Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Win a painting from Ian Rankin's 'Doors Open'

The latest Ian Rankin novel, Doors Open involves art theft and Waterstone's are giving away one of the fictional paintings from the book:
In his new novel, Ian Rankin delves into the Edinburgh artworld, bringing the ultimate heist to the National Gallery of Scotland. Doors Open is filled with descriptions of great paintings, including one imagined by Ian Rankin himself. We are giving one Waterstone's Cardholder the chance to win this painting as described in the book, by the fictional artist Monboddo. Ian Rankin worked with artist Max Schindler to bring his fictional piece of art to life exclusively for Waterstone's.
Go to the competition here and read the Euro Crime review of Doors Open, here.


Anonymous said...

Nice Work, Show some more works of yours



Anonymous said...

Nice realistic breast; maybe a tad more vulgar than sensual?

Anonymous said...

wasn't she wearing something red in the book? it looks totally different to what i had in mind

Unknown said...

Not what I had in mind at all! Expected something more along the lines of a blurry figure or sensual black strokes (oil on canvas) to paint the outline or a silhouette of a woman

Diggory Venn said...

Is that the original by the fictional artist Monboddo or Westie's copy?