Monday, November 09, 2009

Cover Theme - Insects

This US edition of Cora Harrison's The Sting of Justice will be published in December, Venom by Joan Brady is out in February 2010. Matt Rees's The Bethlehem Murders set the trend back in 2007.


Maxine Clarke said...

Not Euro, but remember that cover for Silence of the Lambs, with the insect over the woman's mouth? That sparked quite a wave of imitators, if I recall.

But, that having been said, I think I prefer the butterfly covers you posted a few weeks back;-)

Matt Beynon Rees said...

A couple of readers told me they didn't like creepy-crawlies on the cover of their books. On the paperback of THE BETHLEHEM MURDERS, my UK publisher swapped the spider for a Middle Eastern style dagger in a jewelled scabbard. So, more murderous, but less creepy... Best, Matt