Thursday, September 04, 2008

French crime novel to look out for

I've just added the following title, Beyond Suspicion by Tanguy Viel, to my French crime fiction published in 2008/9 list on amazon. The US publication date is November 2008, with the UK edition coming out the subsequent month.

Synopsis: Bestselling French wunderkind Tanguy Viel, heir to the legacy of Georges Simenon, has created his own literary genre in the noir tradition: thrillers with Proustian attention to detail and Freudian insights into his characters.

A master of style and suspense, Viel explores moral dilemmas in poetic language rarely found in a crime novel. Called "a marvel of grace and precision" by the French press, Beyond Suspicion is a story of marriage, murder, and double-crosses.

Set in the south of France where the stakes are high and no one is beyond suspicion, this Hitchcockian tale presents siblings and lovers in constantly shifting configurations. The grace and precision of Viel's language are eloquently captured by prizewinning translator Linda Coverdale's lyrical prose.


Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read this one!

Uriah Robinson said...

Me too.