Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Reviews: Alan, Hall, Hochgatterer, Quigley, Tope

Here are this week's new reviews:

New Reviews:

Geoff Jones reviews the Christie-esque A Game of Murder by tv perfomer and tv writer, Ray Alan;

Amanda Brown reviews the third in this series from Simon Hall - Evil Valley - which 'stars' a reporter and a police officer;

Maxine Clarke reviews Paulus Hochgatterer's The Sweetness of Life which is set in a village in Austria and focuses more on the inhabitants than the crime, but is still an interesting read;

Michelle Peckham reviews Every Breath You Take by Sheila Quigley which she enjoyed though found the plot to be too obvious

and Sunnie Gill reviews Rebecca Tope's A Cotswold Mystery which is now out in paperback. I wonder if her heroine ever meets famous Cotswold sleuth, Agatha Raisin?

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