Friday, October 17, 2008

Trevi Noir - 1-2 November 2008

Michael Gregorio has kindly sent me details of an Italian crime event they have organised for 1-2 November, called Trevi Noir:

An international event featuring writers of crime and mystery.

Famous names in the world of ‘noir’ will be discussing the issues in a small medieval town perched on top of a mountain in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. Andrew Taylor, Laura Wilson, R.N. Morris, and Maxim Jakubowski are coming over from England. Italian specialists Patrick Fogli, Simone Sarasso, Guglielmo Pispisa, Diego De Silva, Ben Pastor and the Kai-Zen writing-team will be talking with UK literary agent, Leslie Gardner, and crime editors from Marsilio, Faber & Faber, Robin and Einaudi.

You can see the full list of sessions, written in English, on Michael Gregorio's website.

Euro Crime has reviewed the latest book by Michael Gregorio - Days of Atonement.

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