Monday, July 26, 2010

Green Alley Showdown - Copycat Covers

Spotted this the other day when I was updating the new releases page:

All the Dead Voices came out in 2009 and The Case of the Naught Wife is out 1 November.


Barbara said...

arrrggghhh. Again.

avisannschild said...

The Case of the Naughty Wife? What kind of a title is that? I like the image, but somehow the text on these covers doesn't really work -- I can't say I really like either pf them.

kathy d. said...

I could deal with the Hughes' cover.
The other one, not so much and the book title, I agree, is awful.

In a non sequitar, I looked up Magnan's "Death in a Truffle Wood," online after reading about it and found a review here, read it and I'm convinced to read it.

Sounds like a book for my August TBR pile. I'm hoping I can just read and have a virtual vacation then--worldwide.