Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spiral Series 3 and on

Who knows when it'll be on TV this side of the channel but a third series of Spiral has been filmed, this time with 12 episodes rather than 8.

You can read more about the new series (in French) on this website. On the second page there's a comment about the success of the first two series, overseas, and says that's it's the first time the BBC has bought a French series since the 1960s and the realistic nature of the series strikes a cord with Britons (paraphrasing a bit, I hope correctly).

Engrenages (Spiral) as been so successful in France that three more series have been ordered.

The official Canal+ website for series 2 is here.


Maxine Clarke said...

Exciting. I really hope it gets an airing over here. Series 2 was great, even better than Series 1 I think.

Joy said...

Looking forward to series 3.
I'm wondering if that 60s series the BBC bought was The Accursed Kings; murder, mayhem and poisoning in the quest for power in medieval France. Wonderful series.

hellosnackbar said...

Spiral(engrenages)is without question
the best crime series I've seen for many a year.
After all the anodyne pap (with the exception of the wire)I'm impatient for series make its appearance.

EJS said...

The first two Spiral series were remarkably gritty, wonderfully naturalistic and a great keyhole into the processes of French law. Like The Wire, the difference between cops and villains is non-existent. The redhead lawyer is also the best femme fatale I've seen for years!


Anonymous said...

Any news when it will be shown on UK tv. ??