, Varsleren (The Caller), was recently sold to Italy and France. It has now been sold to ten countries all together.

Karin Fossum has found a new French publisher after an auction won by Seuil. They will publish her latest novel Varsleren. Italian Sperling & Kupfer also just bought the rights for this novel. The other countries to publish this book are: Denmark (Gyldendal), Sweden (Forum), UK (Harvill Secker), Germany (Piper), Spain (Random House Mondadori), Estonia (Eesti Raamat), Belgium (Standaard) and the Netherlands (Ambo Anthos).

Varsleren received great reviews in Norway when it was launched last year:

'Hardly anything beats a good, psychological thriller, and The Caller is an exquisite example of that.'

'To read The Caller is a refreshing reminder of what good crime is like.'

'A new victory for Karin Fossum […] The quivering excitement takes off from page one.'

'The Caller is Karin Fossum’s best novel since The Indian Bride.'
Here is the blurb from the same website:
“Hell Begins Here,” says the card that detective Konrad Sejer finds outside his door late one night. Earlier that day the young couple Lily and Karsten found their baby in a pool of blood in the pram. The little community is plagued by events that frighten them all. But does the perpetrator intend to follow through or is it all a bad joke? The Caller is Fossum’s tenth novel about Konrad Sejer.


Fiona said...

Great news. This year's Bad Intentions was great, but I'm teased to hear that this is her best since Calling Out For You/The Indian Bride!

Though I wish they'd go back and translate the first couple (as with Indridason)

Fiona said...

And, I wonder why her novels are almost always about children?

Maxine Clarke said...

Agreed on your last sentence, Fiona, on both counts.
Thanks for the Fossum news, Karen. I liked Bad Intentions but not as much of some of her previous books. I am glad this new one sounds as if it is a bit more "plotty"!

offmytrolley said...

Thanks for this, I'm currently reading Bad Intentions. I love her books, they are easy to read yet her characters are so interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am always excited to hear about a new Konrad Sejer and Jacob Skarre book. Does anyone know if the THE CALLER is longer than BAD INTENTIONS? I was a bit dissapointed with the brevity of Fossum's newest tale. Also, I've heard that Fossum will only write ten Sejer/Skarre books. Can anyone attest to this rumor?

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

The Caller is around 300 pages though there are large margins. I hadn't heard that there'd be only ten, I hope not as there are things that I'd like to see resolved first! My review coming soon.