Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ellis Peters Award - winner

My ditherings about whether to go to the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Crime Award ceremony on Monday were resolved by a migraine attack so apologies for the delay in reporting the results.

(The current purge by blogger on filtering out spam blogs by insisting on word verification when I write a post seems to be affecting my post scheduling operation.)

As predicted by Mike Ripley, the winner was Laura Wilson for Stratton's War, reviewed here by Mike and here by Maxine Clarke.

The other nominees were:

Ariana Franklin - The Death Maze
Philip Kerr - A Quiet Flame
Andrew Martin - Death on a Branch Line
C J Sansom - Revelation
Andrew Taylor - Bleeding Heart Square

and also

"The CWA Ellis Peters judging panel has also asked for the following books from their long list to be published in recognition of their merit:"

Marjorie Eccles - Last Nocturne
Ann Granger - A Mortal Curiosity
H R F Keating - Inspector Ghote's First Case
R N Morris - A Vengeful Longing

Read more about why the judges chose these books and the eventual winner at the CWA website.

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