Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Chaser

I've just watched Film 2008 on iplayer and Mr Ross gives an excellent review (at about 16 minutes in) for the new thriller, The Chaser, which was released in the UK on the 19th.

Plot outline from Film Trailer:

Soon to be remade by the team that brought you the hit film The Departed, The Chaser is a stunning and visceral Korean detective thriller based on a true story that enthralled the Korean nation.

Jung-ho is a former cop who has moved the dark side, working as a pimp. However his girls have started disappearing.

When he unwittingly sends Min-jin his last girl remaining to meet with the killer, it is up to Jung-ho to find his girl, catch the killer and prove his own innocence. And he has only twelve hours to do it.

There's also the briefest of comments from Daniel Craig about the new Bond (26 1/2 mins in). You can watch Film 2008 on iplayer until the end of Tuesday.

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