Sunday, October 05, 2008

The link between Bones and Poirot

I'm always lagging at least a week behind with my tv watching and the other night I watched half of Poirot: The Third Girl which was on ITV1 last weekend followed a bit later by the (fairly awful*) series opener of Bones, Yanks in the UK. Not only did both shows use the same stately home, or at least the hallway but they shared an actor: David Yelland went from being Poirot's butler George to Duke Gerard Bonham in Bones.

*This is the hire car the Americans were given - a H reg (old registration) mini... (look how shiny it is!) It does provide the funniest line from Booth (David Boreanaz) when trying to get out of the back seat: "Geez, getting out of this thing is like being born."

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Anonymous said...

Good line! Wonder how he remembered, though ;-)