Saturday, September 06, 2008

BBC1 - Wallander update

Following on from the announcement earlier in the year that Kenneth Branagh is to play Wallander, the press release accompanying The Pyramid, a collection of 5 Wallander stories to be published in October, suggests that the air date will be 23 November.

One Step Behind, Firewall and Sidetracked will be shown as 90 minute episodes. The tie-in paperbacks will be published on 20 November.

(Kenneth Branagh and director Philip Martin)

And good news for the other side of the pond, according to the Kenneth Branagh Compedium: "Shot in rarely seen locations in southern Sweden, "Wallander" is to air on "Masterpiece Mystery" on PBS in the spring or summer of 2009."

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Anonymous said...

I think even I will be watching TV for this. The Wallender series was featured in the Times's round up of the autumn schedules last Saturday, so I think you are right, we can expect to watch it quite soon (before Christmas?) in the UK. Still can't quite see our Ken as Wallender, though. Tom Wilkinson? (But I think he has already been Resnick?)