Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Reviews: Mike Ripley's round-up, Carofiglio, Charney, Holt, Sampson and Tremayne

Here are this week's new reviews and a reminder of this month's new competition:

Latest Reviews:

In Mike Ripley's latest crime file he reviews The Minutes of the Lazarus Club by Tony Pollard, October Skies by Alex Scarrow and Ashes To Ashes by Barbara Nadel;

Amanda Gillies joins the Gianrico Carofiglio fan club with her review of the paperback edition of the standalone The Past is a Foreign Country and recommends that "you go out to buy it today";

Laura Root reviews The Art Thief by American historian Noah Charney which jaunts across Europe with refreshingly little bloodshed;

Sunnie Gill reviews the seventeenth in the long running Sheila Malory series by Hazel Holt: A Death in the Family ;

Maxine Clarke reviews The Slaughter Pavilion by Catherine Sampson which is set mainly in China and the lead characters, Song, Wolf and Blue, have all come from the previous book, The Pool of Unease; Maxine says the author has come into her own with this book

and our regular historical crime fiction reviewer, Terry Halligan says that Peter Tremayne's The Council of the Cursed is the best historical mystery he's ever read.

Current Competition:

Win a copy of Nemesis by Jo Nesbo*

* no geographical restrictions on entrants (ends 30 September)


Anonymous said...

Great collection of books, from the sound of it. I must read that Carofiglio -- I have it upstairs, spoils from Crimefest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that edit, Karen, much appreciated!