Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book & TV News: Luther

Though I only made it through 1 episode of Luther, it seems to have been popular enough for more episodes and spin-off books. From The Bookseller:

Neil Cross, author and creator of BBC1's crime series "Luther" is to write three spin-off novels for Simon & Schuster.

The first of the three novels will be a prequel to the TV series, revealing the story behind the case that drove Luther to the edge, destroyed his marriage and nearly cost him his job. It will be titled Luther: The Calling; the other titles are tbc.

The first series of "Luther", starring Idris Elba, aired on BBC1 in May 2010. It has since been syndicated in over 10 territories. At an Edinburgh Television Festival event yesterday [30th August], BBC One Controller Jay Hunt announced that "Luther" will return in 2011, with two two-hour specials.

S&S is planning a "major" hardback launch of the first Luther novel in August 2011. The publisher will continue to publish Cross' non-Luther novels.

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Maxine Clarke said...

I didn't actually even make it through one episode! I set the series to auto-record, but was so put off by the reviews that I deleted it all without even watching it.

Idris Elba has just been announced as taking the film role of Alex Cross. The first one or two Cross books were not too bad, written before Patterson went into the Deep Dive of Mediocrity. However, I thought they had filmed two with Morgan Freeman? (I have not seen them.) I don't mind seeing Idris Elba again, as he's very easy on the eye, but I am dithering a bit about the Alex Cross role - the books did get horribly gruesome (inventive places to put live snakes) and tediously violent/sadistic. I can see I am talking myself out of this.

Bill said...

It's a harsh series. Unthinkable things have (not gross - just tragic). I DL it from The Box and watched all six episodes. Good stuff and I can't stand cop shows.