Sunday, October 12, 2008

OT: Torchwood Enemy named

I've just returned from listening to Russell T Davies and John Barrowman being interviewed by Caitlin Moran at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. I hope to post a bit more about it but the main new bit of information I gleaned was the name of the baddy in Season 3 of Torchwood. This season is to run (hopefully) on 5 consecutive nights on BBC One, after 9pm, and each episode will end on a cliff-hanger, episode four being the 'worst'.

The enemy is called (highlight to see text): 456

I unexpectedly met Bookwitch and her lovely daughter just outside the building. Small world!


Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, I can't wait for the new Torchwood - but why have it over in a week?! Seems a weird thing to me and will just leave the rest of the year bereft ...




I'm actually in this series, a small but part in the third episode. Can't give the plot away though.

Euro Crime said...

I suddenly thought - was Russell having a bit of fun with the name of the enemy and I fell for it?

Great stuff Archavist. Give us the heads-up nearer the time and I'll look out for you :-).

yes Anne, I think it might work as an idea but really I just want more episodes! With less Who (as JB refers to it) as well then we're really being deprived.

I've been recording the Sarah Jane Adventures but haven't got to them yet. They finally repeated the pilot so I can watch them almost in order as I watched the Slitheen episode a while ago.

Babylon Rising said...

Season 3 is short because the show is changing channels and the BBC didn't want to re-introduce the characters or the show on the new station. So they did a shorty. It'll be a full season next year. They're messing with Doctor Who, also. The excuse is that David wanted to do a play. I'm not wild about the BBC's short and sporadic seasons, but I will support John and cheer Torchwood.

Anonymous said...

Caitlin Moran doing the interviews - she writes excellent columns in the Times. I read her religiously. I think she would get a Euro Crime award as bone fide Dr Who fan.

"David wanted to do a play". Well, yes, but it is Hamlet! (And Love's Labour's Lost.) You can't blame him for that.

Euro Crime said...

Yes I like Caitlin Moran's column. I hadn't realised quite how *big* a fan she was. She mentioned being present at read throughs and on the set.