Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Place of Execution - coming very soon...

The three parter of A Place of Execution will begin on Monday 22 September 9-10pm on ITV1. Read more about episode 1 on the itv press site. The trailer has been running on itv mixed in with a trailer for Wired which stars Laurence Fox, Jodie Whittaker and Toby Stephens.

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Anonymous said...

Dont suppose I'll watch it though, partly because of the gruesomely yucky description in the TV guide and partly because I haven't watched any of the earlier series. (though have read the books of course).
I can't think of Val McDermid now without remembering that awful session at Harrogate - well the session wasn't awful but that continuous loop of "violence porn" that someone should have switched off after 2 minutes, including an excerpt from a V McD, made me quite ill. I should have asked for my money back on that one!