Friday, July 23, 2010

Ian Rankin news

One of Euro Crime's loyal blog/website followers has written to me asking about the next Ian Rankin book. A look on amazon shows "Untitled Rankin 2 of 2" for 20 October 2011. I then trundled over to Ian's website and found the following information in his latest newsletter.:
Oh, and I need to start thinking of my next book. I owe my publisher a brand new novel by mid-2011, so I need to get my head together for October/November. 2011 should also see some TV activity - both The Complaints and Doors Open have picked up significant interest (scripts for both are underway as I write - but not scripted by me). One’s for BBC, the other ITV. I should have a bit of a say in the casting and the way the scripts pan out - lessons have been learned from the TV version(s) of Rebus.
So no details about the new book but some encouraging tv news.

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Maxine Clarke said...

Thanks for this news, Karen. I would definitely read a Complaints #2, but not a Doors Open #2.