Monday, June 30, 2008

Throckmorton Literary Festival - crime events

Well, other than Redditch having a literary festival which seems very unlikely, this one is the closest I'll find to my home. The Throckmorton Literary Festival held in Coughton Court (Warwickshire) is a scant 6 miles away and as I'm going to be on leave, but not going away, I'm hoping to avail of a few sessions. The crime events are:
19th September

Murder for fun and profit
featuring crime writers Jessica Mann,
Natasha Cooper, Laura Wilson &
Andrew Taylor

The Medieval Murderers
featuring crime writers
Michael Jecks, Bernard
Knight & Philip Gooden

20th September

10.30am RS Downie
The ‘Harrison Ford’ of ancient Rome. Gaius
Petreius Ruso is back!
Other notables include Kate Adie, Carol Thatcher and Alison Weir. Download the programme, here.

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Sarah Hilary said...

Ooh that's my nearest venue too. I might look into this one. Thanks for drawing it to my attention!