Thursday, October 09, 2008

More from Tim Davys

Well we haven't even had the first book (in translation) from Tim Davys yet but a teaser in today's Publishers Lunch says that there's a publishing deal for his next three books. More details will probably be released to non-subscribers shortly (I hope). To remind you, Tim Davys is a pseudonymous Swedish author and his first book Amberville, which will be out next February in the US, was described thusly as:
...both a plot-twisting noir and a meditation on good and evil, featuring a highly unusual cast of stuffed animals (and no human characters) -- some of whom come to realize that their seemingly benign world is far from fluffy

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Barbara said...

How . . . bizarre. Every now and then there's a little blip of immense buzz about this guy, but next to no information.