Friday, September 19, 2008

New Purchase: Norway to Hide

I couldn't resist this bargain yesterday in the Oxfam shop - a brand new copy of Norway to Hide by Maddy Hunter for £1.29.

This is the sixth in the Passport to Peril series which has so far visited Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Hawaii, Australia and now Scandinavia. I haven't read any of them before but I do like US cozies as well as my Euro Crime.

From the back cover: "Sure, Jackie Thum's newly published novel might not be Hemingway, but bad reviews from her fellow travelers have Emily Andrew's transgender ex-husband (Jackie was formerly Jack) steaming like a sauna. It's a dismal start to their Scandinavian tour, and group leader Emily is getting that sinking feeling in Helsinki: something fishy this way comes. When Jackie's most outspoken critic, a Floridian from a picture-perfect gated community called The Hamlets, is found dead, suspicion falls on Jackie -- who surprises everyone with an airtight alibi. But when another guest turns up dead, Emily realizes there is a killer hiding among them. Herrings, both red and pickled, abound on a Norwegian fjord cruise -- and Jackie is suddenly nowhere to be found. With her mother arranging a wedding disaster for Emily back home in Iowa, Emily must somehow salvage her nuptials from overseas while icing a killer -- before someone else meets a nasty Finnish."

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Anonymous said...

I like the cover! I bet you'd be hard pressed to find its twin on some other book.
I also like the little skull and crossbones, quite appropriate for "speak like a pirate" day (as I gather it is!).