Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sony Reader

Well sadly I didn't win a copy of a Sony Reader in the recent Waterstone's competition but Kim at Reading Matters has been sent a review copy and gives her first impressions as she 'uses it in anger' on a train journey. Read her post - here.
I've had a peep at one in the local branch of Waterstone's and it seems easy to use (can't vouch for getting the books onto the thing though) and has a nice and clear font/background - the middle and large text sizes suited me but the small was a bit too small for my eyes.

I look forward to reading more about it from Kim.

(There's a very positive review for it over at Trusted Reviews with useful follow up comments.)

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Anonymous said...

I've been quite pleased with my Sony reader so far - I'm a dunce when it comes to technology, but the Waterstones people were quite helpful in helping me set up. The BooksOnBoard people were beyond helpful in helping me transfer books to the reader (link to their Sony help page) and now using my reader is quite simple. I love it!