Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's being and been published?

As well as the reviews page being updated every week on the website, I also update the forthcoming/new releases pages (by author, by date) so you can see what's coming out in the next few months or more.

Now also available is a breakdown of books published in the UK during 2008, 2009 and 2010. Each year's output is also available in the following categories: first novel (debut), historical, translated, anthology. I'm adding more information to the database so earlier years can be produced though the priority is upcoming titles.

You can access this information off the forthcoming/new releases pages.


Uriah Robinson said...

Fantastic, thanks so much. 2010 looks like being another good year for translated and historical crime fiction.

Fiona said...

have you heard any news of why there doesn't seem to be a new fred vargas this january? i can't find mention anywhere at all

Fiona said...

also, i've missed this and it seems to be nowhere near official, but it seems talks are underway to bring the brunetti novels to the bbc


Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I don't know why there's not a new Vargas just that there won't be one :(. Thanks for the link about Brunetti I'll check it out.

Maxine Clarke said...

There is a Vargas on the Figaro list of "best french novels of the decade" - one that does not seem to have been translated but was published in 2008 - "An Uncertain Place" (though maybe it has been translated with a different title in English?). If it hasn't been translated, I wonder why not?

Thanks so much for these lists, Karen, I am going to check them out for favourites!

Nice to see you here Fiona - I miss your excellent reviews!