Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Christmas presents for young crime fans

It's never too early to start Christmas shopping... From the Science Museum:

Science Museum Fingerprint Kit

Find out who's been raiding the biscuit tin. This detective's kit contains all you need to find and record fingerprints, including dusting powder, fingerprint record cards, stamp pad, magnifying glass, stickers and a brush. Supplied in a handy case with instructions and fun facts.

Age 8+

and also

Science Museum Go Detective

Become an amateur detective. Learn how to search for clues and solve crimes using scientific methods. Includes over 65 fun activities to help budding super sleuths make use of the smallest details and clues to come to the right conclusions.

Age 10+

(This isn't listed on the Science Museum site currently but is available at other shops eg and I saw it in W H Smith's today.)


Uriah Robinson said...

I misread this post as 'Includes over 65 fun activities'.
I was looking forward to those when I realised it was referring to number and not age.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, what fun. I wonder if I dare ask for these? Or if I get them for my daughters, will they say they are far too old? (Then I might end up with them anyway! ;-) )

Michelle said...

My daughter loves crime stories and anything related to crime and I would recommend the book "Doors Open" by Ian Rankin. It retails at £18.99 but in the waterstones sale you can get it for £11.39. I've already got myself a copy for my daughter and i'm pretty sure she will enjoy the read as all the reviews have been outstanding and its on the waterstones website at the moment as a best seller.