Saturday, July 03, 2010

Global Reading Challenge - Update

Time to reveal my Global Reading Challenge progress - I believe I signed myself up for the 'Easy' challenge. There are also medium, expert and extremist levels which you can find detailed on the website.
The Easy Challenge
Read one novel from each of these continents in the course of 2010:
North America (incl Central America)
South America

From your own continent: try to find a country, state or author that is new to you.
I have linked to reviews of 'new to me' authors. The YA (Teenage) books I've linked to are also in the crime/thriller genre.
Rift by Beverley Birch (audio book) (YA)


Conspiracy 365: January by Gabrielle Lord (YA)

Badfellas by Tonino Benacquista

North America
Theodore Boone by John Grisham (Adult/YA)

South America
Thursday Night Widows by Claudia Pineiro

I haven't decided yet what to read for my Asia setting though I have a couple in mind. Suggestions welcomed both adult and YA crime/thriller.


Bernadette said...

Glad to see that Conspiracy 365 is getting some play in England too - it's an ambitious project and took her forever to do and I like both Lord's books and her as a person.

As far as an Asian recommendation goes I'd suggest something by Timothy Hallinan - he's American but has lived in Thailand for many years. I read the second of his Poke Rafferty books last year and really enjoyed it - an expat American is a detective in Bangkok and has a Thai wife who used to be a prostitute and a newly adopted daughter - lots of action but lots of heart too. The only thing is I wish I'd started with the first book which is called A Nail Through the Heart

Barbara said...

I've been on a Tim Hallinan binge. I think his forthcoming QUEEN OF PATPONG is amazing. If you're a read-in-order person, though, it won't be at all painful to start with the first in the series, A NAIL THROUGH THE HEART.

Maxine Clarke said...

Interesting. I think I have fallen down a bit on this challenge as I keep reading books from the same country (eg Argentina, Italy) - by accident rather than by design. Must get more organised about it. I'm looking forward to one of Gabrielle Lord's crime books one of these days.

Kerrie said...

I find I have, like Maxine, read far too much of one country and neglected others. Just as well there are 6 months to go!

Harvee said...

I recommend hallihan's newest book, out in August, - the Queen of Patpong. Otehr writers with books set in Thailand are John Burdett, Christopher G. Moore, and then there is Colin Cotterill who writes the Dr. Siri mystery series set in Laos.