Friday, October 03, 2008

Michael Connelly wins Carvalho Prize

From Shelf Awareness:
Awards: Connelly Wins Carvalho

Michael Connelly has won the 2009 Carvalho Prize and will accept it during the BCNegra crime festival in Barcelona, Spain, next February. The jury consists of Spanish writers, booksellers and journalists. The prize is named for [sic] a literary private detective, Pepe Carvalho, created by the late Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.

Connelly's new book, The Brass Verdict (Little, Brown, $26.99, 9780316166294/0316166294), is being published October 14.


Anonymous said...

The prize is named AFTER, not for!
Can we please see a little good, ordinary English please.

Maxine said...

Methinks that "anonymous" does not understand the word "sic".

But, nonetheless, very well deserved for one of my favourites. Thanks for posting, Karen.

Euro Crime said...

I added [sic] as I wasn't sure if the comment was directed at me or the Shelf Awareness article. I just copied the snippet - it could be an American English way of phrasing it?