Friday, August 27, 2010

Crime Writers on Open Book

The current edition of Radio 4's Open Book has a plethora of crime writers in it:
Dreda Say Mitchell talks to former bookseller Tim Waterstone about his new novel. Writer Fay Weldon discusses how she has used Maori myths in her new book. And crime writers NJ Cooper and Tania Carver* explain why they have been encouraged to write under names which mask their real gender.
You can listen again or download the podcast.

N J Cooper=Natasha Cooper
Tania Carver=Martyn Waites and wife

Mark Billingham will be on the next show (Sunday).

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Dorte H said...

It always fascinates me when I hear about modern writers (women I take it) masking their gender. I haven´t heard about it in Denmark since Karen Blixen called herself Isak Dinesen, and I fear that if I should feel tempted to try it, it might influence the sales, but some dedicated feminist would probably lynch me - so what is the point? ;D