Thursday, July 08, 2010

International Dagger Speculation (2011)

I know the winner of the 2010 CWA International Dagger hasn't been announced yet but 2011's official submissions should start arriving soon (I hope) from the publishers.

So here's the list so far of translated crime novels published between June 2010 and May 2011 ie the period of eligibility. There's 52 so far. I expect another few to be added at some point.

For ease of purchase/library reservation here they are listed by UK month of publication:
June 2010
Andrea Camilleri - The Wings of the Sphinx
Donato Carrisi - The Whisperer***************(delayed from May)
Giorgio Faletti - I Kill
Ernesto Mallo - Needle in a Haystack
Dacia Maraini - Train to Budapest
Pierre Siniac - The Collaborators*****

July 2010
Karin Fossum - Bad Intentions
Michele Giuttari - A Death in Calabria
Claude Izner - The Predator of Batignolles*
Marek Krajewski - Phantoms of Breslau
Hakan Nesser - The Inspector and Silence
Luis Miguel Rocha - The Holy Assassin (apa The Holy Bullet)****
Andrea Maria Schenkel - Bunker
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - Ashes to Dust

August 2010
Fabrice Bourland - The Baker Street Phantom
Camilla Ceder - Frozen Moment
Tom Egeland - Relic
Shuichi Yoshida - Villain
Jan Costin Wagner - Silence

September 2010
Boris Akunin - He Lover of Death
Pablo de Santis - Voltaire's Calligrapher
Liza Marklund - Postcard Killers (with James Patterson)**
Roslund-Hellstrom - Three Seconds
Valerio Varesi - River of Shadows

October 2010
Roberto Bolano - The Skating Rink
Massimo Carlotto - Bandit Love****
Arnaldur Indridason - Operation Napoleon
Liza Marklund - Red Wolf
Jean-Francois Parot - The Saint-Florentin Murders
Esther Verhoef - Rendezvous

November 2010
Shiro Hamao - The Devil's Disciple************* Moved to July 2011

December 2010
Anne Holt - 1222

January 2011
Claudie Gallay - The Breakers************
Jo Nesbo - The Leopard
Bernhard Schlink - The Gordian Knot
Simone van der Vlugt - Shadow Sister****

February 2011
Alessandro Perissinotto - Blood Sisters*********
Leif GW Persson - Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End
Teresa Solana - A Short Cut to Paradise****
Didier van Cauwelaert's - Unknown (apa Out of My Head)****************

March 2011
Hans-Werner Kettenbach -The Stronger Sex***
Camilla Lackberg - The Gallows Bird
Henning Mankell - The Troubled Man
Ferdinand von Schirach - Crime (short stories so ineligible?) ****************

April 2011
Esmahan Aykol - Hotel Bosphorus**********
Sebastian Fitzek - Splinter***********
Mari Jungstedt - The Dead of Summer********
Fred Vargas - An Uncertain Place*******
Domingo Villar - Death on a Galician Shore

May 2011
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy
Fabrice Bourland - The Dream Killer of Paris**************
Alfredo Colitto - Inquisition******
Sissel-Jo Gazan - The Dinosaur Feather************ Moved to June 2011
Lars Kepler - The Hypnotist

* This one may have been in the 2010 list but the publishing date has now moved.
** Not sure if this counts as I suppose it's partly written directly in English and partly translated from Swedish.
*** Added 22.7.10
**** Added 24.7.10
***** Added 2.8.10
****** Added 7.10.10
******* Added 22.10.10
******** Added 23.10.10
********* Added 24.10.10
********** Added 30.10.10
*********** Added 1.11.10
************ Added 12.11.10
************* Added 13.11.10
************** Added 17.11.10
*************** Added 22.11.10
**************** Added 4.3.11


Reg / Steve said...

Hi Karen, the title of Camilla Läckberg's 4th in her Fjällbacka series is The Gallows Bird (no apostrophe). I'm working on a book now by Åsa Schwarz that may be called Nephilim and may come out in time next spring -- but it's officially YA, do those count?

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I don't think YA counts unless there's an adult edition - perhaps? I'm not sure though :). I'll be interested in it for my teenage blog.

Maxine Clarke said...

Hi Karen, are The Girl with the Crystal Eyes by Barbara Baraldi and A Jew Must Die by Jacques Chessex eligible? I thought they were, but from your list it seems maybe not.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

They were eligible for 2010 as they were out in May and Feb respectively. The new year runs from June.

Maxine Clarke said...

OK, thanks - I'm just behind, then. There's also Yours Until Death (Staalesen) which I guess falls into that category - or perhaps does not qualify as it is a reissue of an older translation, by a new publisher.

I think I heard somewhere that K O Dahl and Gunnar S had newly translated titles coming out soon...but can't remember where. (In Staalesen's case, his translator has a lot of backlist to get through.)

Maxine Clarke said...

Hi Karen, I have just checked out Basic Shareholder (Markaris) on Amazon and it is saying 2012 publication. Does this check out with you and if so, I presume it is no longer eligible for this round?

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I took Basic Shareholder off recently (I think) as, as you say, it's now scheduled for Jan 2012. So yes will be eligible for next year's Dagger. Some books are tantilising dangled at us readers and then post-poned eg Cop by Manotti.

Roger Cornwell said...

Well, the entries closed a couple of weeks back and it's interesting. (Like you, I see the actual entries since I run the website for the CWA.)

Without disclosing exactly what the entries are, I think we can say that this year 33 books have been entered and all of them are on your list. So the missing books are down to the publishers and not to you.