Monday, July 12, 2010

Website updates - July

The migration of the euro crime database back into MS Access took longer than expected yesterday but it seems to be working ok now and my rusty skills are warming up.

I've just made the following updates to the website. If you spot any errors or omissions do let me know, especially author websites, books coming out etc.

As before, I've refreshed a good portion of the Euro Crime website:
  • The Author Websites page now lists 835 sites.

  • The New & Upcoming Releases pages have been updated.

  • In Bibliographies there are now bibliographies for 1561 authors (8025 titles with links to 1774 reviews):

  • I've added new bibliographies for: Michael Arnold, Veronyca Bates, Winston Bugle, Clem Chambers, Arne Dahl, James Forrester, Essie Fox, Johnathan Lewis, Graham Moore, Gerry O'Carroll, Martha Ockley, Leif G W Persson, Danielle Ramsay, Eileen Robertson, Bob Shepherd, M Stanford-Smith, Oliver Stark, Mari Strachan, D J Taylor, Alice Thompson, Caspar Walsh and Emily Winslow.

    I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Boris Akunin, M C Beaton, Gyles Brandreth, Bob Burke, Tom Cain, Andrea Camilleri, Alex Chance, Lee Child, Martina Cole, Julie Corbin, Anna Dean, Alex Dryden, Ake Edwardson, Tom Egeland, Geraldine Evans, Ann Featherstone, John Francome, Simon Hall, Titania Hardie, Sam Hayes, Mandasue Heller, Peter Helton, Suzette A Hill, Matt Hilton, Bill James, Philip Kerr, Paul Lawrence, Stephen Leather, Simon Lelic, Stuart MacBride, Adrian Magson, Nigel McCrery, Val McDermid, Grant McKenzie, Jane McLoughlin, Stuart Neville, Catherine O'Flynn, S J Parris, Michael Pearce, Anne Perry, Sarah Rayne, Gerald Seymour, Jarkko Sipila, Andrew Taylor, Johan Theorin, L C Tyler, Cathi Unsworth, Esther Verhoef, Domingo Villar, Jan Costin Wagner, Martin Walker, Jill Paton Walsh, Laura Wilson and Felicity Young.


    Anonymous said...

    Karen - Thanks for the work you've been doing on your site. Updating is never easy, is it?

    Maxine Clarke said...

    Thanks so much, Karen, your databases (esp upcoming translated) is such a great resource. Much appreciated.