Thursday, September 18, 2008

Potential Copy Cat Covers

Continuing the occasional series of copycat cover posts, I stumbled across these identical covers today on Both of these books are due out in 2009 so there may be chance to change the later one...

Chris Collett's Stalked by Shadows is out in January whereas Alison Joseph's A Violent Act is slated for August.

UPDATE: A Violent Act is actually out this month, amazon's date is wrong, so it's vice-versa on who got there first! (Thanks to Allison & Busby for pointing that out).

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Anonymous said...

They are 'copycat' only in that sense, as two works of art using THE SAME STOCK photo are identical. Clearly, the cover artists (who, btw., should have been credited) didn't know of the base pictures earlier/future choice for another crime novel cover, or they'd probably chosen some other motif.