Friday, October 10, 2008

Next wave of Black Star Crime titles

The next set of Black Star Crime novels from MIRA/Mills & Boon will be out on 17th October and of the five, two at least are of interest to Euro Crime readers: Tuscan Termination by Margaret Moore and Lost and Found by Vivian Roberts. (The RRP for these titles is £3.99.)

The perfect Tuscan paradise – with a killer in its midst

Few people are really sorry when unscrupulous real estate agent Ettore Fagiolo is found dead in a swimming pool. Not even Hilary Wright, the genteel Englishwoman who discovers the body. Rumours abound he was blind drunk and drowned. Just an unfortunate accident involving a very unpleasant man.

Only someone had crushed Ettore’s skull first…

Everyone in Borgo San Cristoforo is a suspect, and local magistrate Dr Ruggero Di Girolamo must use his sharp mind to find the murderer amongst the village’s colourful inhabitants. With Hilary’s help, he’s uncovering secrets worth killing for.

The case of the vanished woman

In the vaults of London’s Baker Street Station, there are thousands of stories waiting to be told. This is just one of them.

For Natalia O’Shea, new to the city and to her job in the famous Baker Street Lost Property Office, it all begins with a haunting picture of missing woman Helen Bookman. Driven by compassion, she’s determined to find Helen and reunite her with her distraught husband. But with every clue she uncovers, the more the mystery deepens - and events take a sinister turn when Natalia discovers a pair of Helen’s bloodstained shoes…

The other three titles released this month are: Double Cross by Tracy Gilpin (which I think is set in South Africa), Homicide in the Hills by Steve Garcia and Split Second by Alex Kava.

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