Friday, September 05, 2008

Good news for Nic Costa fans

From an interview with David Hewson on the PanMacmillan site:
Is there more in store for Detective Nic Costa?

Lots. I had qualms about moving from standalone novels to a series, but when I did I felt the only way to approach it was with the idea that these books would run on forever. I didn’t want to run out of steam around book five or so, as so often happens. That’s why the second Costa book, The Villa of Mysteries, which is the first written for the series, brings in more characters and widens the perspective of the stories. I want sufficient texture and depth to keep me hooked. I’ve just finished the sixth and I’m about to launch into the seventh as keen as ever so I guess that must be working, for me anyway. I’m committed to writing nine Costa books contractually but I adore these characters and the stories they bring forth. I intend to keep on writing them for as long as people want to read them.
Read the whole interview, here.

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