Sunday, July 04, 2010

New Competition - Jail Bird by Jessie Keane

Euro Crime has ten copies of Jail Bird by Jessie Keane to giveaway. Just answer the simple question and include your details in the form below.

This competition is open internationally and will close on 31 July 2010.
Only 1 entry per person/per household please.
(All entries will be deleted once the winners have been notified.)

Murder, loyalty and vengeance collide in Jessie Keane's gritty fourth novel.

Blonde and beautiful Lily King is back on the scene - and not in a good way. Her family haven't missed her. Her husband, London villain Leo King, certainly hasn't, because he's dead. Lily killed him and did time for it.

At least, that's the story. Everyone believes it. But Lily knows it's not true. She knows she was fitted up by someone close to her.

Now, she's just hit thirty, she's out, and she doesn't do forgiveness.

But in her absence, things have moved on, the old order has changed, and now she's ready to reclaim her position as head of the King family.

Fuelled by vengeance and power, Lily King is back.

London won't know what hit it.


Maxine Clarke said...

Sounds very Martina Cole-ish, even down to the cover pic!

Vicki said...

She's very like Martina Cole - I've loved her other books!