Saturday, July 17, 2010

Publishing Deal - Camilla Lackberg

Good news for US readers of Camilla Lackberg's series, translated by Steven T Murray, as the paperback deal has been agree. From Publishers Weekly:
Pegasus Books has sold paperback rights to Swedish international bestseller Camilla Lackberg’s first three books to Simon & Schuster. S&S’s Free Press and Pocket Books imprints acquired trade paperback and mass market rights to The Ice Princess and Lackberg’s next two books, The Preacher and The Stonecutter. Pegasus released Princess, a bestseller across Europe, in June (and Lackberg was featured in the June 28 PW). The two paperback editions will be released simultaneously by S&S next April.
The UK paperback edition of The Stonecutter will be released in March 2011 along with the hardback release of The Gallows Bird.

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